Topic: Good evening.

I stumbled across this place by chance as I was searching for a sprite tutorial thread whose name escapes me through Bing and, after reading the front page, I decided to give this a whirl.

Obviously I am a Sonic fan and the idea of making one's own levels intrigued me.  I hope I have a lot of fun playing as well as building and I registered in case if I needed help.  As a side note, I'm taking my second Programming class in September (along with some other classes), so I hope to be able to apply my meager knowledge of programming to help me understand what is bound to be a complex method (as hinted at through the Tutorial threads I'm skimming through at this moment to get an idea of how much work would be required) and reverse for the class itself.

...  I best stop right now before I go into even greater detail about less interesting subjects.

Re: Good evening.

Welcome! smile

If you enjoy making levels, you should publish them on the forums, so everyone will be able to play on them.