Nice sounds.  Do you create all the songs on a computer? cool


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Here's an example of a brick set along the same lines as the template
from … mp;p=34510


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I've just come across an open source animation tool called Synfig.  Anyone tired this one?


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sounds like a cool idea cool


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Anyone remembers BigBang?  A power-up would flip the whole level left to right.  It worked because everything was flipped so the level remained consistent. big_smile


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What are the largest components of open surge?

Thanks for the link, I agree it makes sense to use those sizes.  Some way to test the engine would be good.   Maybe just try breaking it with tons of bricks or some massive bricks. cool


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Music you write works on Linux too.  Also you may be able to use your Windows app on Linux using WINE. … -industry/

lunarrush wrote:

The reason multiples of 8 draw faster has to do with the way computers process information.  Every single thing inside your computer is represented by binary, and binary breaks into sets of 8 to display things.  Therefore, there is less 'empty' information being processed when a tile is 16x16 than if it was 17x17.  So, if you want to make larger bricks I would suggest keeping within these multiples of 8 as much as you can, so 32x32 is a good size, 64x64 is a good size, and 128x128 is probably the largest I would personally go because when you start getting into images larger than that you have the potential to bog the entire engine.  Actually, if anyone is willing to custom define a tileset with sizes larger than 256x256, build a moderately sized level with it, and try it we can determine how much that will bog the engine if at all.  Just remember, we need most of our processing power to go to the game objects, so if this causes bogging it will likely be too much for many hacks because between that and the engine processing their objects there will be lag.

I'm not convinced this is the case.  It depends on how the game engine is written.  Binary doesn't have to break down in to 8s but 2s.  Commonly computers handle 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit values that give you positive integer ranges from zero to 255, 65535, 4294967295 and 18446744073709551615 respectively.    Your example could be true it if you stored 8 pixels with a 4 bit color depth in a 32 bit word.  If  KZR's experience is anything to go by it sounds like the bottle neck in the engine is processing bricks not drawing them.

BTW I had to use an online calc to get the 64 bit number

you can use groups to have a large brick, don't know if that help.

How come x8 bricks are faster is it to do with Allegro?


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I can see the similarity ; -)


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another C++ resource … ng_C%2B%2B


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My opinion is dump Windows. MS's idea seems to be use a computer how they want.  Where as Linux gives lets you choose.  Plus, Linux is now easier than it used to be.  I'm posting from Puppy Slacko 5.4, which is light and easy ; -)


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Great boss, and quite trick too.  Does the cat just vanish when defeated?


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That means you can get a better if you die?


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Grand, I've changed 'fire4' to 'KEY_F10' in inputmap "editor1", and its working fine cool

Which Open Surge tools are still under active development?  The wiki lists

Rapid Brickset Editor
Brickset Editor Tool
Level Creator
JBM Zonique

The Level Creator doesn't seem to be available anymore?
Language Editor


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Have the options to configure keyboard been remove?  I need to change the key that enters and leave the level edit mode, this is because my window manager JWM 'grabs' the F12 key input for itself.


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Normally you have to jump into a spin to reach the barrel.  However, walking the edge of the higher platform leaves you in the standing position.  BTW was this object inspired by the oil zone cannons?


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Open Surge is looking great from when I tried it last a few years ago. smile

I noticed of a couple of small things

If you fall on to the barrel standing up Surge sticks out.

The standing-on-the-ledge pose seems a bit over used and restrictive.  If Surge isn't near a drop a on gentle slope doesn't seem to make much sense plus it stops you ducking and jumping.  The friction of the surface seems to come into play.  On low friction Surge can't stand on slope without beginning to slide so the effect is less/not noticeable.  Compare Sunshine to Grassland.

Some Tux's of running sprites may need re-aligning as a black blob shows near his foot.


Regarding replacing the rings, how about stars?  I like the idea of different patterns when you get hit, which could be pre-calculated … essing-r33

Also, if magic is going to be a theme, maybe the 'baddie' animals could be possessed by an evil spell?

keep up the good work.


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The Farbrausch demos are great, here's three more i would pcik

* fr-045 Life After by Farbrausch]
nice atmosphere with good use of high frequency music

* … prod=13622 fr-minus-012: palindromeda suger]
great spiral effect

* … prod=14002 fr-062: the cube]
proof demos can still make you go 'how they do that?'


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crocopter is looking great, maybe a little arm movement would add something?


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I found an interesting thread about level design on the Retro site, Surge has the advantage of puzzles requiring switching between 'team' members.  I felt like this can slow the action down sometimes though.



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great demo.  have you got any demo favourites on modern hardware? smile


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sonic heros hack uses three players, but the additional characters aren't used in puzzles because the original levels are used ; -)