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Hello I'm Neoblast and I just tried your project and took a look at the source.
It is indeed a great job you made there?
Are you the only one in the staff?

Btw I'm making a sonic game also but for the dreamcast, I've started my engine not so long ago but it's written in SDL since I consider it a bit more powerful and works better on the dreamcast.

Is there any way I could help you?

I have a lot of great ideas, I'm sure this project will rock in time.

EDIT: Could you please add the allegro libs and the project file ( whatever IDE you are using ) in the source? That way it would be easier to compile.

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Hello Neoblast and welcome to the forums! big_smile

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am the only one in the staff at this time.

You can show some parts of your engine if you want: it's always nice to see some progress smile

We're looking for artists/musicians. What Open Sonic mostly needs at this time is to have original graphics and sounds. We hope to replace the gfx/sfx progressively, step-by-step, so after a few releases we'll be able to play a game with totally free data. smile

I use the Vim text editor to develop Open Sonic, so there are no project files. All you must have to compile the game is some free libraries (Allegro, DUMB and AllegroPNG) and CMake, a cross-platform build system. You can find detailed instructions on how to compile the game on the readme.html file that comes with the game. Please tell me if you need some help.

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Well I have the subsystems ready, meaning sound, vmu saving/loading.
Video Settings and such. We were discussing days ago about how the map format should be, collission engine and such.

Would you mind If I use some parts of opensonic as ideas to develop the sonic rebirth engine?
Also... may I join the staff?
I really like this project and I would like to help, I'm not an sfx nor gfx artist but I can code, and help with the engine physics and stuff.

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That's cool. You can use parts of Open Sonic on your code under these terms. If you want to use parts of this work on yours, it means that, among other things, your game must be released under the GPL and must be open source as well. Please read the full terms.

Currently Open Sonic needs artists and musicians. At least for now, I can handle the game engine. However, there is one thing Open Sonic will need in a close future: an improved Level Editor as a separate application (could be written in Java+swing, C, C++, etc). The embedded level editor can make levels very well, but the screen size is small and the controls could be more intuitive (instead of using hotkeys, one could click on buttons around the screen). Once this game gets a larger base of users ( as I hope so smile ), we'll have to have an even easier and more intuitive level editor.

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That's what I was about to suggest I don't even know how you made all those levels with that tiny editor...