I`ve builded it on amd64 on kubuntu 11.10. What steps I`ve made:
1. install from this repo http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/getdeb … st=oneiric allegro 4.4
2. other packages (but libalfont) was in default repos.
3. So I`ve tried to compile  libalfont, but got some problems (cause of amd64). Then I find RPM here http://sisyphus.ru/ru/srpm/Sisyphus/libalfont/get
and replace (without uninstalling previuos fail libalfont) libalfont.so.2.0.9 with libalfont.so.2.0.6.
And succes smile

It has long been trying to find open source projects in the area and found a few. Almost all of them abandoned or have not been updated for a long time and have not achieved adequate quality. But one still gives hope. This prosonic engine. 've Heard of him? Its objectives are different from opensonic, but there is something interesting and possibly helpful:

1. Physics is fully consistent with the original of s1, s2, s3, s & k, as it is ported from assembly code ROM in pure C. Even a video where it is checked 100% accuracy(and many more).

2. He also uses Allegro.

3. There is a leveleditor.

4. There are (or will be) built-in scripting engine in LUA or as mmx.

5. Of the original game ported mode split-screen.

6. There are programs to convert the levels from the original series in their native format.

(Others see in the roadmap and outline). The author intends to implement support game on the network and multi-player. But he has not yet opened the code. sad What do you think about this? possible to learn something from this project?

In my ubuntu 9.04 it loads CPU at 100% too, just for info. Before post #1 I was thiking that it`s linux platform problem. That problem has high priority.


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It may be a one level like Death Egg Zone(there is some special items like "ring way") in S&K were portals will in use very offten. And of cause it isnt a main gameplay concept, just little future to play with sonic-physics. You may look gameplay of Portal on YouTube to understand fully what I mean, if you dont want to install and play it.


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One detail: I mean portals with saving acceleration and speed, not just teleporting (like orig Portal but in 2D).


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The classic physics is great, but I meet some posts in what people want to extend game engine and me too. I think that in mix with sonic physics will be interesting portals. I mean portals like in Portal from Valve, did anyone played it? What do you think about it?


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After this tutorial I still have one problem: sound works in only OpenSonic or only in other apps, not together.


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because I`am russian, I can make a russian translation. I know that Open Sonic must be patched to represent a characters of russian alphabet. I know C language a little and maybe can make a patch, but developers, I think, knows better how to patch. Any ideas?


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The OpenSonic runs great, but I think you can optimize it by using table of sinus (The table of sinus was used in first quake) instead of calculating it by sin function. The sin function has many iterations and so it is not very fast. In sinus table you just return sin value for angle without many calculations. I did n`t have practice in using it, it`s just my opinion.

Maybe classic Tux isn`t represent speed, but I founded this concept. What can you say about it? And maybe you know deviantart.com, so there you can find some stuff in sonic-style and an artists. Original characters is good, but in my opinion some "open-source" characters(like tux, firefox, hm... gimp and more others) for Open Sonic will be better.