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IDK why, but I don't crash anymore, whether I press it separately, or by playing the game regularly. IDK why...

Sorry for the non informative response...


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That seemed to have fixed the issue.

edit: I seem to crash when the game tries to access levels/cutscenes/cutscene3.lev

The only error messages I get are "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" and "Shutting down Allegro due to signal #11"


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For whatever reason, I can't compile opensurge with the latest Ubuntu (Beta). Complete make log follows...

Part 1:https://paste.debian.net/hidden/f0e96a7e/
Part 2:https://paste.debian.net/hidden/d73e553e/


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Most, if not all of those are incompatible with the dfsg.

By mod organization I meant by license.


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Mod organization is neccesary imo.


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can anybody post a list of all avaliable mods that are free content (like dfsg compliant)?

As many of the mods either use sonic assets or are non-commercial, such a list would be extremely nice.


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in spiralring.obj, replace all instences of SD_RING with SD_COLLECTIBLE.

You're welcome

Nice pack! One thing though. Can you make two versins of it? One "full" and the other "libre-only" (no non-free graphics, sounds, music etc)? If that's not possible, can you list the license for every file in said pack? Preferaby both? Thanks in advance!


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Alexandre wrote:

...why not make a sprite comic featuring open source characters? To this date, I have never heard of any such a comic...

I didn't make it, and I'm not sure if it's "Free Content", but there is PAotH for Hedgewars at http://hedgewars.org/PAotH


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Hello again. This might not be the right place to put this topic, but....

Although I might not do this, I was thinking of making a sprite comic. I was hoping to mix content from opensurge and ripped sonic stuff (especially the first couple "seasons" because of lack of sprites on the Surge front), but I'm not sure if its legal or not. I'm afraid of possible CC violations. Is the idea that I am proposing illegal, or is it OK?

Example, Sonic and the (Open Surge) Tux sprite in the same room, would that be breaking the CC?


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lunarrush wrote:

Delving into the secondary request:
"shhhht!" is not a bad word, and we are aiming for a bit older audience to begin with.  After all, sonic nowadays is more about the latest 3D gimmick, we're going for more of a puzzle/nostalgic 2D sonic-like game as far as I've been able to determine(please let me know if I'm wrong there).   Also, the lovely thing about real bad words is that they convey a universal meaning.  Therefore, used correctly, bad words are a fantastic form of conveying your message.  However, attempting to censor things like "shhhht!" tells me that you may be of the censor police variety, so please tell me what is so bad about him attempting to get the user to be quiet about where he is?  Sorry if I seem very anti-censorship, but I have friends who were sheltered from everything above 't' rating for much of their lives and I'm just now getting them some of the content they've been missing out on, so I really see censorship as overzealous squeamishness of what life really has in it and cannot agree with it on most grounds. 

On original topic:
Also, the type of 2 player you are talking about is relatively hard in this particular engine, if one player leaves the screen they get disabled.  That's not to say that it can't be done, but in all reality you'd almost be better off with the Knuckles Chaotix variety of multi-player in which you don't allow either player to leave the screen.

In some ways, I agree with you on censorship. I wouldn't want to impede your free speech per se. Assuming that's the only use of that word, an E10+ esque rating isn't that bad. Just wanted to know what audience you were aiming for.


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One more thing:

I'm not  sure what the age audience of this game is supposed to be, but if it's the same as the classic sonic games (family friendly), I would appreciate it if the line "shhhhht! Nobody is supposed to see me in this game!" had the first word changed to either "shhhhhh!", "shoot!" or "crap!".

Thanks in advance.


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I wasn't just thinking "follow the leader". I was thinking "2 players controlling at once". Notice that if you have 2p port connected in s3k, you could control tails. That was what I was thinking of. If it can be scripted, I would imagine that it would be harder to program. Especially if I want to be able to configure the second or third player's controls.


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Hello. When I think coop in a sonic-esque game, I tend to think sonic+tails in s3k or sonic 2. Your idea of coop is closer to Sonic Heroes. While I don't necessarily want your "coop" removed, I would like it if you guys

1. clarified "coop" to refer to Sonic Heroes style play.
2. add "multiplayer coop" like I was referring to earlier.
3. If you decide to implement #2, give an option of s3k style coop or split screen.

Once again, you don't have to do these things, but I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!