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Use Stage select to play the whole game

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Hey everyone it would be really great if someone would trial my game and vote on it and some feedback

PWEEZE big_smile

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hey i know those graphics in the screenshot tongue i'm giving it a try

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the ruins levels are a bit confusing, but not too hard. only the abysses make it difficult
the canopy levels are nice smile especially the part where you have to take a spring to run at enough speed to press a switch and cross the door in time. maybe it was not on purpose, but it sure was nice.

just remember that bricks other than the 0-degree, need their backs and sides covered with other solids, so that the character doesn't act weird when he approaches from the wrong side. (like "skating" on top of a ceiling brick)

The other levels i haven't had time to check in detail, but they seem good, although short.

keep up working in levels, you're doing a good job so far smile in time you will learn to build levels with great gameplay, for now i reccomend you review the placement of items and enemies, and trying longer levels. I'd love to see you build a challenging level (not insanely difficult) with well-balanced sections. the current levels in a great part, mostly play themselves if you roll on slopes. in some of these parts you did a nice job in urging the player back in control by "spring or death" sections. but otherwise, one just rolls away.

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Does anyone know why the download is so slow?

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download not work!
edit: now worked  big_smile

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Hey Loilkas, I'll play your game. tongue

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The download links posted here do not work. Please have a look and fix them at your earliest.

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okay this is not right i have seen this same post on others please no spam.

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