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KZR wrote:

I see you have sorted it out on your own. I have been away from Surge since it is indeed a great engine from which I learned a lot of game design and development tricks, but it is not naturally fit for my project.
If memory serves me, to make the player vulnerable during a jump you can use either on_player_in_the_air and weak_player together, or set jump to 0 in the chr file and use an object to do on_button_down followed by set_player_yspeed

weak_player is the default setting for the player's strength, so using it to make the player vulnerable wouldn't work, since it would have to jump to start flying. Setting jump to 0 might help for creating the NiGHTS character though. Thanks for the help!


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Thanks for the help, the dragon and its projectiles work perfectly now. Here's some of the code:

object ".panzer_laser_controller"
    state "main"
        set_animation "SD_LASER" 0
        simulate_button_up "down"
        on_button_pressed "fire6" "shoot"
    state "shoot"
        move 500 0
        simulate_button_up "down"
        on_collision "mecharobotnik2" "destroy"
        on_collision "Chomper" "destroy2"
        on_collision "3" "destroy3"
        on_collision "Flying Fish" "destroy4
        on_collision "Quadorb" "destroy5"
        on_collision "Peixudo" "destroy6"
        on_collision "1" "destroy7"
        on_collision "7" "destroy8"
        on_collision "0" "destroy9"
        on_timeout 0.7 "revert"
    state "revert"
        simulate_button_up "down"
        change_state "main"
    state "destroy"
        simulate_button_up "down"
        change_closest_object_state "mecharobotnik2" "get_hurt"
        create_child ".panzer_laser_controller"
    state "destroy2"
        simulate_button_up "down"
        change_closest_object_state "Chomper" "destroy2"
        create_child ".panzer_laser_controller"
    state "destroy3"
        simulate_button_up "down"
        change_closest_object_state "3" "destroy"
        create_child ".panzer_laser_controller"
        etc, etc...

Basically, the object is attached to the player with attach_player; hide is there because the laser sprite is almost as big as the player sprite, so it is only shown when firing off in the "shoot" state. Firing the laser is mapped to the A key, and the dragon's flight is mapped to the S key.

simulate_button_up is used to prevent the player from rolling, as well as jumping, then flying and being able to kill any enemy by just touching them. This also means that the dragon has to take off when in the air, i.e., falling off a ledge, which a dialog box at the beginning will explain.

Also in the "shoot" state are lots of lines that start with on_collision; since the laser can't damage enemies with the enemy command, I've modified every enemy object that appears in the level to have a series of states that mimic the enemy command; these states are only triggered when the laser comes in contact with the object, and thanks to the on_collision command in the "shoot" state and the change_closest_object_state command in one of the "destroy" states, it changes the state of the object it collides with to the states that mimic the enemy command.

object "0"
    requires 0.1.4

    state "main"
        // basic enemy properties
        set_animation "SD_JOAN" 0
        enemy 100

        // movement programming
        walk 100.0
    state "destroy"
        play_sample "samples/destroypop.wav"
        change_state "destroy2"
    state "destroy2"
        set_animation "SD_EXPLOSION" 0
        on_timeout 0.5 "destroy3"
    state "destroy3"
        add_to_score 100

When the laser does come in contact with the enemy, it changes the state to either the ones that mimic the enemy command, or for enemies with a health meter, changes the state to the one that decreases the health meter. The laser object, when in contact with these enemies, also creates a new laser controller object, then destroys itself. This allows the player to go ballistic on enemies and bosses with a health bar. tongue

However, using this method means I'd have to create a new state in the laser controller for every enemy that appears in the Panzer levels, and I'd have to add new states to such enemies in the levels. Thanks for the help, as always!


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Alongside the classic Sonic 2D platforming style in my new project is going to be other characters from various Sega franchises, like Panzer Dragoon and NiGHTS. Right now I'm programming the blue dragon from Panzer into the game (with sprites ripped from Panzer Dragoon Mini on the Game Gear); I've created the companion object, as well as other objects that control the flight (thanks to CarlosTheHedgehog) and the dragon's projectile, a laser.

Is there a way that I could make the laser "invincible" where it would harm any object that collides with it? Can I also make the player vulnerable to any attack as well, even while jumping (I need this to make the dragon get hurt by enemies after flying off)?


Hi G.E.R., welcome to the forum!

The level design here is decent; I noticed that it's a maze-type level, which I picture Endless Mine as.

As for proper placement of loop "identifiers", take note of how other loops in the default levels do it. There's also problems with slopes in the level as well.

I highly recommend using version 0.2.0 instead of 0.1.4 for your project. It is much more customizable, and allows you to work with more things like variables.

Here's a page on the wiki telling how to make a simple boss object in 0.2.0: http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … ustom_Boss



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@Alexandre: Thanks for the suggestions and compliments as usual! big_smile

@KZR: That's a good idea. I wouldn't mind helping you guys out in spare time. smile


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Hi everyone! Here's the first demo of my next project, Sonic: Robotnik's Revenge. I haven't thought of a story yet though, so feel free to leave some ideas below.

This mod, of course, is a Sonic fangame. "Why not make it VA: TG 2," I hear you ask. Well, since it was already very similar to Sonic, might as well go all the way and make a Sonic fangame. Good thing Sega doesn't mind people using their IPs in passionate fan projects, right Nintendo?

Anyways, the demo contains 1 zone; Fresh Firth. This will either be the first or second zone of the full game. Act 2 was previously found as a secret level  in the latest VA: TG build, and now it's a fully-fledged zone. The noticeable difference in quality of the design of the levels between FF Act 2 and the rest of VA: TG is because the levels in VA: TG were made years ago, when I didn't have a clue about how to make good level design. Since this zone, and the other zones in this upcoming project, will be done from scratch by older me, there will be a massive improvement from a design standpoint, at least in my opinion.

There is also a Special Stage in this demo that can be reached from a giant ring in Act 2. They are kind of like a 2D version of the Sonic 2 half-pipe stages, where you are running at a controlled speed, trying to grab as many rings as possible.

So, yeah. All in all, I think just this alone is a big improvement over VA: TG; try it out if you're interested.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ez3hdp4tczvl … d.zip?dl=0

PLAYTHROUGH: https://vimeo.com/248625434

Oh, okay.

I also had another question; the Special Stages from Sonic games are going to be in my next project (spoilers), and I'm wondering if there's a way to have an object with a counter that, if the player didn't collect enough rings to proceed, would boot the player out of the stage. Specifically the counter part is what I'm wondering how to do.



For the next and final release of VA: TG and future projects, I want to make it so the extra life sound doesn't override the level music. It's annoying to have the best part of the music being interrupted by the 1up jingle, then restarting to the beginning.

I did go into the source and changed the command from "override_level_music" to "sound_play", but it doesn't seem to affect anything. In fact, any changes I make don't seem to affect it. Do I have to recompile the game with these settings or something?

Eh, I'd better stop before sounding even more like an idiot. tongue
As always, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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So, Vidme, my main site for uploading videos, is shutting down very soon. All videos will be deleted from the servers on Dec. 15, which is bad news for me, obviously. Time for me to switch platforms again, this time over to Vimeo. This message has been sent out to every follower of the Vidme channel:

Dear viewer,

This message is being sent to all followers of my channel. It has come to my attention that Vidme, my main site for bringing content to you, is closing down on December 15th. Because of this, I will be uploading at Vimeo from now on, since every user's ability to upload on Vidme has been disabled. All videos, comments, upvotes and private messages will also be deleted from the servers.

Here is a link to my new Vimeo channel to keep receiving SGWaS content:


I emplore all viewers to make the switch as well.


So, yeah. That sucks. sad


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Sorry for the late reply. I haven't checked in a while, since I wasn't getting a response in weeks. That's alright, though. Good to know you're still playing!

Anyways, here's a lightning round of responses to your thoughts:

  • I do use groups in quite a few levels, but thanks for the tip anyways. smile

  • The one with Vista entering Hell? Yes, it is. It was an attempt at recreating the scene in the VA movie where Vista meets ME (again, go watch it if you have the time. It'll provide same good backstory for this game).

    Also, I think this isn't in the Halloween Build (haven't played it in a while), but ME's Warehouse Act 2 is going to receive a new track -- "Metallic Mashup", a mashup of the various versions of the Metallic Madness theme from Sonic CD -- Past, Bad Future, Present, and Act 2 from Sonic Mania. It's up on my channel if you want to take a listen: https://vid.me/UT6Mf

  • Haha. Yeah, there's way too much of those. Normally, when one is placed, it would gradually eat away at your memory, but with many, it just drops instantly. hmm

  • Thanks. cool

  • Yes, the game gets pretty hard. Not Nintendo Hard, but still pretty tough. On the topic of ME's Warehouse, I've made a couple changes to make the level seem less repetitive, like making the bumper section shorter with springs. The boss is very hard as well, but landing in a ball on the left side of the arena will let you get 10 hits on him before touching the ground.

  • Yes, some levels still need more polish. I'll work on that.

  • This part just requires practice and platforming skills. Spin dashing across the top platforms also helps, and grabbing the fire shield at the top near the beginning will help a bit too.

  • I also made some fixes here, like adding hints telling you about the spike part in Act 1, and giving you the invincibility before entering the spike place so you don't have to lose all your memory at the end of the stage. Still, it does need some extra routes and such. Act 2 could use that as well.

  • Ah yes, Fresh Firth...first of all, this level won't be in the final game. I planned for it to be in a sequel or another project. Act 2 is in some water palace, whilst Act 1 (not made yet) would take place outside in an Aquatic Ruin-style area. But yeah, this was just an extra for players snooping in the level select. It won't be part of the final game--maybe an extra or sneak peek of a future project, but nothing more than that as of now.

    Since you asked about my experience building it, I basically built upon the existing super-short Grassland level found in the default Open Surge. I gave it the Hydrocity Act 1 background and began work on my first pseudo land-water stage. I'd say it went pretty well, don't you? big_smile


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Thanks! Another detail I forgot to add was that the Quests menu now contains quests for each zone for testing purposes. Also, LSZ & MMZ have been given additional graphical enhancements. For example, in Lush Shores, the sky is darker and redder during the boss fight; and in Magma Mines, the background and brickset gets redder and darker with each passing act.

Also in Act 2 of MM, the always-flowing lava that can only be passed through by hurting yourself has, as promised, been replaced by periodically flowing lava. I've also added the fire shield in the stages to allow the player to pass through lava and find hidden secrets.

In Techno Traverse, the spike-hopping gimmick has been refined, more so in how you enter the section. You're given a hint telling you about spike-hopping, then given the invincibility before entering so players can keep their built-up RAM sticks. The bottomless pit has been replaced with a bed of spikes, as this mechanic is a bit haphazard and caused cheap deaths in previous builds. hmm

And in ME's Warehouse and Final Fright, hints are given around the level as to teach the player to use level-specific gimmicks and mechanics, like MW's bumper trick and character switching in Final Fright. This hint system makes the Creator's Guide seem redundant in a way, so I might get rid of that (it's not in this build). smile


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Update time!

It's almost Halloween, and in time for it, I made a new build showing off the new improvements I made to the zones. Needless to say, they're big.

First, I've taken into account the complaints and constructive criticism made by Alexandre 2 weeks ago, and have given select levels more pathways and secrets. The biggest change in terms of level design is Heavenly Havoc Act 1; there is now a path below and above the normal one. Other improvements include making things easier to see at times (TT Act 1), reworking crappy gimmicks (also TT Act 1, making it so you don't have to lose rings when entering the last section), fixing more loops, and adding hint objects to give the player advice when needed.

Second, the aesthetics. Midnight City has been completely reworked into an industrial zone at dusk with nature fighting for prominence. The first act is blue, quiet and groovy, and the 2nd act is bustling with exciting music and brighter colours. Credit to Skylights for making some of the sprites used in this zone.

Some of the other zones have been given new coats of paint as well, like Heavenly Havoc (grey), Magma Mines (orange, red), the Hub World (red) and the intro sequence (orange to match the background).

Third, a totally new act has been added to Techno Traverse as a continuation of the boss act. You must escape from the arena and make your way up to RT's retreat, with lava chasing you all the while. I added this to make the TT boss more interesting, and keep the "tradition" of the hard part of RT's bosses not being the fight itself, but what comes afterwards (though the real boss could be harder if your don't jump in right away).

Here's some screenshots of the new Midnight City that are also included in the game's files:

Act 1



Act 2






Act 3


Feel free to tell me what you think!

DOWNLOAD HALLOWEEN BUILD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu54mh118y99n … d.zip?dl=0

Looking good. You may want to make a running sprite to signify the character's top speed; and since the character's description is that he can skate at huge speed, it would make sense to have him skating in the running sprite.

Not bad, I like the style of it. smile


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Thanks. Glad to know you're still playing. big_smile

I will keep these suggestions in mind. I did notice the spike glitch in the opening scene sometimes, but didn't think it was a huge deal for this build. As for the suggestions:

1) I will try to do this, but it might mean re-constructing the levels if I were to make totally new bricksets.

Color-swapping would be something I could definitely improve, come to think of it. Maybe give Magma Mines' brickset a slight orange hue and the Hub World a red hue, like what I did with Vista's Hell sprites.

There is a reason for repeated use of the same brickset. Back when I originally made these levels, I didn't know anything about bricksets, so when I was editing the levels, almost all of them had the same brickset. Techno Traverse originally had ME's Warehouse's brickset because of this.

2) Yeah, the level design quality dips in the later half. For me, it starts in Magma Mines Act 2 with the stupid invincibility frames gimmick. Blame 11 year-old me for thinking that up. I'll have to replace that with lava that periodically comes down.

Then it starts to get bad in Techno Traverse with the invincibility spike thing. It's probably better to give the player the invincibility before going on the zipline, forcing the player to lose all of the collected RAM sticks. I should also fill the bottomless pit near the end with spikes in case the spikes glich out and send the player into the pit. Act 2 is hard, but at least it's true difficulty. I should also give a hint where the secret spring is at the end of the level.

Some parts of ME's Warehouse should definitely be refined; most of all, the bumper section in Act 1. Not the one where you only bounce up once, but the one where you bounce up 5 TIMES. Definitely needs to be shortened. Also, every mini-boss in the zone can be skipped very easily. I should make separate objects for each mini-boss that locks the camera so the player has to fight it in order to proceed.

As for Final Fright, I should make a text cutscene or put a "!" in the level implying that 1.0 chases you down in Act 1. Act 2 could also use this.

All of this is caused by amateur programmers who are testing their game, get really good at it, then decide to make it harder. This is why many 8-bit games (mostly NES) were so hard--programmers and game designers were getting used to making games by the 16-bit generation (Genesis and Super Nintendo), and these "Nintendo Hard" games are almost completely gone nowadays--unless the designers are intentionally making the game Nintendo Hard to begin with.

On the topic of 8-bit consoles, I heard that Sega still officially licenses and sells Master System units in Brazil. That's pretty cool, seeing that I'm a big Sega fan. cool

Anyways, back to the game.

3) This adds to the difficulty. The player can memorize the locations of the spikes in the beginning of Act 3, then know where they are to avoid them in Flooded Mines. I do agree that there should be some visual hints to where they could be though.

And yes, TT Act 1 needs that as well.

4) I was actually thinking about putting it in PDF format, but I'll wait until it's finished to put it in that format.

5) Thanks big_smile

EDIT: I was also thinking of adding the motivational speech in the good ending of Earthworm Jim: Special Edition to the ending of this game. It would be pretty satisfying and funny:


I'm sure there are tutorials out there for making sprites. A good tool to make sprites with is Paint.

Other than that, you could get someone to make them for you, but I don't know who could do that or if they'd want money for it or not. All the work I've done with sprites is just scaling down images found on the Internet and putting them on spritesheets, not actual pixel art.

So, the best option is to learn how to do it yourself. It takes a lot of time, but that's how it is with any project or game.

If you are doing it yourself, remember that the character sprites have to be very small, about 30x42 pixels per frame. Because of this, they don't have to be, and they won't be, super detailed.

Good luck. wink

SynfigMaster91 wrote:

I hope the link works.

Yes, it works just fine.

The character looks to have potential. You'll need to make a spritesheet for the in-game character for all of his animations and such. Everything you need to know about spritesheets and .spr files, which provide the sprite's properties, is here: http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Sprites

Sounds interesting so far.

To add images, you need to upload them to an image uploading site first, like Imgur. Then you can add the images in by clicking the image icon above the post you're writing (the blue icon with a picture of mountains). This will add code in the post saying "(img)(/img)". Then copy the image's link location (right-click image, click "Copy Link Location") in between the two pieces of code to make the image appear. You can test this by clicking "Preview reply" at the bottom.

If you have lots of images, you can add them one-by-one using this method, or just put a link to all of the images with the URL icon above the post (Earth with a link symbol); it works the same as the image feature, but instead turns the link from normal text to a working link.


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Welcome! Feel free to share the project with us. smile


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know that not all of you are in Canada, but it is Thanksgiving Day today in the Great White North for me.

Anyways, the next build of VA: TG is out! It had taken a bit to come out because of me being busy and lots of improvements made since the last build, but it's finally here!

This is the first of what I call "complete" builds of the game, which means it's the first build to give you an idea of what the final build will be like. It has brand-new cutscenes, an intro and ending sequence, many subtle improvements to level design, graphics, and more.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui813ionuccqe … d.zip?dl=0

Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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Thanks for your help, but the Game Over scene would still be ran before the lives counter goes to 0, and thus abort the quest before the continue screen gets a chance to appear.

It's alright if we can't get this working, since some of the later levels are quite generous with extra lives.


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Okay. If I use on_player_death though, the continue screen would appear every time the player loses a life, not at a Game Over. The camera would also immediately cut to the screen before playing the death animation and fading to black first.

Also, how would I make it so the level the player died on is the one that is being loaded when the player does choose to continue? Sorry about all of these questions; I haven't really coded much with this engine yet. hmm


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Thanks for the info. How would I make it so the Continue screen would appear after the Game Over scene? Would I edit the last line in gameover.c ("quest_abort") and put in "load_level (name of continue screen)", or a line of code similar to that?


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I had this on the VA: TG mod page, but since it's a question, I think it'd be better off here.

I have yet another question about the engine; I'm concerned about the difficulty players will have when going through the later levels, so is there a way I could edit the Game Over scene to link to a continue screen which would take the player to the act that they were in? And if so, how would I make such screen? (I'm guessing that it's just writing out "Continue?" with textout_centre, then using on_button_pressed to take the player to the act.)


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Some more things I forgot to mention:

Lush Shores Act 2 has been replaced completely. The original version was too long in contrast with the other acts, and some sections are a bit too difficult for a first-time player. It was also WAY too generous with rings.

The instruction manual will be replaced with the Creator's Guide, a complete guide for the game in case players get stuck (which will happen). It also will include basic information about the player's moveset.

EDIT: I have yet another question about the engine; I'm quite concerned about the difficulty players will have when going through the later levels, so is there a way I could edit the Game Over scene to link to a continue screen which would take the player to the act that they were in? And if so, how would I make such screen? (I'm guessing that it's just writing out "Continue?" with textout_centre, then using on_button_pressed to take the player to the act.)