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Chaotix was the first and only game of the Sonic series released for the 32X, an accessory that makes the game a Mega Drive 32-bit. Starring the echidna Knuckles, the game became not only a boom due to poor circulation and failure of the 32X. Otherwise, it is an excellent game, that even today when he is up for sale is sold at unbelievable prices, such as 150 or even 200 dollars. The name of the game is Chaotix, however, is usually called "Knuckles' Chaotix" (something like "of Knuckles Chaotix").

How it works?

You have to connect the 32X cartridge slot on the Mega Drive. Using a cord itself, with two male plugs, plug one end into the A / V output of the Mega Drive and the other end A / V output in the 32X. Then use the Audio Cable and Video Mega Drive 32X in it and plug into your television. Then, keep on the Mega Drive and 32X at the source. Then just send the call Mega Drive and it will automatically recognize the 32X.


Knuckles stars in his first game with Knuckles' Chaotix, where he will interact with new characters: Mighty the Armadillo (this has appeared in SegaSonic, 1993), Espio the Chameleon, Vector the crocodile, and Charmy the Bee. The game stands out always bring a pair of characters united by an electrostatic ring. This idea had been worked in mysterious Sonic Crackers. Each character holds a ring, and these rings are joined by an electrostatic field, so that it can stretch and pull, and always where a character is, the other at will. This changes the gameplay. You will need to know how to interact, or otherwise, you'll be stuck in many places.

The elements of the Sonic games are usually present, but with some modifications. The rings are a must, through them you get the energy to continue the game, so that when struck by an enemy or obstacle, you lose the rings collected, but still able to rescue most of them. After getting no, if you're hit, you lose the character he plays dual with you, now playing alone. After recovering more rings, the other character will return. And if you're hit when another character with and without rings, which will start the last step again. The big news is that you can get counter negative rings, but only if you use the function call control (which serves as one of the characters are isolated from each other), which will take 10 rings and and you are under 10, will run the counter to the negative limit of -100. But if you're hit by badniks this occasion, even with zero ring, you lose your first secondary player and then you return to the Field of the game.

The game also features the traditional obstacles such as spikes and also the loops, but this time are not complete because it would be a bit problematic to do this with the two characters together. The enemies are the traditional badniks, but are not made from animals. And at the end of each level you will be faced with the traditional board to act. What stands out in the game are monitors, which are many and this time they have new options. Check them out below (to see the caption, leave the mouse on each image):

The progression of the game is saved by battery. You have two options to save each step: you can choose the manual Manual, which met after each step you have to leave the Field Output can also choose the auto-save mode, where you do not have to worry about anything.

The game has three menus on the title screen: Scenario Quest and Training Options. Scenario Quest mode is the game mode. There you can choose from three game save slots and a slot without rescue. By choosing one of the save options, you will have the option Manual and Automatic, to choose the way of rescue. To delete the slots used, you should use the Delete option. The game begins with a phase Knuckles unnamed individual, full of rings and without obstacles and badniks. After you find the Espio, Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik. The following Espio joined the ring with you. Shortly after you will be taken to a Field Training, where a caption will explain the basic commands of the game while the computer performs. Just look at first and then repeat the command. The first time the computer will help you, you will be the second for you. After you successfully make the next step will be taken if it apertart Start or continue tightening C. Do this on all the steps and training will continue, now in the training phase of the game. You can skip this first press Start training as soon as it starts. In the training phase of the game there is no escape. You will play on stage without badniks morning, afternoon, evening and night. At the end of the evening you will have the board to act and may enter the Special Stage. After this comes the Player Select screen, where you can choose between Knuckles, Espio, Vector, and Charmy Mighty. After that you will be taken to the Field of the game - High Newtrogic Zone - where there is left out and right there is the game itself. A panel indicate the stage and its level you are. After that, you have a screen where you choose Combi Catcher its dual by means of a claw. Watch as the characters exchange places with each other. Soon after you choose a machine the stage when you play. There are 5 stages of 5 levels each, where you face the boss at level 5. When you restart the game and choose the slot that you had used you will have a new screen play style, you choose the command mode of the main character and the secondary. It can be 1P + 2P (two people) or 1P + Com (computer running the second character). Shortly after the screen comes the Field, with no more training (but if you start a new slot, will have to do it).

The second option is the Training game, where you can play in the training stage, Isolated Island alone (with the computer running the second player) or two players in four of those different scenarios Scenario Quest mode. The last option is the Options, with three sub-options: Configuration Control, where you can choose to calibrate the joystick button functions (The default is to call the player - it deducts 10 rings, and if you are under 10 rings will be negative; B to hold for the character - if it is distant, he will stand still and if you are near it, you will hold to throw it to certain places, and C is the Pulo), Sound Test (listening to music and sounds of the game), and finally, Color Test, for you to test the colors of 32X. You have two options: Mars and MD. To test them, choose one side and the cursor will select a trio at a time. Hold the A button and you change the first option by pressing forward or to the side, change the second option B and C change the third option. Depending on the combination that you do, you can access the secret menu. To activate the Stage Select menu, where you can choose the stage you want, level, character and environment you want, just use the following color combinations: 06, 0B, 11 and 04 in the first trio, 00 and 04 in the second trio .

The game also has special stage, which is accessed when you add 50 rings at the end of each phase, above the end plate, where a giant ring will appear. It also has a bonus stage, hidden inside giant rings throughout the phases. Both the phase and the phase of Bonus Stage Special rings have zero to negative. The game screen is almost equal to that of other Sonic games. We have three traditional fields: Score, Time and Rings. Score the field for a counter. You get 100 points every time you destroy a badnik. At the end of each act, shall be accounted for Bonus Time Bonus and the Secret Rings. At Bonus Time, you earn 50 000 points over 0:00 to 0:30; 10 000 points finishing 0:30 to 0:45, ending 5000 points 0:45 to 1:00; 4,000 points 1:00 to 1:30, 3000 1:30 to 2:00, until 1000 and then decrease to zero. In the Ring Bonus, you earn 100 points for rings. And the Secret Bonus score varies with the number of Bonus per phase located and if you have activated the Special Stage. The second field is the time, this time takes into account also the home of milliseconds. You have 10 minutes to complete the stage, but if it stopped one minute, Metal Sonic will appear to give an attack. Taking the 10 minutes will be given to Team Up Screen The third field is the count of rings, where you can have a negative sum up, if you use the system call, which serves as both characters are isolated. This feature will get 10 rings and you have less than 10 rings, you get negative amount, this is the first time in a Sonic game. When you are out and the ring is reached, the partner will lose the first, and then the game will return to the Field. The game has no counter-Life, so that rings joined 100 or 50 000 points you do not gain extra life, nor will therefore continue. When you just die back to the original Field. The novelty of the game is a status screen that sits at the bottom of the screen. It represents the elements that the character is at the moment, such as invincibility, Sneakers or protection. To the right is the second player and the player's left is the one.


The Angel Island (Angel Island) is home to lots of fun, as the island's Carnival, a great festival that has the latest in high tech and games. Knuckles is the great guardian of the island and discovers that Robotnik has a terrible plan: get the Emerald Power to stop Knuckles. But that is Emerald Power provides electricity to the entire island and all that was needed Robotnik just this energy to use in his newest invention: the Combi Confine. But Robotnik captured Knuckles's friends: Espio the Chameleon, Mighty the Armadillo, Vector the Crocodile, and Charmy Bee. Knuckles later discovers that he can save a friend at a time using the power of the Power Rings. The Power Rings are rings that holds the characters together by an electrostatic force field. Since using them, Knuckles can double or even triple the speed! And the ring may be connected to two people, only two, and is attached to one another. Now, Knuckles must rid the island of evil and recover your friends.

Technical Analysis

The game Knuckles Chaotix would be perfect if it were a game of the Mega Drive. But it's 32X, a platform with more color and sound capabilities, but still falls short of a Playstation One game or even the Sega Saturn. Anyway, the game features beautiful graphics, and a great great backgrouns sprites for the characters. You can view the effect of wind when Knuckles is soaring. The movement was also more natural. The graphics still have the ability to time effect, ie you can play for Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. The sound part is not so weak, the songs are good and fit the scenario. The gameplay is strange at first, but if you persist and part of the comprehensive training, will soon be ace. Tips for you to play very fast and not get stuck: Avoid using SpinDash for hill climbing. Take space and ran out when the characters stand aloof, a little hold and then release B and you will gain much traction with it. If the character to stay on the platform top, leave the ring stretch, and hold B to pull the main secondary character and vice versa. With these tips, there is no way not to play.

Characters and Skills

They are in all five main characters, selectable: Knuckles, Vector, Charmy, Espio and Mighty. Playing with the first player, you can still use two underdogs in the secondary characters: a pump and an old robot. They will only mess up, so avoid to catch them. Each character has a distinct ability. Know them:

Jump: it is common to all characters, except for Charmy. By skipping the characters take the form of a ball (except Espio), and may well destroy the enemy without danger of losing rings. Just press C.

SpinDash: common to all characters, except Charmy. With this skill the character gains more momentum and help to destroy enemies crawling.

Razante: Exclusive Charmy. Hold the joystick in the direction you want to go, and press the button C. Thus, a razante Charmy will do in this direction. You can do as long as you want, using as well as flight. The Vector also has a kind of style to the Razante Charmy. To use it, press the jump button, then immediately select the desired direction and press the button again to flip the directional insured. You can only use with the Vector once.

Impulse: exclusive Espio and Mighty. When near a wall of two hops toward the wall. The character position the feet on the wall for a few seconds and then immediately using the jump button, give a push in the opposite direction.

Planar: the unique ability Knuckles. While playing, press the jump button and then immediately press the jump button again and hold it while he drives somewhere, the new plan is to reach new locations.
Climbing walls: the unique ability Knuckles. To climb the walls up or down, just gliding toward them, and then immediately use the directional pad up or down. The Vector and Espio also have a kind of skill. They do not scale properly for a few seconds they use their feet to move the walls, including loops. To use this ability to Vector and Espio, press the jump button and right next to a pad towards wall + jump and so he stays on the wall, hold the jump button.

Special Stage

As the theme of the game revolves around the rings, the game has instead of Chaos Emeralds, six Chaos Rings. Only six collecting these special rings - in the end are worthless - is that you can get to the real end of the game. They are hidden within the special stages. The mechanism of the stages is quite simple: you have to collect the required number of blue spheres, while avoiding obstacles such as bombs and batting (know how to use them to your advantage to collect the ball). The stage also has yellow and green balls (they are similar to springs, serve as a boost). You must gather balls in two stages, if he can not repeat the step until the player can. However the stage has limited time: depends on the number of rings that you closed the act. So, if you closed with 50 rings will have at most 50 / 2 initially. You may lose rings at the pumps over the stage, but others may collect. So always finish the act with the greatest possible number of rings. The stage is a kind of tunnel where you can walk in all directions, and at various times the scenario will end and you may fall off. After collecting the six Chaos Rings, you can still access the final stages and will earn 50,000 bonus points. From there the stages will be a transparent version, standing out the background.

Bonus Stage

The game also consists of a bonus stage. To locate it, you'll need to tweak in secret locations throughout the phases. To access it, simply enter the giant ring. The bonus is a huge tunnel, where you can collect items such as rings and some other items that you follow below. As in the special stage, the stage Bonus count the rings in descending order, therefore, can not remain at the stage edge. Now meet the items on the stage:


The game is composed of a Central Field: High Newtrogic Zone. It would be, say, a world where it is located within the five phases of the game. Each phase acts in lieu of presents five different levels, where you face the boss at the end of level 5. The phases do not occur one after the other. Soon after choosing the secondary player, the player goes to a sort of puzzle where a screen that resembles a slot casino will oscillate between phases, to select one.

Botanic Base: a long botanical base, filled with plants and greenery. It is the easiest stage of the game and hide various bonuses. Try to use it to gather as much rings as possible to go to the special stage with plenty of time. Boss: Dr. Robotnik while holding the secondary character, keep jumping from one side to another to gain momentum and hit the cab of the head when she is not protected by the shock. Do this eight times and you will head that easily.

Marina Madness: a huge marina where you have to pass, collecting rings and destroying badniks. It is a phase through bland, without much action. To reach the final will be necessary to press the buttons that appear at each level. Head: is the easiest of all. Dr. Robotnik will appear in a prism, it will open. When he is close to the character, hit it eight times, always taking care that the light does not hit you.

Amazin Arena is the most difficult and time-consuming game, regardless of the level you are. You can only pass the level if the clock to trigger the secret stage. To do this, follow the signs that will appear on the screen. If you do not do it, you have to redo the level. In some areas of sub-phases there is a secret boss. Avoid the claws and holding the secondary character, throw it toward the head of which will be flying Robotnik. Do this four times and get extras. Boss: beware the robots that Dr. Robotnik will design the cabin and hit the head eight times.

Techno Tower: a beautiful landscape full of hills, loopins incomplete and lifts. There are several places in her secret with the design of Dr. Robotnik, items with multiple monitors. It was probably inspired by one of the scenarios of the game Sonic Crackers. Learn to interact well with your secondary character to come out of this phase quickly. Tip: Beware of the enemies who hold a ball. Shortly after destroying them will peel off the ball and run like a bomb dropping shrapnel everywhere. Head: one of the most difficult. Dr. Robotnik will appear in a strange contraption that he will shoot lasers. Avoid carefully and hit the red ball eight times.

Speed Slider: a colorful backdrop that resembles that of a park. The background is highlighted by the stars and the animations. Another scenario is probably based in Sonic Crackers. 5 Upon some bells adorn the stage, composed of giant ramps at the top. It is one of the few phases of Sonic games to present the card to act on the left. Head: somewhat resembles the head of the Death Egg Act 1 of Sonic & Knuckles Flying Battery or Sonic 2. Be careful with the moving platforms with thorns, and hit the blue ball eight times.

Isolated Island is the stage where you do the required training. There has badniks nor any obstacle. Get to know their various ways and possibilities of the game to close it as soon as possible. Is also present in the training mode, consisting of four acts. In Acts 1, 2 and 4 you have to just reach the final stage, but in the third act you must find the 12 flowers with a prism.

Metal Sonic: After going through all the stages, you will now face Metal Sonic as leader. The robot will use the phase switch to attack you. Each phase is completed matched one number from 1 to 4 and one of the phases gives rise to the letter X. You will now use the selector stages, but try to hit so that the selector choose X. Choosing the X, it will automatically destroy each of the slots. But if it falls in the other slots, do not worry: the number 1 forms a wall of thorns, stay in the middle and watch out for the accelerators, the number 2 is a claw, it is very difficult to divert, hold the secondary character with B run to the opposite side of the claw to get up and when it comes, jump with the character "in his lap.", the number 3 will shoot missiles, just away, the number 4 is a mountain, just stay in the corner. TIP: If you miss the secondary character, wait for him to return before you hit the switch again.

Final Boss: If you managed to get all Chaos Rings and Metal Sonic made it through, you now face a giant robot that looks like a red Metal Sonic, who only scares, but it is very easy to defeat. There are three stages: the first step and hit the center of the robot (your belly) or grab eight times in all, then let the robot use the claw into the ground and piss on them eight times. In the end, simply hit the belly of the head eight times and you will defeat Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic instead.


Sonic Crackers: nobody knows for sure if the game Sonic Crackers is a hack or is a legitimate prototype, the fact is that they say that the game Sonic Crackers would be the game where Sonic and Tails would walk together by means of an electrostatic ring , and that became our Knuckles' Chaotix

Remnants of the beta: Knuckles' Chaotix was one of the first games of the 32X, and it can be noticed through a remnant of the Beta left in the game. This is the Color Test Mode, where we note that it marks the color palette of the 32X and Mega. However, the color palette of the 32X is called "Mars", the name of the prototype 32X.

Exclusivity: Knuckles' Chaotix was never reissued in any collection. Do not know why, but speculate that the fans would be due to difficulties in adapting the game.

Lifeless: Knuckles' Chaotix is the only game in the trilogy that has no marker of life, ie, there is no monitor 1UP and rings every 100 or 50 000 points, you gain life. There is no Game Over, if you die (which is difficult, since the game does not have holes or have places for you to die pressed), you go back to the beginning of the field.

Technology: The monitor shrinks the character has the same design and color monitor checkpoint in Sonic 1 Master System, however, improved version.

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