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Well, I think it's pretty good.


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Thanks! I won't let you guys down!


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Wow, there's a lot of people wanting to be moderators... I agree with samplingmaster. I saw something in the level forum that should be moved since it said that it had to have a link to stay there. I read all the READ BEFORE POSTINGS... er... before I posted.

I think I could be a good moderator since I had experience, but samplingmaster's just as good a choice. His English looks fine, and he's on as much as I am. I wish we could BOTH be mods... because I know there will be times I can't get on and that there will most likely be times he can't get on. Plus, we could split the forums so we don't have to look at every single forum as an individual.

But I'm not one to argue with your logic, Alexandre... it's your game, so do whatever you see fit! smile


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If you're looking for the sonic-only act, it has more work to be done to it... I've been working on it for a while, and it was too incomplete to release.

However, I am making an additional level with it as a quest, Steel Shoreline. It is a much darker version of the Exotic Paradise brickset.

I'm going to make a quest as soon as custom bosses can be made.


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I would like to be a forum mod too, if you haven't gotten my email yet. I know a lot of advanced English because it is really my only language. I can have access to here every day, and I have had some experience with forums before as an admin, so I know how to mod things here!


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This level isn't a fast one... but it is challenging. It's a maze... you have to be the right character at the right area to get past the gate and get into the harbor. Trust me, this is hard to figure out... I even got lost before, and I MADE the level! It is possible, nonetheless, and I know it by heart now. I'm more of a 'complicated puzzle' guy, so I like designs like this. Also, (as before) I made music for it, and palatte swapped out the Blue Ocean design; it isn't as creative as making your own level, but I liked the way it turned out, and I had to show creativity somehow! After you get past the maze, you must use the Sonic-only door in a unique way to reach the goal.

Be sure to tell me what you think of the music and design! Download it below and put the files in the right places.


Oh, and remember that the bright green platforms are clouds, and the dark green are fall-type. I changed those up a bit as well.

EDIT: The glitch with the first switch was a mistake at first, but now it is intentional since it works fine with the other switch. That means you have to make two characters be on switches for the third to be able to go through.

EDIT 2: The music track is now protected by the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 license. Please do NOT edit this track. I worked hard on it. The level? Go nuts.


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In the game, the switches are hard to place because it has to be within close range... It might be easier to place these it they were able to be 'connected' to a certain object. If they were able to be activated from a longer distance, then there's an opportunity to create more complex puzzles. If you've played Hazy Harbor, you probably know I like making puzzles. big_smile

Another kind of switch that could be useful is a switch that stays 'pressed'. I don't think it's as important as the one above, but I think it could use some consideration.


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Thanks... The levels are going to get better as I practice. I'm also making more music, as well. I'm REALLY glad you have .ogg support... that helped a LOT.

SamplingMasters_Nix wrote:

Sure, that would help. Oh, I'm extending the deadline to July 16. This extra time is for self-evaluation prior to submission.

I'll judge too, then. I hope this makes some good designs... all I can do right now with the levels is just palatte swap the bricks. I'm going to have to practice with the actual process of making them before I make a truly original level...

SamplingMasters_Nix wrote:

Oh, come on! Who else is gonna evaluate besides me? I can't do this alone. sad

Can I help?


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My first level. I decided to make this out of the template, since it had so many loops and hills pre-built (and heck, the name fits!). I like seperating the characters to special paths... and using loops. LOTS of loops.

You can download it here:

http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=6df7 … c8b368bfbe

Be sure to download the music fo it too! I worked hard on it... and it fits the level! Enjoy!

EDIT: the music is now protected by the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 license. Do NOT edit it. PLEASE!


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Ah, thanks.


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i personally like the light dash... a special light dash invisible 'path' maybe, started with a special colored ring at the beginning and end, and you could place rings in the middle. He could go across really deep pits that the other two can't fly across, and put a area that sticks out at the end so Knuckles can't climb it.


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Wow, I have been quite busy... it's been over half a year... heh! I'm making music for some levels, and I've even got a few done... I've got a good 'Final Level' type music, and it's in Mp3. If anyone can help me out, I could possibly work together with someone by providing music.

Good to be back! big_smile


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I just figured out the problem!!!!!!!

I had put another loop button where i shouldve put a loop off button...
I made it where each side had a FULL row of loop sensors.

Thats pretty much how i did the full circle. Thanks for showing me that!

EDIT: Just checked, it works perfectly now!


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hmmm.... i tried to make a perfect circle loop. Can that possibly work, or is it just not supposed to be that way?


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Alexandre wrote:

Welcome! smile

We're sure you will enjoy both our community and Open Sonic! It's always good to know that a level designer has joined our community. We're looking forward to playing on the levels you make.

Thanks, looking forward to it! Ive been doodling designs for Sonic levels since i was in elementary school, heh. Glad to see it finally become an actual level!!!:D


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Hey you guys! Im glad to be a part of this forum! smile

Im glad i finally found such an awesome level editor... its cool to make loops and springs that work!:D

Just judging by the comments, everyone here seems very kind to eachother.... im looking forward to making my first level and showing it off! Its called 'Hectic Harbor', and i plan on making it both fast and challenging. Right now it has some work to be done on it... but im getting the first parts done. It involves a massive ramp that will make you go VERY fast into a loop. Id tell you the next part, but its a puzzle, so ill keep my mouth shut about it wink.

I wish i could make original sprites, but ive never been good with paint or photoshop.... i like putting levels together more than anything else.

Im looking forward to seeing you guys around!


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Okay, im a new guy to all this, and i got the level editor and im making a level based off the ocean theme called Hectic Harbor.

its planning on being a fast paced level with a good amount of puzzles, but the loops are giving me trouble... i got everything to make them with the sprites included, and i can get it halfway on both sides... but the problem is that the character im using keeps flying out through the top where they come together. the 'loop top' button works SOMETIMES... but it doesnt work all the time. Can someone please tell me which sensors go where so i can keep making this level?