Topic: A little inspiration: Bastion, a beautiful game created by 7 people

This little big game was praised as one of the best independent games of 2011. Available in PC and XBOX Live, it's beautiful graphics, music and voice narration made this game a little shiny jewel.
(Screenshot of the main character, Kid, kicking some ass)

Well, the really marvelous thing about this game is that it was created by a team of only 7 people:

We’re supergiant in name only. We’re seven people whose headquarters is the living room of a house in sleepy San Jose. But we make for a superstar team. We walked away from our jobs building major franchises for huge publishers to make original downloadable titles for people who love games and their loved ones.

-- Taken from the Supergiant Games web, creators of the game.

Isn't it inspiring that a team of only 7 members created something so good?

As we are more people here in Open Surge i think we can also create something beautiful and inspiring with this project.

Ok, maybe we are not so concentrated, we dont spend so much time or have all the experience this team had creating games, but if they did such a good game in a year and with only seven people there is nothing we cant do.

Lets give our best and have fun by the way.
Happy holidays,


P.D: I am NOT SPAMMING about Bastion. I'm just using it as a reference to inspire people in this great forum.

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