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Hello! Been quite awhile since I've posted. Just came back to apologise for my immaturity and lack of proper grammar ( I mean holy hell did it suck back then.) I've moved on to GM8 as I have experience with the software and don't really feel like learning a whole other programming language. Have fun working on Open Surge or whatever it is you're working on ^.^


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Hi again! I was wondering if there was a way to make a part of an image transparent, then fade to colour.
Like a cloud, it starts white in the middle, but around the edges it fades to transparent.


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Is it possible to change how much the shoes/character grip to upsidedown/sloped surfaces?
Whenever I get Surge go down a steep slope, he just falls off.


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Ok im nearly there, but im having trouble making character 1 (charge) dissapear, then making character 2 (neon) appear.


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MatheusRRR wrote:
Loilkas wrote:

Hello, I had a few questions of what I'm allowed to do with the Open Surge engine:

1: Make a fan game,
2: Make a website about that fan game,
3: Post videos about said fan game on YouTube.

Thanks, cool

sure! This engine is Open Source. big_smile

Yay! Thanks for telling me!


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svgmovement wrote:

I just checked the API reference. switch_character might be the thing you are looking for.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, I will look into it.

Does anyone know where the itembox script is? I cant find it.


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Hello, I had a few questions of what I'm allowed to do with the Open Surge engine:

1: Make a fan game,
2: Make a website about that fan game,
3: Post videos about said fan game on YouTube.

Thanks, cool


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Hullo, I was wondering, If there was a way to make the game switch characters by breaking a monitor , only 1 player on stage at a time.


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I try to remove some of the text, but no matter how many things I change, the text box stays and makes them say null.


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I am looking for the intro cutscene text (Ahhh, this is the life) but I cant find it anywhere. yikes




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MatheusRRR wrote:

introduction of hud?

Whats that?


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Hullo, Im trying to make a new startup, it is meant display an image, but I can't figure out how to make it do that. hmm


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Hullo. I was wondering how to change the Score, Time and Rings, to say something else.

Edit: Nvm I have done it now, thx for help


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Hello, while I was looking through the files of Open Surge, I came accross Surge.spr,
I opened it and saw:

// script by Alexandre

// Surge
sprite SD_SURGE
    source_file     images/surge.png
    source_rect     0 0 512 704
    frame_size      64 64
    hot_spot        32 63

    // stopped
    animation 0
        repeat      TRUE
        fps         8
        data        0

    // walking
    animation 1
        repeat      TRUE
        fps         3
        data        1 2 3 4 5


(I edited it) Where is says 1 2 3 4 5, I was wondering if there was a way to reallocate where each number is. Because I wanted to resize Surge.png so it is longer, but if I was to do that, If I was to add 6 7 8, when I put in 8, it would go on the next line.

Also, what is a bump?


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MatheusRRR wrote:

Browse through creative commons sites.  Example: http://incompetech.com/
Creative commons is an authorization for the use of free music. smile

Glad to see my hud in your game. lol

Thanks! and I hope you don't mind me using your hud, you will be credited, of course.


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Hullo again! I was wondering, is there any C commands to play videos?


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Hullo! Im making a fangame, and I need some music.
Me being a not very good music maker makes it really hard hmm
Soo... yeah, here are some screen shots of the beta stages for insparation:

Unnamed zone part 1
Unnamed zone part 2
Techno Hydraulics (working title)

Obviously anyone who helps shall be in the credits. Thx! tongue


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KZR wrote:

i've been studying how old games gave us sense of depth even though no true 3d was being rendered.

does anyone remember or has played super hang on or similar early racers?


this is a pretty good example. do you see those stripes on the road and sides? those are actually background layers.

the closest to the bottom is the play area. you stay there the whole level. there are also bounds in X axis for road and roadside.

going up from that layer the road starts funneling into perspective. this is an illusion

top layers show zoomed out blocks and bottom layers zoomed in blocks. but the genesis had no zooming functions. every layer is the same image in a different size.

in OS that IS possible to recreate with topmost layers having lower zindex than bottom ones.
the char runs on a horizontal space on the bottom of the screen and never moves in Y axis, except for jumping.

if you kept watching you may have also noticed curves. curves can't be recreated unless we can control a bg layer's current animation frame. because curves aren't really there. they are another illusion. all layers change "angle" (actually, they show a different image) to one side, and the movement engine just pulls you the other way to give you the feeling you're leaving the road unless you counter that force by pressing the right direction.

hills are made by dislocating the bottom layer (play area) up, and pulling top layers down, and then reverse this.

roadside objects move in an angled trajectory to replicate the cone of vision. they get apart to the sides as they approach the bottom layer, and they also "zoom in" by showing a bigger sprite.

collisions are handled in the bottom 2 layers. 1 for the bikes immediately in front of you, and 1 for the play area.

now take a look at this:


same technique, different game.
now the play area is around the screen, giving you the feeling you're running around the pipe. collisions are only handled on bottom layer.

and again:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp5uFmW4 … re=related

same technique, but cleverly animated to look round.

if anyone knows what mode7 is, it's probably the best approach for OS. it removes the hassle of doing all this layer based stuff. maps would be doable in the editor, just with a mode7 switch on the level script. then the side view in the editor would actually be a top view when editing mode7 levels. then the engine converts it so that you see N bricks until horizon level, and bricks closer to the horizon would be zoomed out. this has been made before in rpg maker xp through its scripting language:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txBZT6nQ … re=related

mode 7 was the SNES' jewel on the crown. it's the most convincing polygon-free pseudo3d ever. it supports rotations and there's also mode7 with height maps.
so basically, no matter how many ways we get to fake 3d, mode 7 may be the most friendly of them all in all senses.

Like dynamite headdy?


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I see you have made more than 1 intro.png show at the begining.
How did you do that?


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MatheusRRR wrote:

I'm creating my Sonic game using opensurge engine. He for now only available for download in Portuguese, but future versions will have English and post here. wink

Screenshots Beta 2:

Were dat download?


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aronthehedgehog wrote:

but does anyone know the PSN account "sgtbakura"

Never heard of it is it you?
mines Loilkas :3


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Surge wrote:

Wow, not posted in 2 days!

I feel you there, as I'm anticipating the next version of Open Surge smile

Ikr I want it to come out now!


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Where did everybody go?


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Surge wrote:

I'm Surge. Surge the Rabbit. I need to help defeat Gilmacian the Dark... and you, gotta help us!

big_smile lol


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KZR wrote:

do you already have a sprite sheet with extra frames?

Yes its the Sonic 2 beta walking sprites
but I havent put them on the Open Sonic spritesheet

http://www.themysticalforestzone.com/sp … -sonic.png