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Alexandre wrote:

The coolest chemistry homework I've ever seen. cool

Incredible retro graphics and great use of the scripting engine. Congratulations for the good work! smile

Given that this is a kinda uncommon MOD (a quiz-like style with a boss), what were the main difficulties faced during this project, if any?

Thank you! big_smile
I think the main difficulties I had were all text based. It was a little tricky to edit dialog box, and discover how to apply the accents to the portuguese language.
But other than that, everything was very peaceful and fun to do. smile


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Unfortunately, my English is terrible, so I could not post regularly on the page.

However, I can improve the appearance of the page a bit, if is needed.


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Hey, guys! big_smile
I want to show you all a small project I was working on, called

                                                           AMMO BOY - A Chemistry Homework

It's a questions and answers kind of game, using only a single theme, "ammonia". But don't worry, even  if you don't know anything about it, the answers are included in the text file "respostas.txt"
This project was part of my homework for the chemistry class, and I would like to show you the final product.
It was only a month of development, but it came out as desired.
Credits and more information are within the game.
Unfortunately, the game only works in Portuguese for now.

Here is a full playthrough for those who want to see:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPJi5nJ … e=youtu.be

And here's the download:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/458l0 … nal%29.zip

Feel free to take advantage of any script, but give me credit somehow if possible. smile


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Alexandre wrote:

couldn`t you simply use switch_character? It`s the same. Hide the regular character and display the super one. smile

Didn't know that. Thank you very much. big_smile
The only problem with this is that the player can not switch to the other in the air though. hmm


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The idea of "replace_player" is to substitute a character ingame to another one when activated.

replace_player "Surge" "Neon" 

The first character (Surge) is replaced by the second (Neon).

For example, if I want a character to have a "super form" when 50 rings are collected, it would be easier to just use this script to substitute the character with another than having to program all the sprites, moves, and powers in the original file.


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Can something related to this fit in the engine?
The script can work just like this:

object ".surge_transform"
    requires 0.2.0

    state "main"
        observe_player "Surge"
        on_button_pressed "fire5" "change"

    state "change"
        play_sample "samples/transform.wav"
        replace_player "Surge" "Neon"
        change_state "go"

    state "go"
        observe_player "Neon
        on_button_pressed "fire5" "change again"

    state "change"
        play_sample "samples/transform.wav"
        replace_player "Neon" "Surge"
        change_state "main"

It would be very useful for those who want to work with transformations or power-ups.
At the moment is kind of annoying the need to program each of the animations in the script for the character to transform.


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First of all, sorry for making too many "help" posts.
I'm not good with explaning things, so I made this video that explains everything right for me. It's about how annoying the ledges are for me.


Nah, I tried that.
The collision just fail more. Getting to walk through walls, etc.

Is there some way to edit the character's collision?

I have faced a strange problem, I noticed that no matter how I change the sprite's size, the collision remains the same. This is an error to worry to an Mario style game, where the head hits perfectly the top block.
But in my case, the character does not reach it, getting about 10 pixels apart.


Also, when trying to jump below the second platform from the left, the character don't jump for some reason.
Any tips? hmm


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Did anyone else notice that the nightly builds links are broken?
Meanwhile, could someone provide me a mirror? I really need the last build right now. :\


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Thank you, all! big_smile It's nice to be back.

Alexandre wrote:

Hey Race, nice to see you again. smile the project is frozen for the time being, but it's still very much alive.

That is incredible work, friend. Your technique has certainly improved, it's amazing to see your evolution! cool Would you release this as creative commons, so we can use it?

Do you have an active e-mail address, so we can contact you again?

My most active email is the one that is identified in my profile.
But you all can always reach me by Facebook, Skype or PMs, since I always make sure to check the forum. (:


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Hello (again).
First I want to apologize for being gone so suddenly. I noticed that the project has stopped completely after my departure.
I also want to thank everyone, two years have passed since I joined the project, with my poorly made drawings. You accepted me with open arms, and it was my first work with art.
So, for thanking, here's a quick drawing I did of Surge.


The project has stopped, but be sure, when you want to go back, I will be available to continue where we left, like in 2012. big_smile

~ The Armadillo
A.K.A Race the Hedgehog.


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KZR wrote:

i will see about compiling a new exe in low resolution.

For real? Thank you so much! That will be really appreciated! big_smile


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Thank you so much! big_smile It worked perfectly!
My only problem now is the program resolution. For a 8 bit  game is very hard to see the characters in that screen.


The only solution would be the source-code, right? :\
I tried it once, but always some strange error prevents me from continuing.


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I'm planning to use the Open Surge engine to make a little multyplayer game based on Megaman 2.
However, after many failed attempts, I concluded that use a script to control two players at the same time is almost impossible for me. Then I decided to opt for the creation of two objects: "Player 1" and "Player 2", making the physics almost from scratch.

But that ended up causing new problems: The collisions do not work very well. You can pass walls, falling off pits from the left side of the screen...  However, this may be caused because I'm using the "move" script.

Then I came here to seek some help, is there any way I can fix the collision?
Or any way to control two players at once that I have not tried?

If anyone wants to try, I'll leave what I have so far.


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Wow! Nice job here, KZR.
It worked fine for me. However, my only problem was with the slope physics. Everytime I jump in a area like this I get stuck:


Also, do you think you can do a version with your Multiplayer Mod included? I have some troubles with porting it to the 760 build.