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SilverstepP wrote:

Alright, let me get to this one BEFORE Alexandre, lol. I think this level is quite impressive... some of the enemies were placed a little TOO well, to be honest... lol. The only thing is, it doesn't have as many slopes as a Sonic level would usually have. Try making some more bricks...

I know that making the bricks into a folder are easier, but I wish that you could combine them all into one image. It saves a lot of trouble. It took me a bit to figure out to put the FOLDER in the image file, not the images themselves. hmm Fail.

But the brick construction is done quite well! I haven't fallen prey to any glitches while playing it... but you should really try your hand at making a loop in this... if you do, you got something you can work with. I mean, look at me... I did loops the cheap way in Urban Rush (as an octagon, not a really circular loop) and made it work without anyone saying, "Hey! SilverstepP! Your loops are too rough!"

To sum it up, you've got potential with this... try building more and more to it!

the nex stage make I the bricks better (1 image), but I think is better that the grass should remain separate!

I will create a new stage with loops.
this is a image of jungle...
... so if you see, I had make a loop, but they are problems.


SoniChris wrote:

Try making another quest out of your new levels.

Good idea!

Alexandre wrote:

that's a pretty nice level!  it feels a bit "blocky", however. Whenever you're making slopes, make sure you adjust the angle of the bricks to the correct value. Every brick has the angle set to zero for now, that's why the level feels "blocky".

also, make sure you put the switches a little bit distant from the doors. The same goes for your other levels. I can get through the doors by using a spindash with sonic; the other characters aren't needed at all.

keep it up!

Yes, it is a bit blocky.
I'm going to improve this.



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nice stage smile


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I hope that this stage is better than jungle!
I have now use old graphics (sonic the hedgehog 1991 stage green hill act 1)

Download Link:
sorry, the file is gone sad

Alexandre wrote:

nice, you have improved the level. smile the last loop is bugged, though, and the graphics are not diverse. Either way, it's a good start. We're excited to see what new levels you're going to make. wink

Thank you!

I make now a new level with new graphics


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I Have make a better vesion!
see http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/forum/vi … php?id=358 !


This is a better vesion of Eggman castle.
  - The Background is lihcter
  - The stage is bigger
  - There are Loops
  - The are slopes
  - Better music
  - I had make the object by myself (No copy)
  - Sonic, Tails and knuckles can talk (Text)

(Sreen shot)

Download page:



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Alexandre wrote:

There should be a better contrast between the platforms and the background

also, including slopes, loops, etc is a pretty good idea.  My homepage
Brick tool


I'm make now a better vesion!


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Hello everyone,

I'm new here.
I'm the Dutch translation of OpenSonic.
I was curious how to make levels.
so I had make a quest (1 Level and 3 act)
This is my first time that I made a 2D Level (Normal I make 3D levels).


Pleas tell me how I can make the level better (Tips).