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Where is everyone? There hasn't been activity anywhere but the general section in a long time. Is this project becoming old or is communication for it happening elsewhere?

Please leave a reply if you are still here, because I'm not so sure that many people still use this site.


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I was messing around with the button inputs for Open Surge and I thought about a local multiplayer mode where the screen shows both characters views. Player 1 would use arrow keys and spacebar, while Player 2 would use WASD and Left Shift. Alot of people have discussed online multiplayer, and though this might be harder to do, I think that it might be more feasible.
I got this idea from Mari0, so if you want to know about what the final product could look like, you can check that game out. tongue Anyway!


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Sorry, I didn't know that it was restricted. My apologies to everybody who wanted to play this but couldn't.
It should be fixed now. big_smile


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Can Neon's jetpack be used to give a sort of hover or double jump? This seems like an interesting mechanic that could have been used. It could even be similar to Tails' flight or Megaman X's dash boots. I thought that this would also give Neon a little bit more character during his gameplay. Either way... big_smile


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It's kind of a work around, but you could just make the semi transparent areas about the same color as the background and position them so that they don't look out of place.
Sorry if this isn't much help. hmm


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https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3wpA … U0yaTcyQ1k



This isn't complete, it's just a test, I still am trying to make Kirby fly, but I can't get any of the codes that I found to work.

Also, I do understand that Kirby is not open source, but I am using him as a placeholder for a secret game that I'm working on. wink


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Can there be a flying script for a character in Open Surge? (My preference would be for Surge himself) I am trying to make Kirby in Open Surge and I need to make him fly.


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Thank you! big_smile


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Can anybody make a version that removes Knuckles? I would like to make a game centered around Sonic and Tails but I can't get it to work. Please help! Thanks wink


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Have you ever wanted to listen to the album, 'Bad' while fighting Eggman robots as MJ himself. No? Well here it is anyway!
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3wpA_c … xEbkE/edit Enjoy! cool

I have created a few sprite sheets,all are almost finished, but play smoothly in game.
You can find them at my website, under the mods folder. Or you can look at animations of random things. big_smile

https://sites.google.com/a/k12.friscois … hool-site/

I'm also very new to this community so any feedback is helpful!

Nano and Mace are guardians of the time stones who, like Knuckles, guards the artifact(s) while isolated from the rest of the world, and I am planning to create a game starring them that takes place before Sonic CD as Robotnik is enveloping the Little Planet in a metallic shield.