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It all begins when the mouse is in gel Mystic Ruins and is barred from his morning jog by Shadow (Shadow is not here ... or is it?). With that goes the following conversation:
No, I am not the Shadow
Fack Shadow
... O.
... I am the one who will
destroy it.
Fack Shadow
O. ...??
... ¬ ¬.
Fack sending a Shadow Chaos Control Sonic and the mug
This Sonic falls from a cliff into a river and die but escapes with his life. Give it goes into ecstasy and listen to the voice of Tikal, saying that his friends were captured by the Shadow and the fack that he has to release them before the world Fuck.
The Characters

ManoKnux doing what they do best: avuá temporarily after smoking a joint
You can use:
a speedy blue hedgehog
a flying fox
a brother of the echidna
a cute pink hedgehog, there rosinha!
an armed black hedgehog, beware!
It also appears in another game echidna Guatemala's past that guides you throughout this saga, a metalhead hedgehog robot that is a clone of Sonic and one of the bosses and another hedgehog Shadow fack that it entitu Evil Tempest. Eggman was dismissed for not having a passport for free admission in Brazil and also for smuggling animals of the Amazon.
[] The phases of the game

Coconut Paradise Zone

Sonic Green Hill Coconut Paradise
A Gba plagiarism, it is basically the same trees, flowers, fields, mountains and everything you see in the first phase of the Sonic games. The boss is a giant robot monkey; to kill? Jump on his head (duh), but beware of coconuts bombs he plays the giant coconut.
Neo Amy's City Zone

Tails waiting for the sarcastic little visit from Santa Claus
The phase in the ice, where you meet the monster of the Snows, Rudolf and Santa Cruel. The head is two-ball giant robots, and you should only hit the green robot, if not ... is fucked!
Running River Zone
A mixture unaware of Angel Island, Mystic Ruins, Ancient Mayan pyramid, Acre, where everything is old and smells musty. The boss is a giant robot crab balls surrounded by fogo.Para kill him you have to throw a rock at him to paralyze it and then jump on his head turning away from the flames.
Rock Mountain Zone

A rare attempt at suicide by Sonic ... except for one loop up soon
Phase based in Texas and the famous drawings of the Road Runner. The boss is a robot bee-too-loose a giant Chaos Control (yes! only in Brazil fake Eggman's an animal can perform this miracle). To defeat it, just stay on the platform of metallic convex mirror to reflect the attacks against the own-whose dictates.
Botanic Zone

Phase which looks more like a forest biology class. The boss of this stage is none other than Metal Sonic, is the only boss that is not giant, but is also one of the thinner hard to die. To beat him you have to jump on the head, so if you do not die taking a laser shot, hit him while he is shining or just hit him, hit him after he tells you always pump.

Dark Sky Zone
The same ocean of oil Zone from Sonic 2, but in a rainy and without chemicals. There is no boss at this stage (viva!) as soon as you reach the end will die unlock a new character to go through tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudo diNovo (AAAAA) to close the game with Sonic doing Shadow Super Sonic turning and falling in the finals.
End Zone Act

Super Sonic get ready to take a beating the final boss

mode take a beating

This mode was created for those who are not very close to the lethal phases of platform games.