Topic: help needed: Windows 8

Does someone here have Windows 8? 32 or 64 bit?

I wonder if you can run the latest bleeding edge on it, to see if there are no crashes nor anything like that? Does it crash on fullscreen? Whether it works or not, submitting the logfile.txt would be appreciated.


Re: help needed: Windows 8

I'll test it now with the Builds Windows 8 x64

I don't know why to test but
- FullScreen is working well.
- Sound it's amazing.
- Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows works.
- Graphics are ok.

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Re: help needed: Windows 8

Oh I forgot the log file, here it is download (7 days available) … 1e1ddc7244

or pastebin (a month available)

Re: help needed: Windows 8

ah, thanks! glad to know smile

Re: help needed: Windows 8

I might be able to help you out since I'm about to get me a laptop, if all goes as planned. Depending on my economic situation. Nothing certain yet though.