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Maybe the lives() function may be of use.
http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … _functions

The script may look like the following:

state "waiting" {
  if "lives() == 0" "game_over_screen"

I am not sure if the above would work exactly as is, though.


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The set_zindex command may be of use.
http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … set_zindex

Hope this helps,


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He will be missed.


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I like the ideas that I have seen so far. I would like to offer some suggestions also.

KZR wrote:

Allowing private variables to be set per instance, in the editor and through scripting

Using parent/child relations to take care of this is exhausting. Why not let the engine assign one ID to each object and display it in the editor?

The object ID thing could help with synchronizing objects during networked games, if that ever
becomes a possibility.

TheSeventhEmerald wrote:

There is a lot of possibilities to a complete save/load engine to store custom variables. Want to include non-linear level routes? No problem! RPG equipment and statistics? Easy to do!

Finally it would be good to do this not from scratch, but using something like XML, so we could, for example, store information of an object as sub-items of a big item, to maintein all the info organized.

JSON is an option for variable persistence that may be easier to use and develop than XML. Depending
on the use cases, either one is workable.

I look forward to hearing more about the progress of SurgeScript.


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I was thinking that the industrial setting would be built around/on top of
a rocky, possibly grass-covered waterfall. So Surge would pass by a few
sections of rock and moss while scaling the dam under construction.

Would that idea work, or should there be much less rock face and much
more industrial?


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More art:

The backdrop here is a rock face.
In front of the rock face is supposed to be the transport pipe.
At the very front are platforms suspended by cables.

Let me know what you think.


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lainz wrote:

I think the mechanic is rotate the cylinder, or circle if we see it from a 2d perspective.

Yes. My idea was that Surge would run on top of the cylinder (circle from 2D),
and rotate it to move forward.


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SurgeScript looks like it has great potential.
I look forward to hearing about future developments.


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Here are some moving platforms.
The green one is supposed to be propeller-powered.
The blue cylinder would be the rolling platform.

Let me know what you think.


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This picture is based on that first gimmick on the Wiki page
on http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … works_Zone.

The brown platforms are in fact the ones that rise and fall, and the blue-green
gear on the side is meant to move the platforms (or the water). I had not
thought of rolling platforms, but I could design some.


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I recently finished some possible concept art for Waterworks Zone.

Let me know what you think.

Does your keyboard have an Fn key?

You may need to hold it while pressing the F12 key in order
to get the F12 to not do airplane mode.


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Hello, everyone,

I have been planning on transitioning my GroupGrid tool
towards being more useful as a level editor, so some of
these suggestions I would be glad to consider.

I have to get objects working first, though. hmm

If someone else is working on a level editor, don't let me
stop you. smile


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OpenSurge does have a subversion.

You can learn more about it on the wiki here:
http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … Subversion

Hope this helps,


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Your app looks good so far. I noticed that the animation
frames had to separated for it to work, but otherwise the
app is great.

Looking forward to the updates,


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The update has been posted! smile

New features:

  • In-place item manipulation

  • Setting the spawn point from within the grid

Bug fixes:

  • A buffer overrun when iterating over items in the grid

  • Minor issues with the Open Surge .brk parser

Source for new alpha:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/u5ofnonpua4j1 … a.zip?dl=1
Windows binary:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bc8lw1t17icr … 2.zip?dl=1

Feedback and questions are welcome. I hope the program is even more useful.


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I have been recently working on the Group Grid program. I have
fixed some bugs and added some features, including in-place
built-in item manipulation.

I will post and update download link within the next few days.


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I enjoyed playing the mod. I also liked the level design very
much. The levels offered lots to explore. Good music selection
as well.

Only problem I had was that my copy of the engine would
read all the .obj files but skipped your .OBJ files (notice capitalization).
Once I fixed them though, the game worked well.


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I just checked the API reference. switch_character might be the thing you are looking for.

Hope that helps.


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I would assume it is a camera effect of some sort.

Maybe scripting an object to rapidly change the camera's focus
would work.

Here's an idea I just thought of.

Maybe you could use an object instead of a character?
Object sizes are adjustable.

I don't know if that would really work, though. hmm


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I have an idea that can be used with the current engine.

Two spritesheets, one for each side of your character, both facing right.

Use an object to watch the character. When the character changes direction, you change the character's sprite.

Maybe that will work? hmm


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Cross-compilation, maybe?


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Sprite at sprites/players/tux.spr, line 134, animation 15

    // waiting
    animation 15
        repeat      TRUE
        fps         6
        data        1 2

Image at images/tux.png

Character definition at characters/tux.chr, line 46

        breathing                   12
        waiting                     15
        ducking                     4

The waiting animation seems to be more of an engine feature than a script. hmm


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missingsnc wrote:

Maybe the wolf boss could behave like the Intro Stage Boss from Megaman X2? May be better, but harder to change the graphics to fit. Just saying! IT IS AN IDEA!

How did that boss behave in-game? Forgive me for not knowing.