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jobromedia wrote:

When it comes to themes one thing I really have a hard time figuring out is how to calculate the angles of slopes.

There was some online tool posted around a year back or so IIRC. Wouldn't it be good to have this as a sticky in a separate Tools forum?

if you have two different sides you can calculate.
use the tangent (Tan)

from: wikipedia


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now it is possible to download levels!
Now there are only levels of Silverstep, so-nick and me (16 levels)
to everyone, Can I also upload your levels?
when it is uploaded to the website it can not simply disappear (as the levels of so-nick)

link: http://surgeswarehouse.ssdw.nl/levels.php


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link does not exist.


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I hate hostshare mad
link does not exist.

link does not exist.


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let's see all the characters with the neon designs of Ramon


the hands and feet are too big, The legs are thin, like surge and charge.
I think it's a good design, but not done yet.


And now with the neon designs of race the hedgehog

I do not know why, but it does not feel good!

J0nnJ0nesJ wrote:

ssdw, Charge looks too mean to click on... I ain't clicking that... I don't think those claws feel too nice through your gut....

I agree, it looks very strange.
I'm going to continue to work with it.

J0nnJ0nesJ wrote:

The remix looks much better, I think.

it's different, but better?

See the difference:
sonic fan remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVAr6oX8to0
sonic 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCVVNweZLDU

This is indeed a fun game.
like sonic 4.


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it is indeed a good song!
but in the end you mean the last level or the credits?


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J0nnJ0nes wrote:

Hmmm.... I think GIMP might be able to do something like that. I think it may be at Filters->Animation->Optimize or Optimize for GIF .... one of those maybe. You can also reduce the quality a tiny bit of each frame.... usually unnoticeable. I'm sure some GIMP tutorials mention it... many have run into this problem, so it's more likely that such a thing is available in GIMP, even if only as a plug-in.

I'm going to try ginp, I'm still looking for a good program.
I had now made several frames and merged into one gif file (hence the large).
thanks smile

J0nnJ0nes wrote:

It might also be easier to work with if it's traced over as an SVG... at least I think it certainly would be in terms of animation.

it is an avatar, it must be a png, jpg or gif file.
since gif moves only, I think the choice is clear.


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The load screen is displayed only a few seconds.
I think a loading bar or anything that moves does not seem nice.


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Alexandre wrote:

the "now loading" can't be translated at this time because it's a fixed image in the images/ folder. we can probably improve this.

is it a future plan?
or in the future, this picture is replaced by another? a load screen?


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it must be in British English? quality spelling and grammar I know a lot more (it's easier than my own language).


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is it better to ensure that the game can be fully translated? I mean everything.
For example, the score, time and rings (in play, see top left.).
but also the "now loading ..." and the text at the bottom of the menu.

0.1.4 was never fully translated!


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that looks good.
is that menu a object or do you have made it in the source code?


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Happy new Year everyone smile
I hope that the first version of openSurge release this year


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i agree, I like it to!


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there are indeed such programs, but no one is open scource.
I think it's a good idea.


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KZR wrote:

hey ssdw are 14 kb ok? tongue

how did you do that?
from 107.9 KB to 14 KB, saves a lot!
Many thanks.

KZR wrote:

suggestion: make him blink his eyes

the eyes are now very quiet indeed.
I'm going to try that.


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Alexandre wrote:
ssdw wrote:

I get an error


I already know the problem.
this image is 107,9 KB, the max size is 50 KB.


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now I have more frames.
I do not know what movement should make the eyes.
but here a new version:

but I can not use it as my avatar sad , I do not know why hmm
I get an error

I could still download it.
In've uploaded to the uploader.
here: http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/uploa … o_Pack.zip


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what is the problem that we now have to work with ogg?


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SilverstepP wrote:
ssdw wrote:
Alexandre wrote:

maybe you could make other regions of his face move as well in order to make it look more natural.

now i use 3 images, perhaps I should use 4 or 5 images.

Try to move his eyes a bit as well.

what would they do?
what movement?