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The thing is, this will give polemic topic, I know! but it is what God wants!

In my analysis without any ism, both are great consoles with each having its salient features, along with the playstation consider the best home console ever.

However many players have given their passion for the island and therefore commit many errors of historical, technical and economic.

Let the truths by category:

The Hardware of the Mega Drive was almost 1988 and the SNES was almost 1990. Therefore a difference of two years technology! So! It is natural that the SNES has better performance on all graphic and sound in many games comparative.

Truth 1: The Super Nintendo is technically superior to the Mega Drive.

Truth 2: The Mega has games that would not make the SNES port.

Truth 3: The SNES has the best graphics in RPG

Myth 1: All games are superior to the SNES Mega;

Myth 2: The SNES has games that Mega would not.

the games of sega genesis is much better than snes!
for me, genesis wins!

Logical that you would ... the Mega Drive has proven over time that was capable of extreme quality games, see Sonic 3D Blast, Vectorman, Virtua Fighter 2, Samurai shadown, Comix Zone, X-Men 2 and Guitar Idol.

The people no longer know the SNES games cited are chips turbine for the SNES was capable of running most modern graphics. If the same chip was used for the Mega, until it could overcome the origianal version, due to the processor, second only to the amount of color on the screen!

Another myth was the effects that the SNES sprites had. And the Mega proved they could run the same effects, are proof games against Hard Coprs, Vectorman and Batman and Robin.

Then there is this to say that the console is superior to the other in practical terms, there is only some peculiarities that make the game better than the other in graphics performance, sound and gameplay.
and see the video: … s-porrada/

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Re: Snes vs mega drive

Actually that's not true. There were many models to the Mega Drive/Genesis. The first model was released in 1988, which I agree with you had poor frame rate and music quality. However in 1992 the Mega Drive/Genesis II was released. It had better frame rate, music quality and was more portable (of course, after the Sega Nomad came out people will beg to differ). Just look at the Streets of Rage 1&2. You can see many different graphical improvements.

Interestingly the Sega console had two names. In Europe, Japan, Asia and Brazil called it the Mega Drive. (PAL and NTSC)
The US and Canada (I think) called it the Sega Genesis. (Just NTSC)
Same thing Goes for the Sega/Mega CD and 32X. (Which were add-ons)

The SNES also had two names, but were two completely different systems.
The SNES was released in the US and other western regions as well as Europe
The Super Famicom was only released in Japan. So if say, you were from Japan
were they had the Super Famicom, then you moved to America,where they have the
SNES. No matter if a game for the Super Famicom was NTSC or PAL, you couldn't play
it on the SNES AT ALL.

Now I'm not saying the Mega Drive/Genesis was superiour to the SNES, (in my opinion, the SNES had a better sound font than the Mega Drive) I'm just saying I don't think the SNES is better. smile

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Re: Snes vs mega drive

The Megadrive I and II and Genesis I and II all featured the same CPU, alterations where made mainly to reduce production cost.

Same with SNES and Super Famicom - same hardware. … Mega_Drive

The only reason you can't play (for example) a Japanese game on a European was the cartridge design (shape) and lock out chips.  This was done on purpose to control the sale of cartridges.

Additionally, different regions have different TV/video equipment standard ie PAL 50Hz and NTSC 60Hz.  A game is configured to run on one or the other - but CPU remains the same only the video output configuration is different


Re: Snes vs mega drive

They why did the Mega Drive II have better music quality???

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