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If Mario is the main protagonist of Nintendo, Sonic is SEGA's. The hedgehog is one of the world's most famous mascots of the games and divides the attention of many users, especially those aficionados Master System and Mega Drive later.

For this reason, the character is one of the most sought by small game developers, since putting Sonic, Mario and other characters of this level is always a sign of success, since the game meets some minimum requirements that guarantee fun.


The fastest hedgehog games, Sonic has always been a big hit among users. In this game, titled Neo Sonic Universe, you can choose from several characters that have always been present in his adventures, like Tails, Knuckles and Shadow even his biggest rival.

Entering the game, you have several options in Portuguese, allowing you to define some interesting features before starting the matches. The resolution of the game is simple and allows it to be rotated into virtually any common computer without problems.


Runs, jumps, spike!

The formula used in Neo Sonic Universe follows the common patterns of games developed with the theme of the original Sonic. The hedgehog is able to jump, run, spin and performs all tasks already well known by gamers.

The scenarios are also very similar to the original, with many enemies to detonate and many colors in each step. There are hundreds of rings to be captured, adding points for the phases. In some places, you will find the other characters and from then on you can play with them.

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