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KZR wrote:

Hi Zech, you might want to try and upload your pictures to a site like tinypic, or even surge's warehouse. linking to files on your computer does not work.

MY apologies, still getting used to this forum stuff.
Anyway, here's the photo here:


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So i need help i've got this nice logo on open sonic (I know you guys don't use this version anymore) and i need some help getting rid of the transparency. If anyone could help that'd be great!

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So i'll keep you updated on the open surge stuff that i've done but so far nothings on my channel except a few lets plays.
Oh, and my cousin asked a question about recording Open surge with something?
Anyway here's my channel:


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Hey I barely post here but i have a question. If i wanted to record a Open Surge level i made, what program would be the best to record with? I tried recording with fraps and it just slows the game down. So if anyone could help that would be great! big_smile
(Sorry about the english i'm french)

Hi, I'm new, and I was wondering if anyone could help me and tell me how to change the characters on open surge to the open sonic ones.:D please do tell me, I really wanna know!:lol: