Here's the first new update in a while: I've been working on a wall running gimmick for use in some of the game's levels and special stages. The sprites were ripped from Sonic CD, the sprite used when going up the first slope in the game was rotated clockwise to face forwards.

The way it works is simple: an invisible object that is always active is placed in the level, and when the player touches it the object automatically sets the player's animation and horizontal speed. The vertical speed is adjusted when the player holds the up or down keys. A series of passable bricks with obstacle bricks above and below can be put after the object to give off a wall running effect.

I still haven't coded a way for it to stop and go back to normal play however, and for that reason, it won't be released just yet. Here's a video of the gimmick in action:

You can also see an extra layer in the background of CC Act 1, adjusted level design and faster player animations to give a better sense of speed.

Okay, I don't really know any non-copyrighted tiles, so how about recolouring the checkerboard brickset to match it with the sand tiles? You can use this website to check the RGB code for the colour of the sand tile:

Adjust the hue on the checkered tileset to the same as the sand tile's RGB code to match the colours seamlessly. Remember to recolour the background to pink (RGB 255, 0, 255) or else loops and other tiles with transparency effects won't work or display properly.

SynfigMaster91 wrote:

Any ideas, tiles, or stuff I can use? You can send me some tiles I can use.

You could just use a spritesheet of Neo Green Hill and assemble the brickset with Rapid Brickset Editor: … heet/7086/

Change the background to pink (RGB 255, 0, 255) and give credit to Shadowbot if you're going to use this.

Looks good so far! I like the Open Surge logo and the swimming mechanic. Two things about this level though:

1. I feel that the background moves a bit too slow and doesn't convey a sense of speed. Should be easy to fix that up.

2. Try and make a consistent level brickset. The sand doesn't mix too well with the checkerboard bricks.

For a work in progress, it's looking pretty good. I also like the underground segments in the level. Can't wait to play it for myself!

Thanks for replying! As for some feedback:

  • That background was taken from Route 99 in Sonic Advance 3. That part used was the farther piece of the background in the original level, whereas a separate layer containing coloured buildings was put on top of it. I'll add that in onwards.

  • My plan for some of the zones is that the first act would take place outside, then the player would go inside somewhere when things change up, kind of what Sonic Lost World tried to do. This level, for example, takes place in the city in the first act, then in the sewer in the 2nd act. This is done to keep variety within the stages, and if the player happens to like the theme of the first act, they will find it again in Act 3. There will also be a consistent day-to-night cycle; The first & second acts of every odd-numbered zone will take place in the daytime, the 3rd act of odd-numbered zones take place in the evening, and even-numbered zones take place at night.

And yes, I did know that Open Surge could be used for a variety of different 2D game genres. That's kind of what I'm doing with the Dragon and NiGHTS levels in this game. Thank you for the interest and advice! smile


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Is it possible that we could get Open Surge running on the Dreamcast? I had someone ask that question on another forum, but it's probably unlikely because of the DC's limited memory (16 MB). Open Surge requires at least thirty times more than that to run decently on PC.

EDIT: I have seen attempts on this forum to port it to Dreamcast, and I'm wondering if any of these ports are still available or being worked on. I would love to have my mod on the DC :3

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've updated this, but don't worry; this project is still very active in development. So active that I have a few new things to show you cool

First, new FMV logos at the start of the game; one for Sega, SGWaS Games, and Sonic Team. Yay.

Second, a brand new zone called "Construction City". Act 1 is a Sonic Advance-style day stage with many loops and some moving platforms, Act 2 is a sewer level with lots of tricky jumps on pipes and a Labyrinth section, and Act 3 is another cinematic Panzer Dragoon level that I can't get enough of. It's still not entirely finished yet; Act 1 needs to be a bit longer and needs more depth in the background. But what I have right now is enough to warrant an update.

Third, the Dragon can now shoot in 3 directions; forward, backward and upward. I have also near-fully completed the next Panzer Dragoon level, which is, again, CC Act 3.

All of this is shown in this video:
Download link will come eventually; I need to work on this a bit more before release. wink


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Okay, thanks. smile


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Is there a way to adjust the height of the water in a level at certain points? I'd imagine it would be an object that would lower/raise it when in contact with the player, but I don't know what command to use to do that.



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Replacing the old sliding box logo in VA: TG and previous and current builds of Sonic in the MSS is a new logo that will be featured in the next build of Sonic in the MSS and future projects.

SPOILERS: It's pretty funny. tongue

SynfigMaster91 wrote:

This time, after some time being inactive here... I present you my Speedy sheet!

I used the Surge sheet and Shadow sprites from the Sonic Megamix hack for some help since it was my first time I do a sprites sheet but I hope it turned so good.

Still, you can update it if you wish. It's free to use and modify if you want to make it better

These are pretty cool cool


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The arrows on the inside go counterclockwise in a circle like the loop, whereas the outside arrows are straight arrows.


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The arrows adjust the angle of the brick. Since there's only arrows pointing in eight directions, the results may not be accurate enough to make the slope work properly, and you'll end up adjusting the angle manually in the .brk file later.


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You forgot to make the main companion object spawn the swimming object.

object ".speedy_companion"
    requires 0.2.0

    state "main"
        create_child ".speedy_spindash_controller"
        create_child ".speedy_nolightwalk_controller"
        create_child ".speedy_swim"

Just a small mistake. Put that one line in and the swimming code should work. wink


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G.E.R. wrote:

Are you mean a final Signpost?

No, he means the icon on the 1up items.


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svgmovement wrote:

The stuff in the src folder has to be compiled for changes
to work. To compile, you need to use CMake with a compiler
setup like Visual Studio or Makefiles.

I wanted to link to building from source in the Open Surge Wiki,
but the Wiki seems to be broken.

I thought it had to be decompiled as well. Thank you for confirming it.

And hey, there's always the Wayback Machine. smile

EDIT: Nevermind, the compiling page hasn't been backed up.


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There's special nicknames for each button input inside the engine. Putting in "A" won't work; since the Open Surge Wiki isn't loading for me, I'll post the ones I remember here:

fire1 = Spacebar
fire3 = Enter key
fire6 = A key
fire7 = S key
fire8 = D key


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Don't know why this is, but everything in the src folder that I try to alter doesn't change. Let's just go with changing the item_boxes.png file for now.


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The swimming button is mapped to the same button that makes the character jump. Try mapping it to the A, S, or D key instead.


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There is an items folder in src/entities that has the object that changes the image depending on which character the player is (itembox.c).

int get_anim_id(const char *player_name)
    if(str_icmp(player_name, "Surge") == 0)
        return 0;
    else if(str_icmp(player_name, "Neon") == 0)
        return 1;
    else if(str_icmp(player_name, "Charge") == 0)
        return 2;
        return 0;


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svgmovement wrote:

By the way, was it just me, or was the forum shut down for a few days?

Yep, that's why I couldn't respond to SynfigMaster91 immediately.

Anyways, my best guess for the item boxes is checking the item box object in the "items" folder. You could alternatively check the item_boxes.png image like svgmovement said and replace Surge's image with Speedy's. The second one would probably be the easiest method.


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MatheusRRR wrote:

its spam bro

oh, okay. tongue


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Look in the object in the objects/default_startup folder. I'm pretty sure that ".default_startup.hud.lives" controls what icon is the the corner for each character.


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You're very welcome. Looking forward to seeing your mod! smile


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Lynna wrote:

I wanted to ask the same question here  smile

Welcome to the Open Surge forums, Lynna. See Matheus' post for the answer. smile