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Sorry for the double post, but here is a beta of Act one. I plan to finish  the level first, then I will make my own texture.  I am planing of a futuristic-forest kinda thing going on.  Expect a video of the textures this weekend. big_smile I have been busy the past week, so that is why there has not been a recent update. Anyways, please try out Act 1 (near completion): http://www.filefront.com/17590251/Superspeed.zip


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Alexandre wrote:

Welcome, Andrew23. We hope you enjoy our community. smile

You can learn how to make loops at http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/forum/vi … php?id=332

According to the rules, we're moving this thread to the General discussion area. We'll move it back to the Custom levels area once you publish a link for others to download your level. smile

Ok then. Thanks for the warm welcome! I wasn't sure if I should give a download link (since it is still very early in int's progress), but I will post a download link later on today. smile Next time, I'll be sure to mute my mic, tongue you can hear chatter in the background... tongue


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Hey everybody,
This is my first post here, and I want to show my (WIP) stage, called Superspeed, a high-octane level big_smile .
The video is still proccessing, it would probably be up soon. The music is called 'Cherry blossom requiem', by CODA (coda.s3m.us). I will have to contact CODA if I could use this song. I'm also planning to make my own textures, but I need some help, with loops.. I can't get it to appear in the level...
Download: http://www.filefront.com/17590251/Superspeed.zip
   Anyways, here's the video and some pics: