93 Neo Sonic Universe

by @leX

94 so

by neves

95 Hello from Romania

by sreal67

96 Back again, Progress?

by SamplingMasters_Nix

97 new music

by aronthehedgehog

98 advanced editing

by aronthehedgehog

99 New here!!!!

by Leesusee

100 Level Editor I - creating your first level

( Pages 1 2 ) by Alexandre

102 one question...

by aronthehedgehog

103 Shader tools

by jobromedia

104Moved: flying tails...

by aronthehedgehog
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106 opensurge yu-gi-oh cards?

by aronthehedgehog

107 My Song!

by Loilkas

108 Humble Bundle

by SuperSonicRacing

109 3d aron x opensurge?

by aronthehedgehog

110 Game Portable JXD S5300

by MatheusRRR

111 delays...delays...and delays

by aronthehedgehog

112 the sonic-surge dilemma

by aronthehedgehog

113 1 Year...

by S32X

114 To all members from USA

by jobromedia

115 Mechanical Marathon Is Dead

by SilverstepP

116 IamTheUltimateSonicForm's Official Him Page!

by IamTheUltimateSonicForm

117 a divine experience

by So-Nick

119 Super Sonic Sprites

by S32X

120 i have not properly introduced myself

by aronthehedgehog