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Alexandre Martinez, please enter the FON chat in Facebook so we can get to talk to you.


Itried my best with pixlr/editor but i dunno if is good les see


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Wow hey that's amazing! On the ==>SAME DAY<== that I reached 42 posts! Such a coincidence!


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There's stuff there for you to read, for instance in Bla.

Tem coisa pra você ler lá, por exemplo no Bla.

Hay cosas allí para que usted lea, por ejemplo, en Bla.

Es gibt Sachen für Sie da zu lesen, zum Beispiel in Bla.

Il ya des choses là-bas pour vous de lire, par exemple à Bla.


Υπάρχουν πράγματα εκεί για να μπορείτε να διαβάσετε, για παράδειγμα στο Bla.

Ada hal-hal di sana bagi Anda untuk membaca, misalnya di Bla.

C'è roba lì per voi a leggere, ad esempio in Bla.

هناك الاشياء هناك لتقرأه، على سبيل المثال في بوجوني.

Er zijn dingen er voor u om te lezen, bijvoorbeeld in Bla.

On juttuja siellä voit lukea, esimerkiksi Bla.

Det finns saker där för dig att läsa, till exempel i Bla.

Там в материал там для вас читать, например, в Bla.

Có công cụ có cho bạn đọc, ví dụ trong Bla.

יש דברים שיש לך לקרוא, למשל בבלה.


நீங்கள் Bla உதாரணமாக, படிக்க வேண்டிய பொருட்களை அங்கு இருக்கிறது.

Je tu vec tam, aby ste si prečítali, napríklad v Bla.


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Tem coisa pra vc lá, p exemplo no bla


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squirrel wrote:

Please, don't start trolling/holywar thread. Choosing Issue Tracker is a matter of preference anyway.

Woah bro, where's the trolling? Show it to me plz.

Choosing is a matter of preference, but there are clearly stuff that are state-of-the-art plus free, so there's not much space for discussion. Plus, hey:

Alexandre wrote:

I (particularly) don't have any experience with project management tools, so if you can provide tips, criticism and suggestions (at least while we learn the thing), it would be immensely helpful.


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aronthehedgehog wrote:

one Q? what is PHP?



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Alexandre wrote:

We currently list some tasks in our wiki, but that is indeed not the best tool for the job. I have just found CandyCane, a Redmine-clone written in PHP. The advantage of a PHP system is that we can host it on our web space on sourceforge, thus getting access to the database (for backups). I plan to put it on our project around September, after my exam at uni.

PHP is a dead language. There's no reason any sensible web developer should use PHP anymore, it's a language that wasn't supposed to exist. There are so many great options around to host open source projects, with code repo + issue tracker. Github is the best you can get. But you also have Bitbucket as an alternative. Then many others like Jira (I bet there are easy hosting solutions for it) and YouTrack.

Redmine is so "2007", it's still ok, but it doesn't compare to these above. CandyCane can't be better than it, plus it's in PHP so forget it.

In doubt just use Github and be happy. Or Bitbucket. Solves all your problems. And please don't tell me you're not using git or Mercurial. Shoot yourself in the head otherwise.

Alexandre wrote:

I (particularly) don't have any experience with project management tools, so if you can provide tips, criticism and suggestions (at least while we learn the thing), it would be immensely helpful.

That's why you should listen to me.

PS: open Facebook, don't go hiding again.


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diogo123 wrote:

alex entra no facebook

Sim alex entra no facebook


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SupertheHedgie wrote:



SupertheHedgie wrote:


SupertheHedgie wrote:

'Waiting for inevitably book-length counter-post by STALTZ'

SupertheHedgie wrote:


SupertheHedgie wrote:

To the people in the forum: I really don't see why you're trying to impress these people. It's pointless.

Seriously people. Both sides need to be mature and reach a resolution together. None of us posting in this topic are younger than 18 years old (as far as I'm aware). Act your age.

Or one side could just stop posting here completely. That's also a decent alternative.

You're both just wasting time just hurling crap back and forth. Just stop. It's not doing anything for anyone.

SupertheHedgie wrote:

Everyone who is defending this place: Don't fucking bother with these people anymore. Quit responding to this thread. Just ignore them. That's more effective than any argument you could retaliate with.

SupertheHedgie wrote:

Really, I was wrong. Six years of this sounds fun.

SupertheHedgie wrote:


SupertheHedgie wrote:

Mmm, yes, I'll admit, I did give a single 'fuck', up until this point. Cute with the censorship on that word, by the way. Did Mommy look over your shoulder while you were typing that?

SupertheHedgie wrote:


SupertheHedgie wrote:


SupertheHedgie wrote:

Ww'aw. Nyt'á 'azwy n'arys 'al?. H't nyst wwysn d?m 'yr m'asyn 'yz ?'arqt 'yb?r wwyyat?r ?w 'az p'árwm? T'aq?, 'yk ?'ánd?r'at?d 'az 'yr h'bn 'al? sm'art?r wwy ?w l'ázn ?s gyyn ?w wwyst wwy 'az, d?m 'árt 'yz mst?m' qyynm'ál g?g'ng?n ?w zyyan 'and?rs ?nym'ár. N'ár gyyn ?wryq ?w dyyn sypl 'wn hn'h ?sn t'a?y'áq'a q?z dyyn n'arys m?ntsn. ?m?s, 'yk t'án nyt b'aqwm?n ww'ás d'ás 'yz q'antynywyng 'wyp, 'yr t'aq? d'arp¯n ?w l?rn?n 'az d'ás 'yz nyst gwt p¯'ar dyyn l?b?r. ?s s st'artyng ?w b'aqwm?n 'a bysl 'wys pwn h'ant n'ák zy?n.
Gyyn b'ar?n zyk.

Prediction for your next post:


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SupertheHedgie wrote:

Where's the love in that?

The love is the "spiritual" revenue generated by the so-called "spirit debts". Therefore, the unhuman love that we dearly consider (or not, depending on the situation) mature enough blows up a better discussion than this one here, of course. Something like a transition. This transition is somewhat ruminant. Agree? The transition is a greedy spirit (not like mine). What do you think you would rather disagree with? Who would say otherwise? YOU? So what do YOU care about?


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Alexandre wrote:

the moment when you're ready to exchange your theories for reality, you'll understand. Not until then.

Thank you Alexandre for being my first ever test subject for my latest invention: Trollero ( http://github.com/staltz/trollero )

Alexandre wrote:

Finally, you said that there were no signs before the site ended; that is false. I remember clearly people saying things like: "gb is gonna end", "gb is gonna end", "you suckers, show us some fireworksss!!!!!", "let's quit before it ends!!!", "give us blooooddd!!!", "that's the end of gb and of the noobs, yesss!!", "ahahahahahah", and so on. Guess what happened? It ended!  It's easy to blame one person, invent a half-baked intellectual theory and not take responsibility. Go figure.

Ok, so if someone random on the street keeps telling you to kill yourself, is that a sign that you will soon attempt suicide?

Alexandre wrote:

Let me finish stating this: you said you have, up to this day, friends that you met in our website. Wonderful interactions that persist to this day. Whether you like it or not, your meeting was made possible thanks to Alex's works, with all his flaws and everything. Not only that: for the last 6 years he served this group as an imaginary "opponent", so that you bond together, complain together, laugh together. He is also providing you guys with entertainment in this very forum. You can still use me and this forum as your opponents, sure, but you know, in reality there are no opponents.

Hmm, guess who's self important now.


Quer saber mesmo o que tá acontecendo? A gente não tá assim querendo vingança por você ter fechado a GB. Já dissemos que achamos uma piada que vc desapareceu da face da terra (pra nós brazucas game devs) depois que você fechou a GB, como se o que aconteceu lá fosse a pior tragédia do século, quando na verdade foi inesperado, estranho, e melancólico.

Alguém dentre nós, no nosso chat facebook, bem disse que "po, eu lembro que eu era meio brigado com o _____, depois de uns anos a gente nem lembra mais, somos super amiguinhos e tal, mas o Alex não, o cara se isolou". E é verdade cara, você se isolou. Que tal começar a achar piada disso tudo também? Que tal rir com a gente? Que tal parar de ser sério? Que tal perdoar, deixar pra lá e virar gente? QUE TAL RESPONDER EM PORTUGUÊS.


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Alexandre wrote:

To take correct actions, one MUST have a non-conflicted, non-violent mind. Without that, it doesn't matter the forum system, nor the circunstances, nor your sophisticated intellectual abilities, because only destruction will arise. And it has been proven, hasn't it? You said there were new websites after ours, and they ended too. Ended how? Ended in conflict, in one way or in other! And Alex wasn't there, so your 'theory' doesn't explain the root cause but sure, you want to defend it, go on (I am not even trying to convince you otherwise).

Alexandre wrote:

Clear minds.

Are you what, crazy? You don't make much sense to me. The non-conflicted, non-violent mind is the basic assumption of life that we possess as society (or societies). I don't care, but it seems clear to me that the conditional constant non-conflicted, non-violent mind deconstructs the BEST way of not including it at all, actually! What do I mean? Trigger. This trigger is somewhat baleful. Can't you see? All things considered, if none of this made sense to you, well, sorry dude, not everyone is able to. I won't chew it down for you. The trigger is the work that produces ideas of reinvention, revolution, and intention. Who would say otherwise? YOU? So what do YOU care about?

And what happened to the leverage ratios? Are you gonna ignore that too?


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MatheusRRR wrote:

XD calar a boca??? não estou nem falando.... Estou digitando

Official Sonic X Forum (Brazil)

mämae eu nasci ontèen


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MatheusRRR wrote:

eu queria q vcs paracem e olhacem a merda q vcs fizeram. Essa comunidade é exclusivamente para falar o desenvolvimento do open surge. Mesmo se fosse no "Off-topic", ninguem é obrigado a saber dos problemas pessoais ou comunitários de vcs (o que seja). oque aconteceu no passado é passado. Eu sei que eu não tenho nada a ver com essa discução, mas oque eu quero é que vcs parem com essa discução, que eu sei q isso não vai levar a nada.

o alex quer conversar. Então cala a boca e vai voltar a jogar sonic


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Alexandre Martins.

Certo e errado. Certo sobre o foco, ainda bem que vc entendeu essa parte. Atrás do seu drama, você sabia que tinha um problema de foco. E advinha só, a gente obviamente sabia desse problema de foco, só que como somos pessoas diferentes, a gente comunicava isso de forma diferente. O pfp falando contra fangames. Eu falando contra noobismo. Etc. E sim, tambem gente que acha noobs pessoas inferiores. Mas nem todo mundo pensa assim. O importante é que todo mundo reconhecia o problema de foco. E você, como o único detentor do poder de mudar a pagina inicial e outras coisas (por isso a noção de "rei") era o único que recebia todas essas críticas. Obviamente. Ou como poderia ser diferente? Nós fizemos nosso melhor. Eu fiz meu melhor. Colocamos matéria de movimento custom e IA na página inicial. Mas ao lado de fangames e guloseimas pra consumidores que nao querem fazer jogos. E você era o único que podia mudar aquilo.

No inicio desse post falei que você tava certo e errado. Errado sobre a noção de guerra. Guerra foi uma palavra mal escolhida que acabou pipocando nessa discussão. Esquece guerra.

O unico problema era o foco. E quando se insiste muito sobre um problema, se discute, e pq não, "se briga", mas tudo era resolvivel e esquecivel se não fosse a sua rosa @-;--.

Qual é a raíz desse problema? Índices de alavancagem (os "leverage ratio" que eu me referi) associados aos esforços descoletivo dos membros não-noob (leia-se associados ao foco gaming é aqui mas só a criação destes, involuntariamente dos opostos ao fangamismo).

Vocês parecem não estar me entendendo. Expliquei em detalhes pro gringo, mas ele ignorou. Você vai ignorar também? É muito fácil ignorar, afinal é isso que você vem fazendo desde que fechou a GB né? Mas já que está tão disposto a conversar, que tal parar de ignorar o problema raíz? Para de dar as desculpas das suas crises ou as supostas guerras. Tudo foi uma inconsequência dos paradigmas culturas Sonic vc hierarquias verticais. Leia tudo novamente.

Claro que quando digo leverage ratio estou falando de forma figurada porque não somos empresa ou sociedade, mas de que outra forma irreparável pode se não ignorar (ou dependendo da situação, ignorar, se conseguimos) as alternativas pra GB?

Que tipo de relacionamento vertical existiria entre as hierarquias de uma comunidade alternativa ao Sonic? BRMaker não funcionou, ao mesmo modelo que GB se desinspirou ao 'ad-hoc' conjunto de comunidade de criação de jogos? Foi VOCÊ, ALEXANDRE MARTINS, o fator desconexo. A comunidade em si estava dissoluta. A gente entendia, mesmo que intuitivamente, os leverage ratio. Você? O que disse? E sempre disse? Politizou. Defendeu a confusão. E confundiu mais ainda ao dar fuck all com a rosa.

Exercício de lógica. Escolha a melhor eventualidade mínima necessária para ter a maior quantidade de alternativas para os nossos problemas de hierarquia vertical. Logo logo você vai chegar a conclusão de que fechar a GB com aquela pagina melancólica não é a resposta correta.

Afinal, muitos de nós eram adolescentes com crises emocionais. Eu mesmo tinha vestibular, crise financeira na família, namorava uma menina bruxa e suicida, e estudava num colégio onde muitos me odiavam. Mas NUNCA descontei isso na GB como moderador. Veja bem, então, que até mesmo a desculpa dos problemas emocionais seus parecem ser uma razão suficiente ao rage quit, mas na realidade não foi esse o motivo.

Então, me responda. Qual? Quando? E o que? Qual vertente verossímil idenpotente se apresenta a você (na sua mente confusa, pelo visto) como a explicação ao fangamismo? Que conjunto de regras (do forum), ideologias, exemplos, recepçôes, seçôes, contraminas, tópicos, e matérias seria o subconjunto mínimo (do que existia na GB) para apresentar um comunidade irresoluta dos problemas que nos afetavam?

Escolha. Vocé é zamifeiro ou sandeu?


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Alexandre wrote:
Thommasson wrote:

se vc quiser se destacar mesmo fazendo essa infantilidade

wrong thinking. Contrary to what you say, I'm not trying to get "reputation", "prestige", "status", or any other such BS. I'm not trying to prove anything to anybody. I do it in my free time because I enjoy. Quite simple.

STALTZ wrote:

To the Americans of the Almighty United States of America: we dont have a purpose here, and we dont even want anything like revenge or get apologies. We're simply continuing a conversation that was suddenly interrupted.

then, sirs, please decide what you want. You've got my attention. If you want a conversation with me, I'm willing to talk to you. If you just want to troll around, fighting all the time, I won't stop you but I have nothing to say about it.

Good. Lets start by talking what really happened with GB. I gave my version of the story. Discourse on top of it.


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lunarrush wrote:


The Above Site wrote:

All these questions, properly weighted, raising doubts about whether the fair trial of eventualities is an openness to improving relationships between vertical hierarchies.

Interesting, almost word for word with

WTF? What are you doing?

You're not really understanding my point here. I'm talking about those leverage ratios as for decentralized inspiration, not about whether one has money or not to make their indie game. I know plenty of cases of indie developers that struggle to survive just through freelance jobs, and their free time goes to really well done games. It's not money that makes a good game, but good inspirations. Decentralized inspirations. If your inspiration is all in Sonic, then that's what you'll get, Sonic rip-offs. Not remixes and mutations that evolve into original artwork. Watch http://everythingisaremix.info/ a documentary about this

But that's not what I want to talk about. You've been ignoring me when I've been talking about cultural paradigms VS vertical hierarchies through leverage ratios. Things that REALLY affect communities like this. Real shit. Forums like this, man, happen every once in a while, and it's because we don't get those leverage ratios.

We've seen this story happen all the time. Are you going to hide behind your agastopia for Alex's avatars? Or are you going to face the inequalities that all Sonic gaming-related forums eventually encounter? Again, I'm talking about the fair trial of eventualities. Eventualities those that agree with the ad-hoc occasion that this Sonic community lies in. All you guys love are cute erinaceous-looking things. That's what this is all about. This is about that. Not that about the other one.

Come to the conclusion to "beface" the next adjective that I will give. Stygian. Does that make any sense in your mind? Does it ring a bell? Well it should. We're talking about cultural paradigms, which are not the same across the years. Can you see that Sonic is just like all the other "halfpaces" that ignore leverage ratios of communities?

lunarrush wrote:
STALTZ wrote:

This must be a joke....

What in particular are you referring to with this statement, please clarify if you want me to address it.

you should know


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lunarrush wrote:

I agree that it is important to always test further solutions to a problem, this is how new solutions are found which may be just as viable as any other if not better.  My claim is that you came here to fight a monarchy but I'm not yet understanding how your solution would work in a community.  Would it be possible to test this on a large scale, if so how would one go about ensuring that the project was truly unbiased?
You have presented some compelling arguments that forum moderation should occur in a more democratic form, however this leads to the possibility of mob rule and eventual decent into madness, for example one can create many accounts to directly influence the power they have over the community as a whole leading to the very dictatorship you are fighting against.
My question at this point is how we can overcome these problems and lead to a successful solution and potential implementation.

You dont know the details of the incorporated techniques. I would like to emphasize that the complexity of the studies conducted ensures the contribution of an important group in determining the corporate paradigms. They fight against spammers and such madness cases with many accounts. Everything is carefully engineered, and not yet published to the world of course.

I would like to ask YOU something different, though. You said:

lunarrush wrote:

I compare the creating of games with that of any other art, one must start with the foundations and improve from there.  I do also consider the creation of forums to be a form of art, everyone can have a different take on it but it still tends to follow certain trends.  My earlier comparison of a symphony to a budding musicians songs comes from an interest in how in musical popular culture songs tend to follow the same four chord structure again and again and yet we still consider each its own work rather than a ripoff of an older work such as Pachelbel's Canon.

But how does the fair trial of eventualities promote the leverage of the postures of game development in relation to art? I mean, think about it, there are questions about how the adoption of decentralized game inspiration cause indirect impact on revaluation of cultural paradigms. I would like to see you answer whether or not the continued expansion of our game development forums require precision and definition of the sense of community and art. That is beyond. Way beyond.

I don't know why you come here, what brought you, or whether you like to think about art on your free time. But one thing is very interesting to me. The encouragement of technological advancement, as well as the understanding of the goals proposed promotes the desired leverage ratios. These leverage ratios are the ones that act as a requirement for decentralized game inspiration. Or do you think cultural paradigms are just an excuse for defining art and community? This community here, in particular, doesn't look that very eccentric to me. Does it look to you?

This must be a joke....


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lunarrush wrote:

Its called inspiration, not ripping someone off.  For example, one can hear a beautiful symphony and then turn around and use that as inspiration to make their own music.  Slippery physics are present in a lot of games, does that mean that every single game that uses them is ripping off sonic?  Even if he was trying to make a Sonic clone he is still learning the art of design, and what that means is that there will be more created in this world and you're painting that as a bad thing.  Those points aren't even starting on the fact that he is, indeed, a one man team and doesn't have the time, money, or resources to pour into polish like the triple A industry does.

Independent game developer?

All these questions, properly weighted, raise questions about the growing influence of the media is an opening for the improvement of vertical relationships between the hierarchies. Or do you somehow relate Sonic with the paintings of art? Or perhaps the creation of FORUMS. Dear friends, the fair trial of eventualities may lead us to consider the restructuring of the vertical relationships between the hierarchies.

So what do YOU care about?

lunarrush wrote:

You come into this forum claiming to be fighting a monarchy but providing no viable alternative and instead taking the time to bash on another.  You come here claiming that awards mean nothing when to an independent developer they can mean the world.  So, if you're so great I ask you, how does one become great except through trial and error.  Nobody is born perfect, and I am sure that includes you.

In this way, the Internet phenomenon plays an essential role in the formulation of the survey of the variables involved. How can you determine to what extent can an immature not be as equal or higher than those that are not administrators? Who chooses? Me? Therefore, the current structure of the organization hinders the appreciation of the importance of alternatives to orthodox solutions.

Do you think it's important to question how the competitiveness of Sonic forums presents trends in order to approve the maintenance of preferred directions towards progress of better indie games? Do you disagree/agree/object?


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Alexandre wrote:

> The community itself must filter out trolls and spammers, but any newcomer should be welcomed.

Do you really believe that?

Of course, milady. That's called Quora.com and Stackexchange.com. Or do you prefer to be the king filtering out everything by yourself?


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SilverstepP wrote:

Allow me to show you just how wrong you are.

I'm making this game called Haywire. Sure, its not on the Open Surge engine. It's made in Construct 2. However, it started out here. It's nowhere near done yet, I'll admit. But I'm still learning about this new engine I'm using. I am still making music for it, and still developing art for all the sprites and backgrounds. I'm doing basically this entire game by myself, on my own time, on top of a job and my college education.

Oh and let's not forget one member of the forum who was inspired from his game-making experiences here to make a game that won fourth globally in the Microsoft Imagine Cup. Some fun facts for you: I helped with that too by making music, and this entire game was liked by Alexey Pajitnov. For those of you don't know, that's the man who created Tetris. He was a judge in this competition.

I was taking your argument of "look at these good games" seriously until I actually opened the links. This Haywire of yours is Sonic reskinned. Yes, swallow your pride and look at it. We have seen stories of people like you repeat over and over again thanks to your highness Arrobalex. Your mind is so stuck into Sonic, that even when you try to make something original, the running animation is a copy of Sonic's running animation, the engine itself is "slippery" like Sonic's is. Which just shows that you're a sonicnoob (and yes I put them damn words together because I just created a new word. This is the Internet, not your English class).

The pig game is "okish". Yes, I know what I'm talking about, I see indie/amateur games weekly since 2003. The pig game is Ok, nothing brilliant, not bad either. But notice that just one guy in that 4-person team was a member from this community. The rest are not, I suppose.

So if the best you can give me from this amazing community is one sonic ripoff and one guy that happened to be part of team that made an OKISH game, I gotta tell you this is a forum of sonicnoobs. Not even the best 1% is that good, so the 99% rest must be really trashy. Sonic trashy.

As a sidenote:
Let me tell you something, American. Certificates and prizes mean nothing about the quality of something. It's just a pat on the back. Microsoft is just desperately pouring money into these stuff because they need games on WP platform and this is the best they can do. That's what Microsoft always does: pour money into problems and expect they get solved. Patting people on the back is their way of motivating others to keep on going that direction, it doesn't mean they are awesome games. Hell, not even if you sell a lot does it mean that your game is good. PS: Microsoft pays this Alexey Pajitnov just for the name he has.

Take FarmVille for instance. It's a shitty and addictive game. It failed miserably and no one remembers it anymore. It got two labels: one of the 50 worst inventions of the last decades by Time magazine, and an award at GDC for best new social game in 2010. Now tell me that awards mean somethnig. Just look at the game and you know it's bad quality. Awards and certificates are just one other stupid thing that your country is responsible for spitting into this world.

But hey! Sorry, you can't reply to this comment because you promised to leave the discussion. smile


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SilverstepP wrote:

I care about the idiocy here mainly because of the execution of this 'plan' of all of yours.

Omg youre absolutely clueless what we are talking about. Just stop, its getting too funny.


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To the Americans of the Almighty United States of America: we dont have a purpose here, and we dont even want anything like revenge or get apologies. We're simply continuing a conversation that was suddenly interrupted.