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I drew several scenery in the form of stained-glass windows for Crystal Temple and I don't know how and to put - as simply passable bricks, or as objects with transparent.

Can you demonstrate?

Hot air effect in Sandropolis:

in real photo:


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I understand. Brick wall, metal beams, sparks, smoke and molten metal. I drawed lava texture for level, but is it relevant here? May be necessary to repaint it in colors of molten metal?

And is it possible to create object, witch will be create a hot air effect (Sandropolis zone)?

And other question, can we set transparency of brick in brickset file (not object)? Or if I want to set transparency of element, I should did it as object?


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I don't have idead about background for Magma Mine Zone. The appearance of the level:

Background with caves decoration I draw on Crystal Temple.
Do you have ideas about landscape on background?


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I think that it's best to make a mod with the levels that are less common in the Sonic's games. For example, Sandopolis Zone (levels with desert theme - rare level-theme), Mystic Cave (or other cave-theme level), etc. You can open the levels themes list on Sonic Retro and choose one level from every themes.

You can find bricks on site http://www.sonicgalaxy.net/sprites/gen/sonic3


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Open Sonic suitable for building simple linear levels, without difficult objects. Currently the majority mods development implemented on the Open Surge engine, because it way more possibilities for creating custom content. The only problem is the loss of Tails' and Knuckles' abilities, but we posted scripts, whitch restore they abilities.
For the same reason, you have it error on screenshot.


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The boss in game includes:
* Images in "...\images" folder. There should be all apart parts of boss on image  (magenta color is transperent)
* Sprite file in "...\sprites\boss\" folder, where all parts of the boss are shown from the image
* Scenario in "...\objects\boss\" folder.


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I think that it is better to create your own levels with a unique brickset and level themes instead of doing a remake of old levels (SEGA loves to do it and this is not very like by players). As an option, take as idea little-known levels or not-realized levels - toxic caves or lava powerhouse (sonic spinball, I can give brickset), or levels from Simov Way prototype (NOBODY not yet realize Genocide city in original conception).

What not to do - it is 5th remake of Green Hill Zone.


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All this is very good, you are expanding Open Surge project. I decompiled and was studied game engines Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania on last year and I want to note that Open Sonic/Surge is most optimal engine for creating users games.

When you write API Reference, I can translate it on russian (and, maybe, japanese) language


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The basic part of the script is described in Wiki: http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … ustom_Boss

Also, you can see the scripts from my mod - http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/forum/vi … hp?id=1907 (....\objects\bosses), there are 5 bosses scripts with contain comments, I tried to describe in detail each action


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I hope I do not have to rewrite all scripts?


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My plan was to create SFZ Act1 for Surge with various object-produced mashines and Signpost-produced mashine.
And a ct 2 with chemical objects, from which the acid shield saves.
Should I do separately SFZ and MMZ or create one level with with two independent routes for Surge and Neon+Charge?
I think, it is better to do one level with two sections and two bricksets. "Spring Forge" is upper section, "Magma mine" is bottom.


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Hey, Alexandre! I'm very glad to hear it!

When I creating the levels, I strictly follow the recommendations in the Wiki and find all discussions on the forum.  I understood the phrase "Music Stadium: A level located in the middle of City Chill zone..." as sequence of levels, which should be CCZ1 -- MSZ1 -- CCZ2. But I think, that Music Stadium too linear and it will be necessary to build several different routes. There are one complexity related with multiplayer. It need to carefully think through all the options for the game and not allow passage one character in way for other character and they paths must periodically converge to accommodate for Checkpoint, and then split again.

Do not drop Spring Forge from game. This level keeps the logic in the story: Charge and Neon go to Magma Mine, Surge go th Spring forge. Also, Spring forge has very interesting thematic, and there are not other factory levels in this game. I thinked that here produced various "basic objects" for the whole game: springs, rings (dropping out of the ring-production machine), signposts, etc. Also, I thinked that level has not the Signpost initially and player must start the signpost-production machine to receive the Singpost and exit from level.

Am I understood correctly, that Magma Mine is a lava cave with various mechanical machines? Do you have an illustration from page http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … _Mine_Zone ?


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I propose to evaluate next levels from Open Surge story. They not completed, but playable. There are no enemies, but level has a traps.

Download link

Image files (PSF)


City Chill
There are fans, blizzards and spikes as traps. The wind shield found application here. When you protected by wind shild, the wind does not act on you.
Backround by KZR.

Music Stadium
Created according to Ruben Caceres' drawings. Objects will be revisioned later. There are many musical notes, in each note has hidden ring.

Dragon Core (I did not like word "egg" in the title)
This levels is less linear than the previous levels. There are many hidden places. Beware of spears and other traps. Surge and Charge break through a wall into a cave in end of Act 1 (according to game story). Act 2 is in cave with access to the surface. In the end of Act 2, Charge save Neon.


Now, need to do bosses, enemies and cutscenes. Does anybody want?
I hope that someday TheSeventhEmerald will write music.
With regard to further work, I no have ideas what should be in the Spring Forge and Sky Fortnes. I have preliminary Crystall Temple level map (on paper), but in the beginning it is necessary to draw bricks and decorations. Magma Mine has incomprehensible description in Wiki - is it metallurgical combine or volcanic cave? What sequence of levels? CTZ1, СТZ2, MMZ1, SPZ1, MMZ2, SPZ2?
Also pay attention to the new brickset in RRZ


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If you need any help deriving the formulas, please let me know

Yes, if it's possible. Deviation of the pendulum is a triangle. $trigA, $trigB, $trigC is a sides of this triangle, $trigC = 1/2 of heihgt of pendulum = 100 pix (const).
Respectively, angles of triagnle: 90 degrees, "angle()" degrees and "180 - 90 - angle()" degrees.
We know side C and all angles and we calculate the sides A and B from formulas. But in sum character clings to the center and stands still.



set_angle "55 * sin(2 * pi() * ($t += dt()))" // Deviation of the pendulum

let "$trigC = 100"
let "$angleBC = angle() * pi() / 180"
let "$angleAC = (90 - $angleBC) * pi() / 180"
let "$sinusAC = sin($angleAC)"
let "$sinusBC = sin($angleBC)"
let "$trigA = $SinusBC * $trigC"
let "$trigB = $SinusAC * $trigC"

set_player_position $trigA $trigB


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There are difficulties with objects for Music Stadium. Character should jumping after keystrokes, as on springs, but in my case he landing and not bouncing. How make him jump after every collision with keys?

state "wait"
        on_player_collision "jumping"
state "jumping"
        set_player_yspeed -200
        change_state "wait"

And about the metronome. I drew corpus and a pendulum, wrote a script of rolling, but after collision player with the pendulum, player placing in center of the object and don't rolling. Is there a simple script of rolling player with the pendulum, or I need to make calculations and derive the formula?



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Music for CCZ already created and placed in folder "music/future". I want to ask you do some work on music for levels: RRZ, BFZ (mystical music, keeping in suspense) MSZ and Dragon Egg / Crystal Temple Zones (for the future).

The ripped bricks from other games I used only on RRZ, because I followed the instructions in Wiki, but I also consider than this is unacceptable for this project. I will create new briskset for RRZ and place new bricks to the same coordinates in png file, not altering base level map. With the exception of RRZ brickset and unused decoration (they will be removed from project), all images was created by me. Only note - I used sets of brushes and patterns for Photoshop from site "photoshop-master.ru", it is free content. Also, this site has articles about drawing lessons.
I don't use copyrighted content, and it is very important to me.

As for the Soda Pop, my question was not about translations. This level has sketches, but marked as "canned level" and does not appear in storyline. It will be in the game?

So, I want to propose my sketches of objects for CCZ:
1. industrial fan, which blows away player if he without the Wind Shield:

2. A falling icicles (hit player):

3. An electric sleigh, which transfer player on other section (or go away from level). But player should find a battery and an ignition key for start the sledge:

There are more ideas?


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I posted it to show our community my work and to search all bugs.
Need to understand that it is one of the prototypes, but not the final version and, for this reason, I did not do a lot of thorough tests.
For this reason, levels is empty. I have difficulty in creating of the enemies because I don't know who can live in these places.
I hope that you will help with ideas about enemies. I don't used enemies from 0.1.4, because enemies-robots is unsuitable for phylosofy of this game. But I can add them despite this, for the first time.
Also, I do not have enough imagination to come up with "mysterious creatures of Gimacian".
Lift bug is was corrected by modification of image drawing and modification of the script.

It is worth noting that I love Sonic's games behind a level structure. They levels has a structure, and player can play many times. I building levels on the this principle in my mods, I want that player wanted to go through the game several times.

Music for Waterworks was in the "music" folder in the game. Rainbow's music is music from Template Zone. Sharp's theme track, in my opinion, is ideal for Black Forest.

So, conclusinos:
1. I ask you to help with writing music for Music Stadium (MSZ).
2. I will be work on MSZ first, and next on Chity Chill (CCZ) , because MSZ has schemes of objects and the general concept of level.
3. In the Wiki said, that "MSZ is located in the middle of CCZ". in connection with this, my idea about the sequence: CCZ1 --> MSZ1 -> CCZ2, 3 --> MSZ 2,3.
CCZ: Action takes place in the morning. Played Surge and Charge. At the end of the level, they fall into a trap. One of character finds a portal in MSZ1. This portal working as exit from level CCZ1. Then, he play in MSZ1, find a "key" and return to CCZ2.
4. What is "Soda Pop"?


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I propose to evaluate several levels from Open Surge story.

It is first 7 zones, levels are designed taking into account all the recommendations.
Download link

There are many new object in this project, I hope that it objects will be useful modders for their projects.


The work done and screenshots:

Sunshine Paradice
I made small changes in the SPZ-1 to make the level linear.
Act 2 is easy and linear level.

Both act is linear levels with two routes and secret places. Act 2 has transport tubes.

Act 1 - Level map

Act 2 - Level map

Rainbow Realm

As indicated in Wiki, this level includes brickset from Speed Slider. And other my decorations.
Act 1 has many confusing routes with many secret places and this act uses the looping system.
Act 2 more simple and has system of teleporters.
There are one friend on this level, is a ladybug. She give rings.
Action takes place in the evening (act 2 in the seaside).

Act 1 - Level map

Black Forest
There are rail-basket and doors on this zone. You should to search a switches to opening the doors.
Action takes in the night. Surge is seeking Charge on first act and find he at the end. Here Charge's prison is used as an output of level, instead the Signpost.
Surge and Charge are playing on act 2. Use Charge's ability of climbing (as Knuckles).

City Chill
There are fans, blizzards and spikes as traps. The wind shield found application here. When you protected by wind shild, the wind does not act on you.
Backround by KZR.

Music Stadium
Created according to Ruben Caceres' drawings. Objects will be revisioned later. There are many musical notes, in each note has hidden ring.

Dragon Core (I did not like word "egg" in the title)
This levels is less linear than the previous levels. There are many hidden places. Beware of spears and other traps. Surge and Charge break through a wall into a cave in end of Act 1 (according to game story). Act 2 is in cave with access to the surface. In the end of Act 2, Charge save Neon.


Also, I processed some basic images (sprites of characters and other) to give them a dimensionality.

Now, I will work on City Chill prototype (if you want, I can post my drawings) and develop object for Music Stadion by Ruben Caceres projects.

I beg you to help to create normal background for Waterworks and give ideas about enemies.

All my PSF files from this work I uploaded in cloud:

You can use their in any projects at your discretion.

Player can see your mod for the first time and does not know how to play. Consider this.

use Open Surge to create non-platformers

This engine gives great opportunities and have the ability to do similar levels. I developed a level scenario with airplain ("Tornado") and level on the "Sky Forntess" or "Mirage Saloon" model. Decompilation of Sonic Mania and study of structure of the level helps also

There will also be a consistent day-to-night cycle.

Very good idea. It was in Chaotix only and Sonic Generation twice, but it's very easy to accomplish. Just recolored brickset and save it in new file.

I working on "Lifting Basket" object. It looks like on object from Lava Reef

Press UP button - basket go up, press DOWN button - basket go down. Basket moves on rails.
How I can determine an end of rails and stopped basket?

I wrote:

on_button_down "UP" "moveup"
    state "moveup"
on_collision "Lift_Rail_left" "moveup1"

    state "moveup1"
move 0 -200
change_state "waiting"

but basket leaves the railways. Is it possible to determine the end of the rail in advance?

And second question. Can I forbid character to look up and squat while the basket is moving?


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I working on creating several levels. At the moment:
Sunshine Paradice - 2: the level is complete (80%)
Waterworks - 1: complete brickset, base map + decorations, and all objects from wiki. Need to create enemies
Waterworks - 2: I created base level map, but when the level was saved, a failure occurred (BSOD) and I work on map again. There are transport tubes on act 2.
Rainbow Realm - 1 is remake of Speed Slider (level is completed, but without enemies). There are uses a vertiacal looping system on this act (as Metropolis, Ice Cap, Lost Labyrinth, ect).
RR-2 in developing. May create it with brickset from Balloon Park?
Black Forest - 1: created brickset + decorations and some objects (door+switch and Charge's prison). Also, I created small fragment of map.
I think about BFZ - 2. This level for Surge and Charge and, probably it level will have elements of quests and labyrinth.


So, I'm asking for your help: draw the enemies for WWZ, RRZ and BFZ and think of some interesting objects for RRZ-1. I learning a computer drawing and can to draw it. And bosses, too.

I think that I lay out preliminary work next week and I want you to appreciate it with maximum critics and remarks.

I think that Alexandre need to work on the main page of the site, because there are non working links. May be to separate Open Surge and Open Sonic parts on site and adding a few new mods on OpenSonic page with available links?


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Implementation of one of the mechanisms


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Concepts of levels well described in the wiki, but I working only with first levels. For Black Forest, concepts and sketches must be carefully thought out and I'm thinking about structure of the level and create sketching on paper.
Beginning from City Chill, I don't have thinks about it.
Probably, I will make a base part of the first levels (1-2 ... 4-2) and will place on the forum with all comments. (Base level map and base objects).
So, Sunshine Paradice 2 level map (preliminary):

Then we will modify or correctint them, adding objects, ect.
Greatest difficulty is creating graphics of bricks, because I never did it early and I just started to master it.


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It is very good, that you are there. When you restore Wiki, can you write more information about Surge's level?

I working on first 4 levels, but there are difficulties with ideas about ememies, leve-specific-objects and "whan should be on the levels".
So, I created Sunshine Paradise Act 2 and Waterworks as described in Wiki and in discussion on the forum. But I have some questions.
Rainbow Realm is used bricks from Speedy Slider and Balloon Park. This level has carnival theme and it is fast run, as Stardust Speedway. Right?
Then, I think than Black Forest Zone is forest theme level, simillary Hill Top, but with darkness themes and without lava. Surge save Charge on act 1 (or 2?) and Charge's prisson will be exit of level, instead the signpost.


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