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Hey guys, EnderPreston here! And I am here to introduce my brand new Sonic fan game! (100% working, mind you, unlike the other stuff i found here.) I think you guys will all enjoy it!


From the creators of the Crazy Video Game Teen Video Game comes an all-new awesome Sonic fan-game, Sonic Action! Play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles in a game inspired by both Sonic Mania and Sonic Heroes OR you can become Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, or Metal Sonic in Sonic Action's evil counterpart, Sonic Action: Metal Edition! Both can be downloaded here:


More downloadable versions coming soon! (Like an Internet Edition and a Mario Edition!)

Team Sonic Story:

Dr. Eggman has modified Metal Sonic to have dark powers and it's up to Team Sonic to stop him!

Team Metal Story:

Join Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, and Metal Sonic as they check out their master's new terrifying ultimate weapon, the DEATH EGG!!! Be careful, though! Shadow might be there waiting for you, equipped with ALL 7 CHAOS EMERALDS!!!

Alexandre wrote:

Hey EnderPreston, welcome smile

I almost couldn't load your website (took me awhile). You could try using opensurge for your next game; it's far more powerful.

Based on was shown in the video, how about designing your own levels from scratch? Modifying the graphics from the levels that come with 0.1.4 is a nice place to begin to learn how to mod the game. However, given that everyone here has already played 0.1.4, creating your own levels would be far more interesting.

That said, how did you find us?

Thanks, man! But two things. 1. How do I change the story in open surge? and 2, i'm not great when it comes to editing the levels. That's why i was using the default ones. If someone could make some original templates for me, tell me how to save the edits, or tell me how to import original sonic levels into the game, that would be fantastic! And it would be even better if we could collaborate on these games, as I am working on another one using this engine called Sonic Action! Oh, and I found Open Sonic while out on Google looking for an engine for my game. editing sprites is one thing, but making levels, and even engines, is a whole other story. Thanks for the support, though! Hope you reply back with more!


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Hey, I like the idea, but when are you going to upload the download?

So, guys, tell me what you think here!

Hey guys, EnderPreston here! And I am here to introduce my brand new fan game based off my OC! (100% working, mind you, unlike the other stuff i found here.) Fight your way through levels of well-known video games and battle epic bosses!!! I think you guys will all enjoy it!

I will be releasing new versions soon, so be sure to check out the website for more info:

And be sure to check out my website! http://autobutt.wixsite.com/autobutt1