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Hello i'm Alexander Gutierrez.
I'm from Uruguay lol

I was making a hack of this game called Open Sonic Generations
In Sonic Generations Real can do the boost and homing attack.
I wonder if changing the sprites could be.
Thank you and respond


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I am doing a mod for this game that changes Open Sonic to Sonic Generations cool

No Download link mad
No Screenshots mad i can't put the f****** images roll

New Sprites

-Modern Sonic
-Modern Knuckles
-Metal Shadow is now Shadow
-Enemies(Motobug enemy and others)

New Levels

-Green Hill Zone(Modern & Classic)
-Seaside Hill (No real Textures)
-Speed Highway(No finished)
-Capsules in the end of the level

New Hud

-Book-keeper of rings
-Book-keeper of time

New Items

-Ring Box
-Speed Up Box

New Songs

-Green Hill Zone (Classic & Modern)
-Speed Up

This is quite friend please wait the near post

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