Topic: Compilation Help

Seeing as the bleeding edge hasn't updated, and several of us want to try out the new features I thought I would give compiling it a shot on windows.  It all started out relatively easy, however it turned crazy when I started trying to compile the modified version of alfont.  Apparently, either their project files are so out of date that my build environment won't recognize them or I am having some problem for which I do not know the solution.  Without these project files, compiling this would simply be a waste of my time, because I would have to rebuild all the paths that were internalized there from scratch.  Please post if you: A. Know how to fix this problem.  B. Have the compiled version of this library ready for me to install in the proper location to try to get this bleeding edge off the ground.

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Re: Compilation Help

lunarrush, the bleeding edge is now updated. smile

regarding the compilation of alfont, you can read the instructions at . I use a MinGW cross compiler to build the windows executable of the bleeding edge.