Okay. I've learned something new.
if you want to use another theme, you'd mod the example, and then, use a different theme.
Don't add bricks, it screws stuff up.

And then, hit F12 before it fades again, and then, add a starting point and some bricks.
just worked for me. neutral


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I know, and knew that.
I just thought at first GAMEDIR was a folder.


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jobromedia wrote:

There are already other tools that can do similar stuff. Game Maker and Torque Game Builder for instance.

Read the first post again.


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jobromedia wrote:

I don't see any problem at all working with OGG files. Fact is that they can be quite as useful as IT files, but they isn't as remixable as IT files.

Scenario: Someone drops a phatt tune to be included, but it is not well mixed. Sounds are drowning eachother. In OGG you need to ask for the individual tracks if you want to mix them better, in IT you have all the tracks with a proper mixer from the start.

With that logic we should allow .it files.
I found the Mod Tracker page, has a lot of good music, but I wiped my PC, so...


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Alexandre wrote:
KZR wrote:

i'm trying to document background creation but i'm having some trouble formatting. it recognizes and quotes code blocks, but incorrectly, or breaks them in several quotes.

edit: 'k never mind i got the hang of it Last edited by KZR (Today 14:38:51)

I can help you with the formatting. Thanks for the help, KZR smile

MasterXSX wrote:

So uh, I have a question.
With the Quest Editor, you could make like missions in Sonic Colors, etc.,?

With the Level Editor you can make levels, and that's all. There's no Quest Editor.

If you want to create custom user experiences, you must invest some months learning the engine. You need patience, otherwise just forget about it.

I meant making Quests. Sorry hmm

Custom user experience?


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I was discussing this on IRC.
It's an idea of mine. A big one.

A program that lets you make your own games, not level, games, GAMES.
Like, you can design quests for the game, (Similar to Sonic Colors), that require you to, hmm, finish a special stage, or collect items?
Like that.

A platformer, with a level editor, world editor, and quest editor.
This is going to be big, and it's not SMBX.

Also, it has like an area where you can put a title.
Features I hope to add:
* Swimming
* Lava
* Custom GFX
* Custom Objects
* Quests
* Snapshots
* Online

And I need help. Because MasterX has no idea how to do this.
So a lot of help is needed.

Plus, I need one main game, with special levels.
Also, Special Levels. Levels where you can get reward items.

Also, I hope to make an object editor for it, so you can decide it's AI.
So yeah.

And if this doesn't turn into crap, I'll make an offical forum for it where you can share levels and such.

So yeah, here's how I feel it:
-You can build single levels with the Level Editor.
-You can build Mission Levels, with the mission editor.
-You can build Special Levels.
-You can compile it all into a game.
-You can build Worlds, with the World Editor.
-You can share your levels or worlds with everyone.

About online:
~I don't know where to go with that.


-Level Editor
-World Editor
-Mission Editor


And there we go.


-Donutyoshi has gaven me a good name for the project: Buildatisic(12-25-10 @ 9:08 PM EST)


(We need lots of things: GFX, music, ideas, level designers, a lot of things)

-None yet.

Want to help out?
Join this forum now!


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KZR wrote:

if you save a level after killing enemies or destroying item boxes, they stay like that. the only way around is to place everything again, and be careful not to save the level after destroying stuff.

That's kind of odd.
Great, now I have to redo my sonic zone.

Eh, thanks for the help tho.


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Why are .it files in there, but don't play? Whose idea was this?


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Okay, so I was working on Diamond Ruins Zone, and I realized.
When I tested the level of Act 1 again, the game didn't refresh all the objects.
Like, the enemies were all dead, and I couldn't kill them. mad

Is any fix to this possible?

(Oh yes english is not perfect to me. I speak 11 language)


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Okay. Now that I've learned GAMEDIR is not a folder, this is helpful.


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<MasterX> Okay, I suck at the editor.
<MasterX> Harley.
<MasterX> Help me.
<MasterX> I don't get the tutorial.
<MasterX> ...
<MasterX> MAybe GAMEDIR is not a folder
<MasterX> Nope.
<MasterX> im an idiot

I suck.
I thought GAMEDIR was a folder.


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So uh, I have a question.
With the Quest Editor, you could make like missions in Sonic Colors, etc.,?


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ssdw wrote:

welcome MasterX, nice to meet you smile

Heh. Thanks.

Merry Christmas all, if you're in EST like myself.

I suck at the level editor. hmm


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I am MasterX.
You may know me as different names, and if you heard I am a troll, well you're wrong.

My friend harley showed me this eh...not bad fangame...and says it's a level editor.
So uh yeah.

If I could get some help, that would be nice.

I hope to have fun!