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jobromedia wrote:


Won't work. Open Surge doesn't support transparency.

The most you can do is set the alpha on a bunch of scripted objects, at least, at this point. I wish background layers had alpha values, but I get the feeling that the slowdown from it would be tremendous.

If you really want to do anything good with that brickset, try to blur the colors together so it won't look as simplistic.


Also, make sure that every bit of that magenta is the right color. Looking at the image, some parts of it are lighter than others. (The values have to be exactly R: 255, B: 255, G: 0 everywhere or else it appears in the game) It's a very simple fix, all it takes is selecting the color via the "Select By Color Tool" in your toolbar (It looks like a finger pointing at a red block that is between a blue and green one). If you look down, you will see something called 'Threshold' in the bottom part of the bar. That can set how much different the color can be when it selects it. In other words, if you have a  R: 255, B: 255, G: 3 (Which will show up in game), it will still select that.

Once you selected the magenta and everything close to it that shows up, make sure the foreground color is that R: 255, B: 255, G: 0, and hold 'ctrl' and press ',' at the same time. It will clean everything up.


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S32X wrote:

Did you draw that just now?


Yes I did.


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Alexandre wrote:


By using that object, you actually have a gain in momentum. Jumping happens in the axis which is perpendicular to the axis you're running - which is what you showed in pic 1. With that object, however, the y-speed comes from nowhere.

No, if you're running up a wall going extremely fast, and kick off, you will keep your upward momentum. It is not a gain, or loss, it is maintaining it.

And even if it was a gain, kicking off would provide the extra oomph. Plus, it would feel much more natural.

In other words:

Imagine you have just hit a booster

This could become a real pain.


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S32X wrote:

As Alex said in the Soda Pop Zone topic, Open Surge is supposed to be an original and unique game to most classic Sonic games.

Yes, but this is just physics. You shouldn't lose momentum that fast.

S32X wrote:

However I do agree with you on this. Say you have on object that kills you on touch, an you have to keep running upward. Suddenly you have to jump to a spring above you. It seems pretty stupid when upon jumping down to the death trap.

... Sure?

Either way, it needs to be fixed.


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Alexandre wrote:

thanks for reporting. smile

is the way things are now really incorrect? if so, why?

Because you lose all momentum when jumping from a wall, regardless of your current speed. Other Sonic games did not do this.


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S32X wrote:

Guess they didn't like them. hmm

More like they were too lazy to get rid of just the illegal stuff and nuked everything else along with it, instead.


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S32X wrote:

That's a rip of Super Mario NES. Just with a different character and HUD.


Look at the game a bit more.


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S32X wrote:

Well I've seen City Chill, Dark Forest and Emerald Flower zone. What interests me the most were Hazy Harbour (which the download has expired), Athletic Arena and Calstlevania Zone.

Hazy Harbor's old version may be gone forever. It was on my old computer which got trashed by a nasty virus.

There's a lot of other levels around the forum, just dig a bit.


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object ".Improved Wall Physics"
    requires 0.2.0
    state "main"
        change_state "start"
    state "start"
        on_player_in_the_air "start"
        if "player_angle() == 90" "go"
        if "player_angle() == 270" "go"
    state "go"
        on_player_jump "set speed"
        let "$y = cond(player_angle() == 90, player_xspeed(), 0-player_xspeed())"
        unless "player_angle() == 90 or player_angle() == 270" "start"
    state "set speed"
        set_player_yspeed "-$y"
        change_state "start"

This makes it so you don't lose vertical momentum when running up a wall. Just spawn it somewhere, and it will do the rest. I would kind of like to see an official fix added as opposed to a scripted one, but this works well enough for now.

Keeps your speed running down walls too.

For those who don't know what I mean:



Why yes, those are screens of the new MM.


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I agree. The donation screen does need to be moved quite badly. It can be put in the main menu, but I would advise that pop-up screen to be place at the end of the game. If it goes near the credits screen or after it, and the player has already experienced the game (or the demo), then they may think about donating.


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Soda Pop could be placed early in the game and Waterworks would make an appearance later.

Maybe Waterworks would be how you get into the City Chill Zone. The city could be gated off and require the team to get a bit creative in finding a way inside by going through some waterways/tunnels. In other words, instead of a dam, it'd basically be a sewer level. Most of the gimmicks could still remain largely the same, though the actual layout of the levels would be very different. Levels would be mostly horizontal instead of vertical, like we discussed (Crystal Temple could be more vertical, after all, you're trying to get back up to ground level after a big fall in there). After you reach the end, maybe you'd hit a spring and burst out of a manhole in the city level as an intro for that level.

Waterworks could get creative through teamwork mechanics, being right after Black Forest where you rescue Charge. For example, having Charge hit a switch to open a pipe for Surge to go in, or change its direction.

Soda Pop Zone would work better as an early level, but Waterworks should stay in too. After all the work that's been done on water, it would be nice to see it in more places in the game.

Plus, lets face it. Running through a maze of pipes at high speed would be a blast.


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Usually the issue is that the player is on the ground when set_player_yspeed is called. It doesn't seem to actually work if the player is grounded. You just stick. I don't know if this was intended or not.

Either way, if you found something that works, go ahead and use it. Just be sure it doesn't cause any unforeseen bugs.


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S32X wrote:

I tried doing "set_player_yspeed" but that didn't work either.

You have to set the player yspeed to a negative amount to go up if you didn't already know this.


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It's been a while.

First off, I want to say that I was wrong for getting so mad about the change in developmental policy. I severely overreacted.

I will also admit that I did some dishonest things just before I left as a moderator.

Before I left, I changed Jobromedia and So-Nick's passwords. Between my aggression and my friends egging me on to "get some revenge", I gave in. Neither of them deserved it. Neither of them were even involved. They didn't have anything to do with any of this. It was immoral, unethical, and just downright stupid of me to do that to them. I have graduated high school, and I realize that it is time to mature. I could not just stand by after all this time and keep it to myself that I potentially hurt the feelings of two users who did not deserve it.

All I can say now is that I'm sorry. To everyone in this project. Especially Alex, Jobromedia, and So-Nick. My act of immature aggression was a completely idiotic move on my part. I should never have done that. I don't know if my apologies will be enough for everyone, but I want to attempt to set this right however I can.

And for everyone that is wondering, yes. I posted as SupertheHedgie several times before I came back as myself. He gave me the keys to his account a bit back.

Finally, yes. Mechanical Marathon is continuing for those interested. It never even stopped. I'm attempting a unique multiplayer game for it right now, which hopefully would provide some fun for you guys.

I don't know what else I can say at this point other than that I care too much about this community to do something so idiotic and unjustified without saying anything about it. I regret doing it, and I regret waiting for this long to admit that I did. And everyone in this forum deserves to know what I did. So here I am.

I hope this clears some things up, and I hope that I can get the forgiveness of those who I may have hurt.


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Goodbye. "OPEN" Surge.


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Feature requests for the engine may also be accepted, as long as users make donations (PayPal).

Our game will be less community-driven

I am going to invest less time in developing engine features, and more time building the game called Open Surge

My goal now is to release 0.2.0 and to collect donations from actual players as well

I am convinced that the community-driven approach will not lead us much far than what we have already achieved up to now.

Well, its apparent Open Surge has not become anything like what it used to be or was intended to be.

Feel free to build a game with an incomplete engine.

And find a new moderator. Because I'm through.


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This is beautiful. Oh, and side note, if Alex closes this for any reason, I'm quitting doing anything for the project. Just thought I'd throw that out there.



Well, I didn't do it...


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How about we introduce the Stop Online Spam bill and keep f***tards like the guy above me from gracing forums with wonderful "deals" that we haven't even consented to advertise?

The legal system is so wonderful.

Alexandre wrote:

as far as i know, you can already make a pixel-perfect bouncing object. Take a look on how we made the jumping flower object:


// ----------------------------------------
// Open Surge Engine
// http://opensnc.sourceforge.net
// Springfling
// Springfling / Grasshopper script originally developed by Alexandre
// Changelog:
// 2011-08-20 - first version by Alexandre
// ----------------------------------------

object "Springfling"
    requires 0.2.0
    category "Level 1"
    annotation "Jumps around"
    state "main"
        // constants
        let "$gravity = gravity()" // A MAGIC NUMBER. this means: an acceleration, on the y-axis, of $gravity pixels per second squared
        let "$jump_strength = 300" // a maximum speed, on the y-axis, of -$jump_strength pixels per second
        let "$xspeed = 20" // when jumping, I will move, on the x-axis, at a rate of $xmagnitude px/s
        let "$cooldown_time = 1.0" // how long until I jump again
        let "$score = 100" // how much I'm worth

        // variables
        let "$yspeed = 0" // this object will move, on the y-axis, at a rate of $yspeed pixels per second

        // go
        change_state "stopped"

    state "stopped"
        enemy "$score"

        set_animation "Springfling" "0"
        on_timeout "$cooldown_time" "jump"

    state "jump"
        enemy "$score"

        set_animation "Springfling" "1"
        let "$yspeed = -$jump_strength"
        on_animation_finished "play jump sound"

    state "play jump sound"
        let "$volume = 1 - abs(player_xpos() - xpos()) / 640"
        let "$pan = (xpos() - player_xpos()) / 160"
        play_sample "samples/levels/1/springfling.wav" "$volume" "$pan"
        change_state "in the air"

    state "in the air"
        enemy "$score"

        // moves the object on the y axis
        move "0" "$yspeed" // move the object at $yspeed pixels per second
        let "$yspeed = $yspeed + $gravity * dt()" // gravity affects the yspeed

        // the walk command already implements collision with the walls
        walk "$xspeed" // walks at $xspeed pixels per second

        // land back on the floor (checks if pixel (xpos(),ypos()) is a brick)
        if "$yspeed <= 0" "in the air"
        let "$_collisionmask_xpos = xpos()"
        let "$_collisionmask_ypos = ypos()"
        change_closest_object_state ".tool.collision_mask" "check"
        if "$_collisionmask_gotbrick" "land"
        //on_floor_collision "land" // not accurate enough. use collision masks instead

    state "land"
        enemy "$score"

        gravity // will fix its y position if the object has got too deep into the ground
        set_animation "Springfling" "2"
        on_animation_finished "stopped"

But that isn't what he asked. He asked to make an object that can move on slopes, not bounce on the ground. Plus, I don't think this actually calculates slopes into the equation to where its jump could be affected by what slope it's on.

The command itself would be really useful for exact physics/slope calculations, in my opinion. Yes we could utilize that script to possibly keep it from falling into the ground until gravity gets fixed, but it wouldn't help with determining the angle the object lies on.


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ivinsjames wrote:
SilverstepP wrote:

No, dropbox would be best. All mediafire does is give you viruses through its many, many ads while you wait for it to download.

I had a computer die from that, by the way, so its only fair for me to tell you.

Oh? Ive never had a problem with Mediafire but yeah my point was this needs to be reuploaded somewhere that people can actually download it.

Yeah... its just... blah. Mediafire. hmm bad memories...


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ivinsjames wrote:

Hmm. I thought this was a Sonic custom only website. Interesting none the less though good work dev.

It's a sonic-esque engine that allows you to create your own levels. This just made a completely new game out of the scripting system also in the engine which lets you make a lot of your own objects and abilities.

We aren't actually Sonic anymore though, as many people would tell you. Read around the forum and project page a bit and you'll understand.


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No, dropbox would be best. All mediafire does is give you viruses through its many, many ads while you wait for it to download.

I had a computer die from that, by the way, so its only fair for me to tell you.


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KZR wrote:

that's actually a good idea smile

extra work?? neutral I HATE YOU SILVER!!! xP

I aim to please. ;-l