I mean, in an on_collision condition, is there a way to know where both objects are touching? I'm not sure what you mean with "bounding box method"

Hi all, it's been a while smile

so I decided to pick up Open Surge again, as my engine of choice to create an arcade game.

One thing that struck me, is if it is even possible to determine the middle point of a collision, like where one object intersects the other. That I was never able to figure out, and don't even know if it is technically possible with the current API.

thoughts? roll


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I'm eager to try. Any chance you will add some of my hacks as optional features?


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Alexandre wrote:

I've been working on improving our scripting language.

Sounds interesting. Any specifics?

Also, how's the A5 port going?


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I believe the cutscenes use that technique. you might want to look in the cutscene scripts


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Bump roll

What's up? I miss working with this engine ^_^


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I'd recommend you to try GraphicsGale, as it can export sprite sheets and lets you align and center your sprites with frame-by-frame or animated preview.

It saved me a lot of trouble with putting sprites on grids and centering them.

I reccomend you switch over to Vim or Notepad++, as they are more suitable for programming, with automatic bracket completion and line count, for example

Race the Hedgehog wrote:

Yes, I'm using an KZR's older build. Thank you for making this possible

Ah the multiplayer hack, man it's been a while... I just followed Alexandre's instructions, all I really did was compiling the executable tongue

That should be made official, by the way.

I would say, create 4 invisible players, attach an object to each one and control the animations (and possibly attributes like speed, strength, jump height, etc) with variables and script commands. Sounds hard, but will give you a lot more flexibility.


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play the music track as a sound effect. in theory, you can even program a basic sequencer inside the engine through scripting only.

If you make a big vertical object that moves right, and several other objects that play a sound effect when they collide with the big one, you can build levels that are actually songs smile


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I believe we all agree, the main usability issue is the navigation through items/bricks/objects. Like said on the other topic, if we had some sort of selection screen, instead of going through all one by one, that would save the level designers a lot of time.


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So here are a few of my own:

Background preview

This is possible and fast. I did it with my little coding knowledge, it just needs to be turned into an official feature.

Brick/Object/Item selection window

By pressing a key, a tabbed window would pop-up, showing the available stuff that can be placed in a level. Click on something and it becomes the thing you are going to place next.

Group editor

Building upon the previous concept, editing groups could be done in a place inside the editor, or even just by selecting a bunch of stuff.


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I vote for the double jump/hover thing. Tails' flight kind of broke the game IMO


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Open Surge is coded with plain C not C++.
It will inevitably be ported to C++ to use Allegro 5, unless there is something else going on that I don't know of.


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TheSeventhEmerald wrote:
Alexandre wrote:

yes, there will be improvements to the PC version also.

Please, improved level editor... please, improved level editor... please, improved level editor...

Could I help mocking up and planning an improved level editor? I've been trying so many engines, I think that a better level editor would be a great starting point to make the community more active and also to make it easier to add content to the game.

Maybe even integrate the loose tools for bricksets and sprites in the editor, as a later update. Look at Platfinity, a game from a friend of mine. It lets you edit all about the game inside the game



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When can we expect to see the first changes/improvements?


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Alexandre, is the engine as we know it, going to get something new? I mean are you just porting to Android, or in the process also improving the PC version?

the strings $TUTORIAL_1_TITLE_ and $TUTORIAL_1_MSG_ are most likely not defined in the language file.


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It's been more than a year since the last source code revision. Is Open Surge really moving forward? Something was said about the Allegro 5 port being in the works, but nothing new was said ever since. Is Open Surge dead or just taking a long rest until Alexandre gets some time off? I worry that this promising project might be left abandoned due to lack of motivation from its creator, and the community in general.


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If PNG with alpha channel was supported, that would be easy to make in a graphic editor. Unfortunately, the engine only supports solid transparency, that means, a pixel is transparent or it is not. set_alpha only makes the whole sprite semi-transparent, in an uniform way. There is currently no way to make a fading transparency.

that looks great!

Hello gang,

I need an administrator, or two, or a bunch, that are responsible, active in the forums and can manage the Facebook page and post regularly.

I manage a few pages already, and I'm working on projects not related to Open Surge, so I don't have the time to do it by myself.

I could pick the people, but I prefer that the community votes on those that show interest.

It is necessary that you write good English to make good posts and engage more people around the world. If your English is not good, you can still invite people to like the page. That will bring more people to the community, and take Open Surge out of the obscurity.

Looks like the rebirth of Open Sonic cool

Great Job!

MajorLunaC wrote:

I get the feeling there's a reluctance to do anything except sticking to a set plan, which has sadly ended up not doing much of anything (no offense). Some projects plan a lot but execute a little, while others plan little but execute a lot. Planning is a very good idea, but it looks like it's been lots of planning with little execution, especially with such strict requirements. At this point, there's not much you can lose by accepting using any assets you can and dealing with the results later. I would say it's better to just use a large portion of the better assets already available, as a collection, and make a story out of that. Some of the greatest stories have come out of improvisation and imagination using inspiration. If you want, the current story can be Part 2 or 3 made at a date when it's possible or better supported. I really like this project and want to see it achieve something great. I'll try to help whenever I can, although the techniques above are very easy and very quick.

no one ever said this better. agree 100%