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i made original character mine i call him Speedy the Surge

What do u think


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Gratulerer så mye




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Are you so dumb and immature that you can't reply to a single post without a wacky unfunny meme gif that you found online instead of simply discussing?


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Alexandre wrote:

If you want a conversation with me, I'm willing to talk to you

Let's do it Q3DM7 10 fraglimit 1v1 you and me


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so first you post a bunch of gifs even a gif Asking for more the you go playing the serious bitch teaching us ethics cheers mate owned kurwa


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pleas erespect rules


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So-Nick wrote:

Close the forum


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Neo Sonic Universe is a game created by Sonic Brazilian Alexandre Martins in 2003, and then distributed by a gaming site called Gaming Brazil, PC emulators to create this game. lol lol


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lunarrush wrote:
STALTZ wrote:

Lets quit the english, it just brings these random strangers.

Well yeah it does, especially when it says things like this:

STALTZ wrote:

E esse foi sempre o problema da GB. Nao tinha nenhum conflito e nenhuma guerra separando usuarios A e usuarios B. Tinha voce, tinha uma boa parcela de usuarios inteligentes, e tinha um mar de sonicnoobs. A parte dos usuarios com cerebro estava de saco cheio dos sonicnoobs, estes sim eram os que sujavam tudo. Os nao noobs comecaram a reclamar da noobice. A gente queria liberdade disso. Insistimos. Insistimos. E de repente, vc fecha tudo. Essa foi a historia da GB.

Seriously, you are calling an entire group of people Sonic noobs?  That's a bit unfair in context, you immediately assume that this entire forum is populated entirely by people of this variety who, according to your own statements, lack real intelligence.

Honestly, I don't see what you're trying to accomplish by posting further about this, you seem like you're just trying to hurt Alex and in all reality you've gotten what you claimed you were after.  You wanted it to be known what happened in the past and you have an entire article written on it with links to evidence.  Someone earlier asked Alex to apologize and he did, what are you after by keeping this a public conversation at this point on a public forum and then expecting a language barrier to keep random people from reading what you say and responding with discussion?  I understand that you're angry about what happened, but its not like continued ranting about the subject and taking aim at random people with your arguments is going to help your cause.



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pleas no fight mad


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can you install gentoo 4 me


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aronthehedgehog wrote:
STALTZ wrote:

heyu man you caould make a silver or iropn version

hat do you mean?

please i want 2


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its no sega is his original character SURGE COPYRIGHT do not steel


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aronthehedgehog wrote:

yeah i play sonic, star wars, final fantasy, tekken yeah i just play just about any game.

coool lol


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aronthehedgehog wrote:

ask me for some for sonic the hedgehog 1,2,3 n' knuckles cheats

i asked for this


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Jesus is the only one who can perform this miracle.


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aronthehedgehog wrote:

well lets see can be done with both 2P and 1P modes that's what i know the  code for level select is  19,65,09,17 and for debug (so called) 01 09 09 02 01 01 02 04 (once in level select)



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STALTZ wrote:

FL Studio is good

i like it 2


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well come big_smile big_smile big_smile