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jobromedia wrote:

So how would this work? I'm no wiki expert, so a bit more indepth description would definitely be apreciated by people like me.

With the wiki code, to create an internal link you have to enclose the text to link between "[[" and "]]", then:

text text text [[lemon juice]] more text 

but if we want to create a template to create a subpage in every page of the wiki, we need to be more practical. Therefore, I'll use the template {{PAGENAME}} to do this:

text text text [[{{PAGENAME}}]] more text 

What does it mean? What can I do with this?

First, we will do a template with this, then we will invoke the template from the page.
The template will interprete as follows:
if the page's name is "Orange", the wiki internal link will be [[Orange]], because {{PAGENAME}} obtains the name of the current page. Then, with a template with [[{{PAGENAME}}/xx]] we can use one template in every page of the wiki to create subpages of altern languages other than english, instead of use more complex wiki code in eeeevery page, saving bandwidth
In the example, we'll obtain this: [[Orange/xx]]


Alexandre wrote:

nice idea , though I'd suggest a modification to make it more practical

instead of translating the whole wiki, maybe we can simply have short pages, in various languages, describing what the game is?

ohh, by the way, I just noticed the wiki is all spammed
http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … entChangeshttp://pastebin.com/Qt5Vk1p2

Alexandre, the idea of translate the whole wiki instead of a short description for other languages is to globalize the game and left the anglocentrism of the majority of the web, and made available the specifications of the level scripts, objects, etc more easier to understand to people don't speak english. I know 'english' is the lingua franca of the internet, but we can do this better.

For testing reasons, I will create a subpage of the main page (temporarily) and if you don't like it, you could erase it
the testing page of spanish translation is:

http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … in_Page/es


jobromedia wrote:

I'm sorry to hear that, well we ought to get some anti spam going there as well.


D*mn spam!!!!! We need to stop this, maybe with this creative captcha.

Alexandre, is posible to upgrade to a newer version of mediawiki?


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Sorry for the short post, but I have a less important idea:
We can make translations of the wiki in other languages. For example, we have the page "http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page", and the translations would have its page under a subpage of the original one: ïndex.php/Main Page/xx", where XX is the language code such as fr, pt, pl, etc.

I found the idea of the subpages looking the pages of Mediawiki project.

Here there's the template I made:
http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … _languages

The tpl. autodetects the page ({{PAGENAME}}), and creates a link to a subpage with the lang. code

As soon as posible I will update the spanish  translation. Please wait for it.


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Welcome to the community! big_smile


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great! i'll try it


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It doesn't seem to be useful.


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S32X wrote:

Sky Deck- Airborne Battleship
Demonic Duel- Furious Finale
Sodapop Zone- Sodapop Land
Bonus Stage- Dimensional Chase

I think these S32X's level names sound greater than the originals.


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(I'm coming back since a period of time because the University, sorry for the inactivity)

I think the reasons exposed by lunarrush above are the first step to know what we want to do with the road of the game. Is necessary to determinate what is the public with we work for (20's and 30's people mainly).
Also is necessary to decide what type of game we want to do. RPG? Platform? something???

But to do not make the same mistake: I recommend you firstly need to write the entire story of the game. Doesn't matter if the story will be lightweight or very heavy/long. The resulting script will be the steps we will follow, and in this sense we won't lose on the road.
It's like to write a story book or a theater script.

This could guide you to the graphic design, environments, etc


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S32X wrote:

I think for a level editor for this would have to be an overhead shot. Something like this

it's a good idea
but it have a weak point, which you can't test your 3d level  while you are editing it.


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KZR wrote:

i think everything will be the same, except the way bricks are displayed.

right now picture this: levels are a sheet of paper that faces front to you at all times. pseudo-3d will make them lean back at a certain angle, as if you're looking at it in depth.

of course, character sprites will need to be adapted to such display method, being seen from the back like in Sonic 2 and 3, or in 4 or more directions (front, back, left, right, and if more, the intermediates)

Maybe the levels script system needs to be re-adapted
for example

// header
name "some 3D level"
spawn_point 200 522 365 
// bricks (brick ID x-axis y-axis z-axis [layer])
brick 12 120 293 39
brick 32 433 22 57 green


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S32X wrote:

Sort of like this.
object "secret menu"
   state "main"
        on_button_pressed "up" "state 2"
   state "state 2"
        on_button_pressed "down" "verificaltion"
   state "verification"
         on_button_pressed "fire1" "appoval"
    state "approval"
           load_level "secretmenu.lev"
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in the same way, it would be able to allow cheats like secret levels, increase rings, increase score, player death,  and sooooooooo...

but this code needs to improve a bit
how long will last the sequence? for example, passed X time without user inputs, player must to restart the sequence

etc etc etc


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What about the pseudo-3D bonus levels?

Who's going to do this?

the bonus stages are a pending issue since the first release (0.1) and would require to extend the engine capabilities
but I think bonus stages would be curious and interesting to players, although in this release won't be added to the game, by  the lack of time

can somebody make a draw how imagine the bonus stages?


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Alexandre wrote:

when the game is run for the first time (try unpacking it to a new place), the game asks the user which language he or she prefers

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I  computer science.

simply try erasing preferences.dat and the language select screens appears


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svgmovement wrote:
CharlyTx wrote:

i think also it is not necessary because there are the language files that are used for this
the only reason i could see in the donation screen is in a situation where an user decides to donate, according to the language he/she speaks is the page/locale web address the game send to

Even then, the donate page could have a language select area.

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Certo! the donate web could have a lang select combobox

I tell you again I think the on_language command isn't necessary


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MatheusRRR wrote:

on_language language new state

This command would be very useful in the scene "donate" and early in the game. Even using other languages, these cutscenes is in English.

object ".Donate_Cutscene"
    requires 0.2.0

    state "main"
        on_language "english" "1"
        on_language "cestina" "2"
        on_language "portugues" "3"

    state "1"

    state "2"

    state "3"
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i think also it is not necessary because there are the language files that are used for this

the only reason i could see in the donation screen is in a situation where an user decides to donate, according to the language he/she speaks is the page/locale web address the game send to

Translation improved!

If you want to get it please go to Download spanish_rev1.3.1.lng


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i don't have one


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great idea!


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jobromedia wrote:

Currently we have the level loader under options. Why not move it under extras? It seam to be a better place to have the level selector. Maybe even rename "extras" to "extra levels".

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I agree with you.  It would be a good idea.


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KZR wrote:

KDE desktop... you might want to try installing LXDE then try to run the binaries. otherwise... you have to compile the source.

Oh no! i wasn't saying I can't run the game, only I suggested a posibble new port of OpenSurge


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I guess Surge's Warehouse's home page needs a little update, to include the new ports of 0.1.4 version of Mac OS X



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KZR wrote:

what Linux are you using?

Fedora 16 Verne x86 with Linux 3.3.1-1 and KDE 4.7.2


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Alexandre wrote:
KZR wrote:

For the MPEG decoder, which is a standard, there is probably no need to pay license fees. To get the encoding algorythms, however, is what is usually paid. For example if you wanted the engine to write mpeg you'd have to license the encoder, but usually decoding this format comes for free.

This is not fully accurate, I'm afraid. MPEG is a patented format. In jurisdictions that recognize software patents, patent holders may go after whoever they think is invading their 'property'.

KZR wrote:

Otherwise, how would most of the free media players support these format?

It depends on what you mean by 'free'.

Please read on: http://ffmpeg.org/legal.html


It's unlikely that, because of some video format, someone will ever bother going after a bunch of starving youngsters who happen to be developing a FOSS game in their spare time. Still, MPEG is a patented format, and I'd rather not include it in our FOSS engine. It's not that I'm a free software fanatic (believe me, I'm not), but why do it, when there are alternatives? Since I'm almost certain that nobody in here wants to pay royalties to MPEG-LA, users are encouraged to export their videos to a free (as in freedom) format, just like they currently use .ogg, and not .mp3, for musics.

Alexandre and people, do you remember a free video format called Theora?



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I have already posted this somewhere in the community:

Donations in open projects aren't new. Look at this:


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CharlyTx wrote:

Are there any packages for RPMs distros?

are there any volunteers?