Nah, you can use sonic, sega can't sue us if we use original graphics, because fan games are the same as fan pics, legally speaking, it's a free use of a trademark.

IN any casy sega havent sued any hack or fan games with ripped graphcis or music so...
It's very unlikely they do that to us.

then it would not be open sonic.
Just there are a lot of original sprites that are quite good, and its not a bad thing to have a game as an example, I like sonic 3 style for example...

Maybe we could use some secret key, encryption keys maybe are not tied to GPL.


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Hummm, so the main game will be a quest and itwill include the list of all zones, ok.
Well 10 bytes, fair enough, but newer versions would require more.

About the level editor, it is very time consuming, and I have to fully understand the level/theme stuff. If it was a tile based game I could make in in much less time as there are a lot of open source editors with that option and really customisables, but it's brick based so it will take a little more...


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Just as I did with sonic rebirthon dreamcast, the save feature should take as less space as possible, well here's how I think it should be more or less.

It should be saved in binary format, and have a few int variables like:

int lives;
int continues;
int score; ( maybe this would require a higher data type... )
int emeralds;
int zone; ( current zone )
int act;

Any other variable you might want to add?

The best way to do it I think its using the standart C  file saving functions, and maybe all of these variables should be in one struct, then when saving just output the struct to a file.
I could write the code for that if you want Alex.

No sonic game has a decent racing multiplayer mode, there SHOULD be also more modes you know, but that is a classic, and besides the old sonic games didnt have online gaming...

Races man, races... that's the multiplayer sonic point since ancient times...

press F12


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Okay, now it works flawlessly.
At full 60 fps and does not run out of ram thanks to the low memory option.
Now I just need to access SVN to upload the source code, and upload binaries too cool
Version ported is the latest SVN as of NOW.


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Please keep .it musics as they use less memory and the game versions could still be ported to another systems with limited memory.
The game works fine and mostly everthing is ported BUT the brick PNG's ( island.png, island2.png, etc ) make the DC go kernel panic ( out of memory ) my guess is that it is because it is TOO BIG 800x1400, could you reduce its size? that way the dreamcast could load it.
In 8 bit everything works fine but transparencies... ( that pink colour isnt on 8 bits then no transparencies are shown... ) but in 16 bit it crashes as soon as a big ( I mean BIG png file is loaded ), if we could split the brick png file onto many png files there would be no problem, or reduce its size. If we could do that then we wouldhave no need to downsample music and those kind of things...

I don't use those modes but aren't needed either, it has a lot of quality ( 16bit ) on a tv through RGB cable... 480p ( 60HZ )


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Okay,now it works, joypad has been installed and working properly.
BUT, it will only work in 8bpp mode, in 16bpp mode it will kernel panic because it is out of memory just when loading a level...
I noticed the game pretty much loads everything on the menu ( characters and more... ) and fills almost all memory by doing this...

Update the few things to svn r20
Create a VMU logo while playing
Find a way to reduce memory usage to use a decent colour setting...

Music seem to be a problem, it is what takes more memory.
Should we consider using another format?
the whole sample list takes like 1,72 MB which is too much if we could reduce that to the half maybe the game woulnd't have any problems on Dreamcast on 16bpp


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Well some things do work now, expect a release soon if everything goes well... version ported is the latest release 0.1.1


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Well, the RAM memory limit is 16MB, the game when playing a level uses an average of 15MB you have to add the OS to that so the game "as is" may or may not fit. It has 8MB of VRAM which we might use if needed...
In an extreme case we could remake the engine so it uses  full PVR ( using nativedc video chip painting using kallistiOS ) rather than allegro, but that would be a lot harder...
The music might be changed to adpcm which the dc plays "natively" and so we oculd save some memory.

Then the resource manager need a little re-checking or something because the memory just keeps rising level after level.
Maybe it would be a good idea to free everything and then load only the neccesary stuff in any case.


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The memory just keeps rising


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Aha thank you this is what I was looking for.
Also it runs out of memory because it's not optimized to free memory, so it keeps increasing, shouldnt we do something about that alexaindre? In PC it does not matter but in other platforms it might kernel panic because of memory.


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Command line options do not work, game must be launched directly. Where can I change that ?
I'm  having some unhandled exceptions I'm fixing but it will work well if the files are on a cd, there isnt enough RAM to put it all on romdisk.


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Well I'm working on the port, as of now it compiles and links properly.
I'm adjusting afew settings, dreamcast homebrew OS ( kos ) is a semi unix so it does not have much of the stuff and things like the command line might now work properly, or even the launcher. Is it mandatory to launch the game with the laucnher or is there a way to simply run the game?

Encrption is the way to prevent scrip kiddies from hacking the saved games.
Also, the saved game menu , it could be cool to makeit ust like in sonic 3, as a homage to the megadrive series...


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I'm on my way to port it to Dreamcast, but it's not easy since there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of....

Is there any way to launch the game directly without the launcher?
the video mode has to be 640x480 and 16bpp color depth.

I removed alpng and i'm using libpng dc port, I wonder if it will work...

Well I'll keep you updated.

Also I'd like to be able to upload it to the svn on some branch for example...

encrypt the saved game, plain and simple smile


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It is the sonic amateur games expo, and once again will be celebrated this year so I think you should enter the contest with open sonic, we could debug it a little, tune some things here and there, update the source code so it is ready for the expo, who knows? Maybe you could even win the contest due to it being region free among other things....

You should head to sonic retro and enter the contest....

Hmmmm, there should be a reload function or... a default brick in case some cannot be read


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First boss should be just moving form one side to another, and maybe some random attack.
But it's really hard


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Ussing classes would make it actually esier to modify those algorithyms, instead of hardcoding it, anyway it's just my opinion as a programmer, object oriented modules are easier to modify.


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This might actually do it, the player acts weird on slopes, but on long term I'd suggst using classes ( C++ ) so it would be way easier to modify anything, this way if you hard code everything into the player it'll get more tedious to make changes...