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it's a great game, I love it:)


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who doesn't love to walk on water like a real sonic?:)

thank you for a great tutorial


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Leesusee wrote:

Hey guys!
I am new here so i introduced here first.... I think off topic is the right place where i start a new conversation... Recently i join this forum to gain information or sharing my views with my new friend's... I hope some good response here...

I am new here also and I hope to make a lot of friends:)


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Hello from a new member in Romania!! I hope to have a great time on this forum smile


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creatorsonic25 wrote:

hello,I did not know where to put this post,finally present my mod, sonic hedgehog 5 fusion saga, the story is simple, run all the levels, collecting Chaos Emeralds, free the animals at each level and defeating Robotnik once and for all, which is based on the  original  combinancion scenery, platforms, enemies, music and effects, which are original Sonic games saga, this would be a special edition of compiling all sonic games.

in a single game, the demo mod, was launch on December 16, my birthday ^ ^ The demo includes:


3 levels:

tropic island zone atcs  1,2,3

act 1  music surprise
act 2 music sonic 2 emerald hill
act 3 music surprise

eolic hydroplant zone acts 1,2,3
act 1 music sonic 2 chemical plant
act 2 music surprise
act 3 music surprise

bridge ruin zone acts  1,2,3

act 1 music surprise
act 2 music surprise
act 3 music surprise

hey big_smile link megaupload :  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8PK5W7SE   smile

here is the video to see how the levels and the game itself, with a background song that everyone likes smile,wait for it to load the video,notice , but stagnating, if given immediately play video sad


the music is absolutely beautiful..I love it! roll