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I've spent around 2 hours jerking around in Super Mario Maker, and that editor is Briliant! No other words comes close to describe it any better. Instead of having a cluttered palette of items, you have there 16 items on top of the screen. That's it. When you shake an object, it's being changed to something similar. For instance:

Mario > Super Mario > Mario

We could use something similar.

Blue spring > yellow spring > red spring
Standard shield > magnetic shield > water shield

Say you want to make a questionblock fly. All you do is that you apply wings to it. It's that simple. Want to move a buzzsaw on a track? Just lay out the tracks, and attach the buzzsaw where you want it to be. It really is that simple. I totally enjoy this way of working out levels. Nothing beats it!

Then when it's time to upload your master piece, all required is that you can beat your own level. After that, you can get comments on your levels and get them star rated. People can follow you as a level designer. So whenever I upload my next masterpiece, you get a notification about it.


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Yeah with stems we have that opportunity to do that transitions We can even decide what parts should be heard in which part. This is since stems have 4 individual volume controls. All we need to do is to set up area codes so to say. We could for instance lower the drums  when rushing through a hotell, raise them when we get out to the plaza outside. Then we can have the raw dist guitar and the drums being played when we fight a boss, have some fancy big band come in and play something when we collect the more exclusive powerups such as extra chances, or that big ring.

So how could an area code be designed?

Area code 1 // All playing
Stem1 = 100
Stem2 = 100
Stem3 = 100
Stem4 = 100

Area code 2 // Under water
Stem1 = 0
Stem2 = 0
Stem3 = 100
Stem4 = 100

Area code 3 // Above ground
Stem1 = 100
Stem2 = 100
Stem3 = 100
Stem4 = 0

Area code 4 // Boss battle
Stem1 = 100
Stem2 = 0
Stem3 = 100
Stem4 = 0

These area codes could be defined on a global basis. But what if we've got different sounds at different channels? Well I'm glad that you asked because this would be rather simple:

Area code 100 // All playing
replacing = 2
Stem1 = 100
Stem2 = 0
Stem3 = 0
Stem4 = 100

It loads in the area codes from 100 and upward from the level file. Replacing indicates what area code it should override.

Then it would be just to decrease or increase the volume on the respective channels. We have 4 global variables named .Stem1 .. .Stem4 holding the volume for the individual stems. And if stems would have a volume from 0 to 255 then we would have as many musical variations as there are colors.

Then to assign the area code to a transfer object, it's quite simple. You need digits in 3 colors. Say you need to asign the id 29 to a section. You drop in first the 0 from the digits 0 - 9. Then you drop in 2 from the digits 00 - 99. Then finaly you drop in the 9 from digits 000 to 999. This is unless there has been some cracker jacker updates to allow properties to be edited in the latest version on the SVN.


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I find this most helpful, so sticking it for easier access for everyone. cool


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I tried to code games with C++ and Allegro once. I gave up after just a few days, and this was 14 years ago. The errors I got was way over my knowledge. Fixing one error gave 10 other. Stuff like that. That's why I leave the programming to the professionals who actually knows exactly what they're doing.

C++ isn't the easiest way to get started writing your own games. It's a language that tends to break down more programmers than it raises.

So if you're new to programming, think Dark Basic, Blitz Basic, Clickteam Fusion, GameMaker:Studio, or Construct. Stuff like that. Programs that give you the result you're after.

Yes I gave up on C++ back in 2001, and I'll most likely never ever touch it again. It's simply just not worth it for me.


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I don't like 'em. I LOVE 'EM! cool Please by all means put the batteries inside this game as a replacement. I'm all about that!

Here's another idea. Increase the power if the player hits the + side, decrease when hitting the - side.


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I'm moving this to the off topic section since it's kinda in the wrong place.


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So we had a brief discussion regarding the need to update the level editor. I proposed a topic about it, so here it is.

Please feel free to fill in your ideas in this topic.

Let me start by showing the Mario Maker editor and how seamlessly it integrates between edit and play: It has a LOT to wish for in Open surge's editor.


So what we have here is a really advanced editor. Take a look! It's well worth these 13 minutes spent.


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Can be used with Phenome VST for Windows users.


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I can't give you any commercial libraries, but if you can handle soundfonts then there is a ton of them here.


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So say you have a level with multiple styles.

Under water

And you want to reflect the level through music. Note I don't know jack sh*t about SurgeScript, it was at least 3 years since I toyed around with Open Surge. But what I've done is to start on a game on my own. To keep the music fluid and bopping around I was forced to think as a DJ when programming the music routine in CTFusion 2.5. This is how you do it:

1. Preload all music before a level starts
2. Set the volume for the song to be heard first at 100, the rest at 0.
3. Create detection objects at all entries where the player switches between the different segments.
4. You need at least twice as many covering all different transitions. In the example above:

Over ground > Under ground
Over ground > Under water
Under ground > Over ground
Under ground > Under water
Under water > Over ground
Under water > Under ground

5. Once the player passes over such a spot, then start crossfading between the musics for a few seconds.

Note that ALL music must be the same BPM, and have the same tonality for this to be really effective. If you don't know what I'm on to. Take a look at Stems:


This is an open source format that loads in 5 tracks, 4 different instrumental tracks and a master specially designed for DJ's. But I feel this could be used for Open Surge as well.


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OMFG that's brilliant!


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At least you could do some tryouts and post them in a separate topic, then let people vote for what they think is the nicest layout.


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I haven't been drafted to a big company as of yet. This means I will help you guys out with more music and sound effects.


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Congrats to your  computer science master! You truly deserve it mate!


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Hi y'all! So how's things shaking? For me I've been extremely busy with my music career, and an indie movie project called Hermit Monster killer (den gamle och monstret in swedish) with writing it's soundtrack. Here is the trailer for it with my music:


I haven't forgotten about you guys, but when the opportunity one can't refuse arises, then you simply don't sit on your butt. You act to claim it! I started to contact the movie makers with small tastebits of what I can do. They got hooked at my music and a month ago I got drafted.

Preliminary release date: Sometime next year. It's currently out to be screened by film buyers so we can claim some money.

We're in post production. Want to have a taste of my soundtrack? Check it out!


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This gave me an idea. Why not use Minecraft to prototype level objects such as buildings and such things?


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The most logical thing would be to have a negative Z index to affect the bg. -0.1 - -1.


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PM sent.


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Dunno if this song can be used for something, feel free to listen and tell me what you think. This is one very happy song. Should this song fit Open Surge then I'm donating a loop of it to this project.


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Wow. Damn!! That's some awesome screenshots! If anyone got the download links then post them below, and I'll go in and edit the first post and update the link there.


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Well I can't see that picture, so I have to take your word for it.


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Well peepz I thought you guys maybe wanna get into a little nugget of gold. I've got myself a twitch channel. I'm using this channel when I play games, but also when I mod games, so if you wanna follow to get information when I go online, get yourself a twitch account, then visit the link above, and you should see a big shiny follow button. Click on it, and BOOM! I got myself a new follower. smile

I'm not here to start a debate, I'm here to inform you guys. This is a professor Dr. Richard Stallman who gives some very revealing info on where we are going. This guy invented the GNU license we're using, he's a big proponent for free software. He has developed an operative system among other things. This guy is an internet guru to say the truth. This is what he has to say!



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Then each online mode would be stored in a quest. We'd need to have a group "If_Online_Mode_xyz" objects to get rid of certain items / objects if in that mode.

* "Speed run" would for instance get rid of all enemies to give a clean path to the goal.

* "Survival" would get rid of all enemies, and replace them with enemy spawners

* "Collectorism" would replace all collectibles with a random spawner of each collectible type, then set the time to 3 minutes . The one who collects the largest amount of collectible wins while getting shot at by hidden weapons wins. Think of this mode as the SEGA Master Sysstem bonus levels from Sonic, with a bit of danger on board. smile

This could be useful. As long as it is licensed under Creative Commons I see no reason why not we all could use this piece in Open Surge. Great find!