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Nice work man...


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Yes it should stick to the ground and not on the air.


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Haha nice workaround I even thought it was the same project lol.
Anyway it's doing good with this name already.
And looks good, most map editors won't allow that weird map format you got there...
Any chance of it getting changed a little?


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Okey, sorry for my double post.
Well most of the stuff seems fixed now, the springs works as they should.
There is more friction but it still seems a bit low, character gets too much X speed when falling from a pipe or a loop, try increasing it a little more...
Most of the stuff now works good.

For supersonic implementation:
invincible flag
ring countdown script

That should be it, also remember changing the sprites to get the shine effect.

Special stages ( as a beta form ): Could be a "normal" zone with some special theme filled with s lot rings and spring to get to higher zones ( only one character for this, select one like in bosses maybe ??) and the player has to get X amount in X time or elseit got kicked from the special zone. If succeded pop to the chaos emerald obtained screen using a white screen, and the part of the code when clearing a stage, doing the count of the rings score and time....


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Yes it would be nice, will it also be able in "official levels"?
I know it will not be the default option but still it'd be good to have a choice if people wanted to make their own game with the engine.


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IMO the add-on should be the cooperative play big_smile
Well I guess it's just a matter of only create one player and disable all the cooperative functions and the teleport.

there should be a #define ( and consequent #ifdef's... for this)

f.e: #define co-op 0/1

if it is one enable all the co op stuff and 0 disabling them...


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Will there be a no hacky way to disable the 3 characters setting?
And get only one instead like classic sonics.
It might be good for quests but a whole game with that reminds me to knuckles chaotix, one of the sonic games I like the least.


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I'm still amazed how you made those level with that tiny editor...
Also, when entering debug mode there should be an option ( sonic should "be" the mouse pointer in level edit mode, that way you can move it to test X part of the map, just like the debug mode in the sonic games )
to move sonic in level edit mode


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Okey, just let me know when it's done.
Also in order to get more performance it would be better to make the map format in binary instead of text. There a lot of editors that work that way.
Tile Studio pro is quite customisable and could be edited to make this levels.


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Also... When using a jumper, the character isnt supposed to be spinning after it, it should stay in the jumper pose until he reaches the floor, that way character like tails can using flying when they reach the maximum moment


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Could you post the level desgin especfications so that I could try and make a level editor using some RAD editor?


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That's exactly what I thought when I started mine, I saw this months ago butit was empty and I thought it was dead. Anyway my game will be released under GPL as well, since I want it to be an introduction to dreamcast programming.
It's time for some sonic games to be open source...


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That's what I was about to suggest I don't even know how you made all those levels with that tiny editor...


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hey you are also studying computer science man, I am too.
So this is your third year right?
I am 20 years old as well.
Nice to see there are sonic fans that want to make a sonic game, an open source one at last.

I bet it is friction var in player.c
Reducing it a little would do it.
But how much exactly?


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-When you fall from a pipe or loop the speed increases too much, this does not happen in the   normal sonic games. Maybe it's just adjusting a few things in player.c, rising friction maybe...

-When Braking speed decreases too slowly, and also the brake animation only shows when the max animation is present but it should appear also when running at certain speed, instead the character just seem to be dashing...

-When getting damages X speed increases way too much., player just get bumped the hell away from it is....

-When jumping on a slope the character instead of going up a little or staying where it is, it justs go down, try to jump on a slope on an original game.


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Well I have the subsystems ready, meaning sound, vmu saving/loading.
Video Settings and such. We were discussing days ago about how the map format should be, collission engine and such.

Would you mind If I use some parts of opensonic as ideas to develop the sonic rebirth engine?
Also... may I join the staff?
I really like this project and I would like to help, I'm not an sfx nor gfx artist but I can code, and help with the engine physics and stuff.

Ahh it's true I did not see it at first.
There are some stuff about the physics that need a little fixing, I could give assistance if you want.

Okay, nice tutorial.
Maybe it would be a good idea to have a boolean var in order to enable or not stage editing.

bool      enable_level_edit;

If the stage is "official" then enable_level_edit = false;

Or something like that


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Hello I'm Neoblast and I just tried your project and took a look at the source.
It is indeed a great job you made there?
Are you the only one in the staff?

Btw I'm making a sonic game also but for the dreamcast, I've started my engine not so long ago but it's written in SDL since I consider it a bit more powerful and works better on the dreamcast.

Is there any way I could help you?

I have a lot of great ideas, I'm sure this project will rock in time.

EDIT: Could you please add the allegro libs and the project file ( whatever IDE you are using ) in the source? That way it would be easier to compile.