In 2009 this request was shot down because PC's 'wouldn't have the processing power' for PNG sprite sheets etc. to have Transparency support.

5 Years later, I would like to request this again. It prevented me from trying the engine but I still think it would be of great use to the community and more accessible with transparency support.



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Whoa, after being scaled back down to 100%, that badnik is pretty huge.


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Oh, very nice!

What about a character thats more original? The body shape is very generic-sonic-ish. ?


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Well, im working withing the limitation of the engine, and i'm no music composer by any means, so i've had to leave it with that. This should also keep filesizes down a little.


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Open Sonic Mod

The aim of this Mod is to redesign the graphics to be less retro, and have a modern 32bit feel. The graphics will be smooth, with gradients, lots of textures, loads of colours etc. The most interesting test is that these graphics will still be limited without an alpha-channel, which will mean that water, shields and other effects will still be dithered - That could end with some fantastic results within the engine!

If anyone's interested, the graphics will be designed in flash, exported as a PNG, then optimised in fireworks before being placed into the game to make sure they are as pixel-perfect as possible while still showing modern design.

  • Characters will be redrawn, along with badniks

  • New levels

  • Music taken from old Amiga games

  • Opening title of the game redesigned

If this is in the wrong spot, please move it to the right forum - but I will be trying my hardest to keep this project alive. Screenshots are soon to come. The mod does not really need a name until further design choices are made. Comments and feedback are welcome, but as this is my own personal mod they may not be used wink

Way past cool,


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Having them trail, similar to chaotix, would make the game a lot better in that respect


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Thanks for the link. I've had a read through and looks like a small code change from blit to masked_blit, correct?

I downloaded the source and made small changes to the code in video.c , but i had a little trouble compiling it as I haven't compiled anything before.

I downloaded allegro and cygwin, tried to run ./configure, but I don't have enough knowledge to install allegro correctly, as it gives me an error that allegro and cmake can't be found. If I did compile it, I'd change the executable to something like OS_PNG.exe or something as a patch to put into an already existing copy of Open Sonic's folder.


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So from what I could gather saving PNGs into different formats with different backgrounds, Alpha channel on PNGs is being ignored. Would it be difficult to have the engine interpret 32Bit/Alpha Channel PNGs ?