Ok... don´t worry... I´m making the part two with better english... jeje
You can put forums for international people, for example, spanish...


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Celdecea wrote:

Perhaps the bottom areas of the Sky Fortress zone could be boilers assisting some hidden machinery to keep the whole thing afloat.

Error with the image and sonic ^^

Wow... nice game big_smile

This is my rpg proyect of sonic... i put it here... sorry my bad english in this chapter... i have now a translater in newgrounds...

Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/531332

If you like this, you can donwload this: http://happyface.webcindario.com/Descargas.html

Ah! I make a demo of part two, only in spanish... big_smile

PD: To alexandre: (with google big_smile)
Posso me tornar um afiliado do site? or Can I become an affiliate of the web? lol


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Excellent level!


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You can put Eggman and Metal sonic only for now if you don´t create one smile


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The easy way:  searching "sonic sprites" in google you can find big_smile


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Eh... nice... thanks...
i don´t like the three... neutral

1) You need download the other version of open sonic (the source code) and edit

You need more help? yikes


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Thanks Alexandre... only is for know...  big_smile lol


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For now you only can insert the two boss maked... you need wait tongue

... For now you can´t... i think


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Me too big_smile big_smile big_smile

Eh... you can convert to ogg with Free Mp3 Wma Wav Converter... is free and the best! big_smile


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eh... no... i never heard this neutral


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Ok SilverstepP


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Thanks... if i have more time (the school tongue ) i will make a level...
I have a idea for a level, with three ways... one for character


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Alexandre wrote:

no problem

Yes... is happy know this... big_smile


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How change the nick is a problem? If you have the permission you can...
PD: Siver is more better... wink


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Ikarito97 wrote:

Isn't it Alexandre? Why don't you read my Sonic CD topic?

Alexandre is a sonic fan... but he can´t work with the speed of sonic... nothing in the world can... hmm

Yes... but not the 100%...
for example, you can´t play with  one character...


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Ok... only i need create the level? without art and music? i
Only i need your respond and i will make a level... if you like, i accept the work big_smile

I respond for say welcome to the forum to you...
PD: Wow... it´s a lot of codes big_smile


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Silver wrote:

Well, I think it's pretty good.