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This is not an auto-generated spam message by a bot or anything, but a real proposition for the OpenSurge project. Do not ban me please smile.

There's also a nice virtual currency called BitCoin, you can easily set up a donation account for that one too. If you don't know, it's a decentralized pseudonymous system that is easy to use. There are a lot of ways to buy or to sell for other systems' money or cash. It's already somewhat popular and used by thousands of people worldwide. Some of them are very interested in various free software / open source projects.

Also, I could probably help a bit with level art, but I tend to lean to the 8-bit style rather than to 16-bit.


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KZR wrote:

i dont recall the rip sources, but those are definetly ripped  it is likely they have come from there or any other fighting game.

Well, I understand you will replace them with the non-ripped ones, but that was just interesting - WH is quite an obscure game, after all.


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Are these green/blue things at the bottom of the building from World Heroes (from Hanzo's stage, if I recall correctly)?
And the stairs are from Dragon's stage?

It would be nice if someone would draw the character art for my goal sign sprite templates or for the title screen.


1 -- 'before', needs Gimacian
2, 3, 4 -- spinning, will get the character art masked in the way shown here with colors (Gimacian -> Neon, none, Surge -> Gimacian)
5, 6, 7 -- 'after', needs the whole Team Surge.
8 -- yet unknown.


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Yeah, it does kinda look green when on the purple background.

A sample for the finish signs, needs real art for the characters: http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/upload/finish.png


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SilverstepP wrote:

Beam me up, Scotty!!!

If you are referring to the (misquoted) line from Star Trek, it was not inspired in any way, 'cause I don't even watch Star Trek smile

* Link dangerous to your free time. Visit with caution.


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lunarrush wrote:

Imagine that the player has more than 100 shields, that would make any boss battle a piece of cake.

It's not like you can collect 100 shields in the game.

I think it should be like that: if you get a shield while having another one (that means not taking damage between taking two shields == quite difficult), all other characters get one. If all three characters have a shield and you somehow manage to get yet one shield, it turns into, say, 50 rings.


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What about this one?
Looks like this one could fit both technical and magical settings.

Now, instead of inverted rip-offs, Team Surge will probably free Tux from SuperTux and some of his enemies (tried to choose ones that don't look really like enemies). http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/upload/animals.png
It's a very temporary change, and there are not really as many enemies in SuperTux that would fit, so 5 out of 12 are recolors sad.

And at least, we have ONE open source mascot there.


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Here is my idea for a background. First, the day/night switch is just inappropriate, since the game plays more like in real time, and no one will be playing for more than a few hours.
But thanks to the removal of the animation, this level's background has a little "distance fog" effect, which is more like real life, for one thing, and also makes the background not so annoying.
citychillbg.png: http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/uploa … hillbg.png
the sky color (citychillsky.png): http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/uploa … illsky.png

My personal favorite is denied2 from the second "fixed" pair.

Look at the second pair of files. The first one MAY be broken. And denied2 from the first pair is a zero-length file (FamiTracker's WAV output is kinda broken).

I think that only suits as a temporary sound. It's too similar to Sonic 3, it's done very quickly, it's low quality... It's just for the "replace-copyrighted-stuff-with-free-one" stage of development.

Louder versions:
http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/uploa … 5340PM.wav - denied1
http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/uploa … 5401PM.wav - denied2

http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/uploa … 4833PM.wav

Reuploaded denied2.wav.

Alexandre wrote:

that's nice, but can we it as loud as the old deny.wav?

Guess that's work for the Audacity editor. smile


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OK. The only problem, I think, is that these are too simple. Here's the one with the same bright colors restored.

A quick FamiTracker-made piece for deny.wad. Still sounds kinda like Sonic 3, but original. Two variants.


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I did already make the message boxes for Open Surge earlier, but these were too simple. Here is my second take, now with a new "Header" area.

The second box has a little red, since it's (now) only associated with exiting the game.


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The engine is really quite customizable, and KZR's Shinobi Densetsu mod only shows this. I think it would fit most of the platformer games with little to no modifications.

Yeah, the "ball" should be bigger.

LOL, now only Surge needs to be sprited. The (supposedly) main character is the last one to get playable.


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And yeah, wouldn't you be kind and provide some screenshots?


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KZR wrote:

except maybe paint the background white to look like it's illuminated from behind

Actually it's supposed to stand at the entrance to the subway area. If you are talking about the background of the "ads", then it could be illuminated with some slight effect and then animated to simulate a "broken lighting" effect. The lit sprite would look kinda like this, I guess:


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Here is a nice sprite I made that could probably fit for City Chill Zone's underground/subway section (except it would need some palette ehnancements, since it's an 8-bit picture and not a 16-bit one, and adding the background color).