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Alexandre wrote:

May I ask you how/where did you find about Open Surge?

I read somewhere, (my guess is Reddit, but couldn't find the thread) that you were looking concepts 2-4 weeks ago.

Alexandre wrote:

We still don't have anything related to Sharp yet, and in my opinion this sketch you made probably fits him. If it's possible for you, it would be nice to see a more detailed concept art of him, with colors.

I think I can manage that smile It is only one character so I probably  have the free time before Monday to do it.


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Hi guys.

I saw sometime ago somewhere that you were looking concepts for your characters. I drew few suggestions for you, and finally I got them scanned today, so I can send them to you. They aren't edited in anyway, and are only raw sketches, but if you find them useful please be free to use them.

I cannot promise in any way that I can participate more, but IF I have time next week (Monday - Tuesday), I can redraw them, with more detail and colors with modifications of your needs. But I need those wanted changes on Monday morning (GMT +2).  And also, if you want certain coloring that info would be helpful also.

I hope that you have some use for these. But if not, that is ok too.


Few things:
- Sharp is something of Yoda like
- Charge has old lady dress and pearl necklace
- Neon has black leather clothes, kind a Matrix feeling (Morpheus)
- Surge has caffeine addicted look, and electric shock fur