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I'd imagine there would be a separate release exclusively as the Android edition, just like there's one for Linux right now. Resolution isn't too hard to change in the code honestly, I've compiled Open Surge with different screen sizes before.

The reason I mentioned controls is because while I'm confident that there's a ton of things that can work, it has to work very effectively. It needs to feel good and responsive. (Buttons spaced properly, no input lag, etc)


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Alexandre wrote:
SilverstepP wrote:

Big developments? What happens in 2016?

the release of 0.2.0 and possibly an Android port.

Nice stuff. Though the android port might be a bit difficult (controls mainly?), it'd be interesting to see.

Alexandre wrote:

ps: welcome back.

Heh, thanks. I've committed myself with this a bit too much to disappear permanently, plus, if this starts moving again, I definitely wanna keep my eye on it.


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I've lurked around every now and then, but I'm generally busy with college and my own game at this point.

Alexandre wrote:

There are some modders working on their projects, and we can expect to see big developments in Open Surge in 2016.

First I heard of this though. Big developments? What happens in 2016?


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Does there even have to be a '_____ the ______' title for him? I mean Sonic games do it constantly; Sonic the hedgehog, Knuckles the echidna, Espio the chameleon, Rouge the bat, Original the character, and so on.

I feel like we can deviate ourselves from Sonic here a bit more easily, there doesn't necessarily have to be a title on the end of the word, describing what species Surge is, and I definitely think it shouldn't be the title of the game.

Plus, main titles don't always have to revolve around the main protagonists, games like the Legend of Zelda and Metroid didn't. So there's some room for creativity.

I just feel like I'd go into the game with a different mindset if it wasn't named so similarly to a Sonic game, that's all.


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Yuush wrote:

I wasn't talking about the engine. I'm really concerned about the design of the characters and backgrounds, really. No trolling here, I swear.

Same basic idea, I guess.

It's not Sonic. But again, in my opinion, Surge really needs to not have a completely identical moveset to Sonic. You can't really copyright an art style either, I suppose.

Like I said, as long as it remains inspired by Sonic, and isn't a direct copy of anything actually in the games, no legal action should be necessary.

But there's still something to be said for originality, as I mentioned. It's better to create a game similar to Sonic as opposed to a direct clone of it, imo. But, as far as what will be done to make Open Surge truly unique to Sonic is yet to be foreseen, I suppose, aside from the different characters, art, and plot.

I feel that swapping characters to use different abilities in a more puzzle-oriented fashion could be considered more unique, though I'm seriously not sure it's enough. I honestly do feel that Surge is still just a reskin of Sonic, Neon is a reskin of Tails, and Charge is a reskin of Knuckles. There's probably more that can be done to set them apart, maybe more abilities to be added to them or replacing the ones they have. Maybe Neon's jetpack could work differently than Tails' flying (as a very vertical double jump?), Charge could dig as a special ability (breaking ground that nobody else can go through), or Surge can have those lightning powers we mentioned way, way back (powering up objects that require electricity).

There's all kinds of ways to do it, it's just difficult to figure out the best method sometimes.

similar =/= copied
less similar = more unique
more similar = less unique


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Dat Urban Rush brickset tho ;P


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If it uses characters, story, and art that is copyrighted? Yeah.

If it just uses similar mechanics? Nah.

If that were the case, there would be LOTS of people getting sued.

Look at Mario Kart, for example. That's basically the first wacky, power-up using, kart racing game ever made, right? Now look at all of these games. (The last one had kart racing as a mode in it)

Even just Mario in general could count, that was one of the first platforming games ever. It pretty much made the genre.

It's basically impossible, and likely pointless, to copyright a game mechanic or genre. It's like having a musician copyright an instrument, or a style of music, like Jazz. It would completely cripple creativity.

Of course, there's still respect at stake for completely ripping off the mechanics. Lawsuits might not happen, but people might not think you're very creative if you just copy and paste every single mechanic from a game into your own. But being inspired by something and adding your own flavor, style, or even completely new mechanics to it, would be a decent idea for a good game.


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Yuush wrote:

Still, I think it's crucial for you guys KNOW what's going on.

STALTZ wrote:

Omg youre absolutely clueless what we are talking about. Just stop, its getting too funny.


SilverstepP wrote:

it's hilarious how disorganized you all seem to be

I'm sorry, this just brought me to tears in laughter. You explain to me what happened (or attempt to) and start screaming 'you don't understand'?


Oh you people.

Don't worry though. This will be the last response I give, since I'm so unwelcome here. Clearly nothing is going to change. Hell, it didn't after over 6 years, and I actually have things to do between now and 2019 that don't involve obsessing about a disagreement in a forum.

So.... bye. wink


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Yuush wrote:

You're not gonna be smarter if you're here just to show off without knowing the facts.
We're here with a purpose. You guys are defending blindly.
You're the one being a troll, douche bags.


Oh, I'm pretty sure Alex can tell you that him and I don't see eye-to-eye on everything, so I'd definitely not consider myself 'defending blindly'. I've been told about this situation. I looked at the web links posted here, did some rooting around, and went to the site that Alex took down. And I saw the message there.

You'd probably achieve a lot more by being straightforward and talking about the issue than posting GIF images of kids dancing "for the lulz" and dramatically complaining over and over again to cause chaos. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously after doing that?

Still, that said, I don't really know what you're wanting out of this, and I still haven't gotten an answer as to why this issue suddenly has re-emerged after 6 years.


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neves wrote:
SilverstepP wrote:
neves wrote:

i just used google translate on all texts and i gotta say, it's the least intelligent thing you could do
oh, wait, there's another one actually: trying to argue over a topic you were not part of back then
sorry again, there's yet another one: feeding trolls

thanks, man!

Always happy to help. wink

legal, agora vai SE ajudar, acho que voce ta precisando
usar tradutor em conversa de troll pq vc liga pra isso eh muita idiotice

I care about the idiocy here mainly because of the execution of this 'plan' of all of yours. I honestly don't even know what any of you are hoping to achieve here, and it's hilarious how disorganized you all seem to be. Even more so considering that this didn't even happen in close proximity to the site going down. You're talking about something that's happened over 3 years ago. Seriously? It's a bit odd how dreadfully important this seemed to become in the last, say, couple of months to you all, so the motivation really shows here.

Alex might have done some stuff in the past that I don't know about, sure. I'm merely pointing out that any insults or claims of incompetence directed at the "sonicnoob" forum as a whole are quite untrue. I have provided pretty decent evidence of that.

But, yeah. Let's be honest here. I know this won't stop you, so troll away! I can't wait to see what fun is in store next. I'll go back to being silent and watching from the sidelines again. tongue


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neves wrote:

i just used google translate on all texts and i gotta say, it's the least intelligent thing you could do
oh, wait, there's another one actually: trying to argue over a topic you were not part of back then
sorry again, there's yet another one: feeding trolls

thanks, man!

Always happy to help. wink


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OK, OK, I know I said I wouldn't say anything else, but I'm sorry. X'D

I can't quit laughing at the fact that these guys claim to be intelligent yet don't realize I can understand basically everything that's said here.

Trying to use language barriers online to have a private conversation is almost as stupid as posting a conversation like this in a public forum or something.

But really, I have to say something about this:

diogo123 wrote:

Projects from the "intelligent folks" that once were Gaming Brasil users:
If you think that this isn't any better than what come from the "sonicnoobs", I think that you are in delusion.

I giggled a bit at this. The games do look cool, actually. But... a few small questions.

So which one of these are made by you, or any of the others posting here? Are any of the creators for these games currently here and harassing everyone? If so then I want to ask why someone obviously so talented would waste their time here being an asshole to not just Alex, but now, everyone here by basically insulting the entire forum. Honestly, you should have better things to do. Maybe making more games for, you know, money, or something.

Even if any of you did make those games, I do believe you're being a bit biased in calling everyone here 'incapable sonicnoobs'. (and, FYI: 'Sonic' and 'noob' are 2 different words. Just thought I'd like to point this second-grade error out to someone with obviously higher intelligence than myself.)

Allow me to show you just how wrong you are.

I'm making this game called Haywire. Sure, its not on the Open Surge engine. It's made in Construct 2. However, it started out here. It's nowhere near done yet, I'll admit. But I'm still learning about this new engine I'm using. I am still making music for it, and still developing art for all the sprites and backgrounds. I'm doing basically this entire game by myself, on my own time, on top of a job and my college education.

Oh and let's not forget one member of the forum who was inspired from his game-making experiences here to make a game that won fourth globally in the Microsoft Imagine Cup. Some fun facts for you: I helped with that too by making music, and this entire game was liked by Alexey Pajitnov. For those of you don't know, that's the man who created Tetris. He was a judge in this competition.

But seriously though, for people claiming to be intelligent, you all are doing quite a great job at making yourselves look like idiots. Keep going, if you think it'll do any good. Really, I applaud every one of you involved in this whole situation here, it's quite fun to watch for a gringo 'sonicnoob' like myself. big_smile


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neves wrote:
SilverstepP wrote:
neves wrote:

silverstep don't know shit about the case, yet wants to make an adult of himself to totally strangers
don't buy other's problem, dude, just beat it wink

I don't really tolerate immaturity. I don't care what this is about, there's no excuse for how any of you are acting. I got mad at Alex at one point and I let go of the situation. You're the ones currently attacking the forum.

Really, what are you even trying to achieve here?

i bet you have better things to do, don't you? don't worry about us

Nice job dodging the question.

But, OK. I'll sit back and watch. Really.

You want to make idiots of yourselves? Go for it, if you think it will achieve anything.


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neves wrote:

silverstep don't know shit about the case, yet wants to make an adult of himself to totally strangers
don't buy other's problem, dude, just beat it wink

I don't really tolerate immaturity. I don't care what this is about, there's no excuse for how any of you are acting. I got mad at Alex at one point and I let go of the situation. You're the ones currently attacking the forum.

Really, what are you even trying to achieve here?


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You want someone who won't give you "emotional BS"?

Well then. It's time for a game of 'Brutal Honesty':

1. So, this happened over (and by what I understand, possibly well over) 3 years ago and you're posting about it just now? You all registered about month ago. Come on. It's been that long, and you're seriously that obsessed over a forum that was shut down? Really. Get a life. You're all still buddies or whatever even after that forum was shut down, and you're talking on Facebook. Why is this a problem? Alex doesn't 'admin king' you there and you're quite free to talk or do whatever you want. You're acting like you had no choice to do anything. If you don't like it, leave, and move on with your life.

2. Once you keep up a site, then you'll realize how much an admin or a moderator has to deal with. Like spam. Or trolls. And it gets extremely hard when it comes to trying to keep everyone happy. If you built something from the ground up and don't feel like doing it anymore, then that's your choice. Given the manner how you all reacted to this, I'd honestly want to leave as well if you were all always like this.

3. If this whole thing really annoys you all that much, there's a simple solution. Seriously. I do see you've already been doing something to that extent, but I'd thought it'd be fair to warn you: forums still must have structure. Trolls, spam, or whatever else will just tear the place apart otherwise. If anyone who can just jump in the forum can do anything, then what's stopping someone from making several fake accounts? Power abuse is potentially going to happen anyways. When a spam bot signs up fake accounts into your forum, like one did here when I was still a Mod, it can begin making spam accounts almost as often as twice a day. It's going to become a huge mess that everyone can't clean up in a realistic amount of time.

4. If you already have your own solution, why are you all bothering for such immature revenge here anyways? You're beating something that's happened years ago into the ground. Go work on your 'adminless forum' instead of having all of your friends create chaos here. If you think it's the best thing since sliced bread, and if other people on the internet agree, then good for you. But you're really not achieving anything here by trolling or ranting, aside from making yourselves look like idiots.

Any questions?


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Yuush wrote:

It seems that you're still a pussy, doesn't it?
I mean, haven't you get man enough to face your problems instead of dodge them as if you weren't responsible for the mess you've made? Those guys are not just trolling you because it's fun to mock or bully you. There's a whole serious reason behind this all. We don't want any revenge, we just want you to admit and apologize for the imature things you've done. But the thing is: have you grown up enough? With this kind of approach, it doesn't seem so. I'd advise you not to ignore them nor pretend you don't know what's going on. Can't you even do it!? For your own sake?!

Well, then. Someone's angry.

Which says a lot considering this statement is coming to you from the one who got the most noticeably angry over the past decisions that were made here.

Trolling, bullying, or whatever here isn't the answer. Sorry, kiddo, adult, or whoever you are. It's real hard to feel motivated to apologize or change anything if someone's being harassed by a bunch of jackasses like you. You're making the people who were angry about whatever mess was made look horrible.

By the way, it's 'immature'. If you're gonna "break character" and rant about someone acting like that, at least act like you have the mentality of someone out of grade school.


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Alexandre wrote:

oh, that's nice! a different kind of game, where you have multiple rooms in a non-linear fashion. Kinda like if cave story and the old MM came together, in a sense. smile

as an offtopic, is it not possible to release what you have done of the old Mechanical Marathon? It was so fun, and it's kinda sad to see it disappear just like that.

glad to see you again.

Well what you've seen around here is essentially everything I've really done with it. I've had college work and jobs to deal with so I haven't really gotten to work too much on it before I jumped engines.

Also I guarantee you that if you found the old one fun that you'll love this version. I'll try to post updates here as they're made.


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jobromedia wrote:

Good to know.

Yes. Yes it is.

Loilkas wrote:

What engine is it?

Construct 2. Since there's been recent interest:
http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/forum/vi … hp?id=1559


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Because it's not Mechanical Marathon anymore.

You guys didn't think I'd really stop making this, now did you?

The game's now known as Haywire (as KZR stated), and I'm making it in Construct 2.


It feels a bit like Sonic, but as you'll probably notice, there's some differences in physics, speed, etc. There won't be any loops or halfpipes (at least, likely not, i'd have to rewrite a lot of stuff) but the game is now gonna be more based on using powers and defeating bosses. The engine is still being worked on, and whenever I update the game, it will appear in that link.

The arrow in the top right corner indicates an update is available, if its blue, click it. If it's red, its downloading the update.

I'm testing status effects. For now, Q will poison you, getting hurt by the spikes will chill you, using lightning in the water will paralyze you, and activating EMP Burst will short your shields out (along with any enemies in the vicinity, but I need to finish Flare (Fire guy) before I begin that). Poison should be self explanatory, Chilled will make you move at a horribly low speed, and Shorted will result in the target taking double damage from everything. It also can get 'ignited' by any electrical attack and do some massive damage and paralyze the target. Paralyzing makes you completely immobile.

Anyways, as for mechanics and moves, pretty simple stuff, but still fun nonetheless. Every ability you use will have a use. And every ability also has a cooldown that forces you to wait before doing anything else. All the moves available now will have to be unlocked in the game once it's complete. Haywire is non-linear, so you'll likely pass by places where you must use powers you haven't recieved yet. I figured it would be more fun to have a giant world where everything is connected than to break it down act by act.

So basically it went the same direction KZR's mod is going.

Blitz's (yes I renamed him) controls:

Left Click: Target Lightning. You can charge it up.

Right Click while stopped: Mind Shock. It will confuse any enemies it hits and will be used to open certain doors that are controlled by an AI. It will direct itself towards the cursor.

Right Click while moving: Plasma Blade. It will deal some damage to enemies and will be used to cut various obstacles (wires, vines, etc) that are in your path.

Right Click while mid-air, Cursor is below player: Bolt Slam. Acts as a double jump and can paralyze enemies.

Right Click while mid-air, Cursor is above player: Plasma Blade in the air. Functions the exact same way it does on the ground.

Right Click while holding down, and stopped: EMP Burst. Basically shorts out everything on screen, including yourself. High risk, high return.

Q won't always be poison (it'd be pretty pointless), that will actually be the button used to switch to Flare, once he's done. You swap characters on the spot. Flare will have different moves to get through other obstacles, and there will be some areas where you can't switch characters until you destroy the jammer(s) that are preventing it.

Also, I'd really prefer that you guys would ask to use my stuff if you aren't already, it's only polite. I'm OK with being credited for my stuff if you ask me first to let you use it, but don't just put it in and credit me without me knowing about it. I'd like to see what's being used where before deciding anything.

Its still being worked on, its just not being worked on with this engine anymore, so I've got it handled.

This is discontinued.

S32X wrote:

Well there's no command that changes the state of an object when it touches another one, having a command like on_object_collision "object "state" would be a very nice feature for "domino" effects, as well as NPCs.

http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … _collision


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Loilkas wrote:

yikes ?

It's difficult. Learn how the functions and commands work and work your way up to it. A cutscene requires many objects reacting at precision timing, along with several other factors.


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Genocide City Zone had no sprites or animations whatsoever, it was completely blank in the game's system. All that was in the data was the name of it, absolutely no part of the level was even started.

In other words, that picture was not official, so it was probably from somewhere else, or even custom created.