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Oh, it has to be in the title screen too? I was thinking of only on sites. I thought the title screen would be large, high-quality versions of the characters.


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Oh! Now that I didn't think of to solve the problem... yikes big_smile

2 & 3 With small text off the image area, or normal text on the image area.

4 & 5 With text next to the image area (much like your Surge's Warehouse Logo).

The text, of course, would be "Open Surge", just stylized in a unique way... maybe one that would be characteristic to Open Surge itself... might need to look up special free, open fonts.


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It would work... if the sprite version actually looked something like that... but it doesn't. On a smaller scale, like on your Surge's Warehouse logo, any difference is unnoticeable. But at that scale, the difference is rather apparent, unfortunately. I mean, it does look cool, but it's not what we have here... hmm

Oh, and for my logo attempt, I was actually aiming for Sonic-like spikes (except without actually putting Sonic), but if you didn't know what they were, then it's probably not a good idea to let anyone else take a guess. tongue


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Well, I might be biased, but with the Lady Bugsy there, it kinda does fit. Maybe the base and the light reflection might not fit as well, and it seems a lot more pixelated for some reason. I'm not sure about Charge fitting in...

I honestly don't know... Anyway, just tell me if it's worth trying with this, or should I try another concept? I'm just not too sure what form would be nice, and unique.


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Alexandre wrote:

Interesting concept. Do you plan to make the animations?

Is it really acceptable? Does anything need to be changed? (I was thinking the bottom was a bit rough.)

If it's ok as it is, I can make it crack like an egg, glow, and explode to bits (no fire)... kinda like Agent Smith in the Matrix, now that I think about it, lol. Just don't expect quite that level of quality. tongue

Just tell me if the original and intended animation are ok, or if you'd like something else?


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I still have this:


And plenty of different types can be made in GIMP using the Filters... it's got tons of neat special effects, and combining them can make even more interesting stuff.


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darkcity wrote:

I see what you mean people need to be dedicated.  I guess the other side is people need to know about the project before they can contribute.

True. But it's not quite in a state that we can advertise everywhere, or so I think. There are still ripped graphics and sounds in the stable, distributed version, and the physics system is still being overhauled. The main characters aren't even finished.

Of course we need contributors for JUST this reason, but it's quite a leap to make everything legitimate, legal, and original. I can say, for a fact, that there are people who would choose not to contribute because they consider it illegal, or, even worse, that they consider it just another knock-off. Frankly, I think the only things keeping this from being an official knock-off (just like all the others) are:

- the project being open-source.

- original sprites, artwork, story, and sound are being made to replace the ripped ones (albeit with difficulty and slowly).

- a much larger fan base being attracted, considering it's free, Sonic-like, and, most importantly, easily customizable by anyone (with a moderate learning curve), thinking their wildest Sonic dreams will come true (especially the true Sonic fanatics).

So, for now, I think the only contributors that might be more willing are likely from sprite ripping sites, especially the ones that make fan sprites, like that of Amy and Shadow from the Sonic franchise. When enough original content is made, all ripped content is discarded, the game is more easily and precisely customizable (level editing mainly), and the game is more optimized to run on a wider range of computers (mine is new and quite good, and it uses 100% all the time of just one core ... very few of the best 3D games do even close), then there will be an advertising spree (be it on my behalf, or others) that may likely attract many, and maybe kick-start the project to new levels....

Or so we're hoping. Other than that, everything's like Alexandre said, and I can give a very significant example, if you like.


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This is really more like a sloppy test run, but I think aliens bursting out would be better for this lol tongue :


I've found it's pretty hard to make things symmetric in GIMP, so I'll try Inkscape SVG concept, then shrink it to size... I think it'll turn out much cleaner and nicer. tongue


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Magma Mines retuned:


I re-encoded it starting from the mp3 version. The "q1, q0, q-1" correspond to the quality options when converting from the WAV version to the OGG version, with the range -1 (very low) to 10 (very high). I noticed no difference in quality even at -1. Tell me if I'm wrong, and choose the one you like.

Commands on linux I used, for reference (maybe there's a way to do the same on Windows):

lame --decode 'tindeck.com - JoePotato28 - Magma Mines Remade .mp3'

oggenc -q 1 'tindeck.com - JoePotato28 - Magma Mines Remade .mp3.wav'


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Alexandre wrote:

Welcome, SuperCream.


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Well... electrically-powered speed sneakers... That actually makes sense! Hmm... but I was thinking he also looks pretty bare above his feet.


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Alexandre wrote:
J0nnJ0nes wrote:

I'm thinking I'll try to make some animations for Surge this week. Any final revisions?

I think Race is already working on the animations. I remember people saying in other thread that that Surge looked very nice, but compared to the other two characters, it looked like as if he was from some other game.

Race and I were discussing this and he has made, in my opinion, a better version of Surge

I think this Surge fits so well.

But now Charge is missing eyebrows... He might need to be remade too, at least partially.

That Surge... well something now seems off with it... it may be the eye is too big and too far back. That specific look may work for a squirrel, but for a rabbit, I'm not so sure.

And he still looks like he's missing something, some item or another... what would you need for speed.... hmmmm... maybe a jacket, just to look cool?


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I'm thinking I'll try to make some animations for Surge this week. Any final revisions?

Any of the suggestions I mentioned in the post above? I'll try to make all the characters match style somehow too. big_smile

I also think he's missing something, as Charge has claws, nice fur patterns, and a wicked Mohawk; Neon has a jetpack and a stylish cap (maybe bubblegum counts too); Surge has ... nothing.

Maybe 'racing glasses', or some sort of sunglasses? I can provide any sort you like, as well as some of my own I'd like to try. Maybe a racing helmet? Something else too, like rings, special shoes, something?


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Small changes in AP's concept:


Changes? Colors? Right Direction? I got all week! big_smile


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I now have a 1 week break. I'll try to make whatever I can, but I've been hesitant to try bricks because I'm not familiar with how they're used or placed in-game, and I think I need to find some Sonic level images to make similar. Once I figure everything out, and make some nice ones, I'll try to put some stuff on the wiki to help others, even a good template maybe.


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Celdecea wrote:

Thanks for your help, but I'm not wasting any more time on this.  I know my environment stands in the way of projects though upgrading is not presently affordable.

Just as a side note: Well, I think that's one reason why Linux was made... everything else was too costly, too slow, and too buggy at the same time. But time is a factor too, because it takes some getting used to... and if you can't afford to upgrade, you might not be able to afford the time, unless you do it gradually with virtual machines or something.

Although I do occasionally have linking problems for some programs as well, but that's more due to non-standard linking and my Linux distribution... and it was always resolved.

P.S. Also, I've heard that Allegro has some problems and limitations, from another project that uses it, as it was originally built for DOS. They switched to SDL, but I don't know the difference myself... except maybe that I've seen SDL used much more often for games.


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Well I'm definitely not an expert in lighting or reflections (had to look up these just to get a basic idea: Specilar Reflection, Ambient Lighting - CG, Diffuse Reflection).

But from what I understand, you're saying the diffuse lighting, that actually makes it seem like fur, is good, while the Sonic sleek and shiny aspect is no good here. Considering we're aiming for furry animals, I agree. None of them should look like they're greased up or bald, as much as I might otherwise like the Sonic lighting.

However, what about direction? That was more the issue really. Many side-scrollers have had this sort of question, and some did make it from one side. For example, Streets of Rage has light coming from somewhere in the upper-right corner of the screen, while Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3 have light like in Sonic, above the audience somewhere. I'm guessing they also gradually came to the conclusion that lighting directly above the audience provides more accurate, bilaterally even lighting and an easier lighting system to work with.


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I would like to know the exact specification for lighting sprites, blocks, items, etc., as I have not seen anything specific mentioned. The following are possibilities:

-Sonic-like Lighting: Light shines (on smooth shiny surfaces) from a circular light that's located slightly above from where the audience is viewing from. The light seems like a small flashlight shining on the character from a dark room, where the audience is.

-From the Right, Above: Light shines from above, from the right part of the screen, at about a 45 degree angle above from the horizon. This may cause problems when characters face left, as there isn't supposed to be lighting from the left side of the screen. Individual left and right versions of characters would likely have to be made. Not to mention it would not fit any dark or night levels at all. From what I can tell, the Sonic-like Lighting was made to overcome and solve all these potential problems, simply, easily, and logically.

Do you have another type of lighting that could be possible, without making the lighting on the characters seem odd or unbalanced at any time? If not, then maybe the Sonic-like Lighting should be specified in the Art Specification Document. Maybe there's a better description of it, as mine seems a bit vague... maybe a picture would help too.


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I remember there was a problem with just the shield for the characters (which now I think about it, wouldn't fit with the ears either), there was a major problem with synchronization... unless the ears are detached, hovering, cybernetic replacements, I don't think it would look too good.

I say it would be better just to make the ears a bit smaller, or folded back... they do seem big...


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It works for me just fine.


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KZR wrote:

regarding Neon, I agree with SilverstepP, the ears are too long. I like his cap. if it's made rounder it will look more like a baseball cap and less like a beret.

my advice for every spriter is to be careful with ear sizes because they not only make the sprite unnecessarily big, and also they lead to undesirable collisions, unless we come up with some sort of collision boxes for characters.

also, facial expressions are not very important at this phase, it's something we can add as we go.

Yeah I did have the same problem when I tried to make the cap for mine... it tended to end up a baseball cap.

Yeah, ears are a problem. As for the sizes, another thing that could be done is use completely separate images for each, and collision is limited to non-transparent pixels... possibly... I'm not sure about the technicalities.

Yeah, facial expressions are definitely things that can be done later.


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Wow! The sprite looks just like the concept, as far as I can tell! Maybe the ears smaller, hat rounder, front-pointing shoe longer, much like the others... as well as less Sonic colors/patterns. But you got real sprite talent! I like the unique style too!

However, seeing all of them by each other, it looks like they're all from different games, each with a different design style. hmm Is this gonna work? Maybe Surge and Neon need to go more toward Charge style... at least in body patterns, like stripes, but Charge is expressionless and seemingly emotionless.

Surge needs some characteristics sharpened a bit, and maybe less happy-go-lucky looking?

Surge and Charge need more humanistic expressions, like Neon. Maybe it's the larger eyes, eyebrows, and ... something else. They all definitely need some fattening up around the limbs... if you don't think so, go away for a month, seeing no sprites, and come back to this picture... you'll see.

Somehow, we gotta make these characters fit together, but much later. Right now, basic is still needed. We can always refine them later to needs. Great job! big_smile


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I agree about the Flash thing... Flash tends to crash Firefox for me, and it has some vulnerabilities.

Also, I don't quite recommend having people upload images there as well, as storing images hasn't really been a problem. I use Photobucket, and images have not left my accounts, ever... that means 5 years plus. I don't even know if they have a limit, and if they do, you can always make more accounts. Bandwidth for it has never been a problem thus far, and it still doesn't remove the images.

On account that you're gonna need as much space as possible for other things on the Warehouse storage, I recommend the Photobucket alternative. Up to you though... depends on your storage capacity and its reliability over a long time... it shouldn't be a problem for a while, I think, considering the overall size of the game itself, and the limited resources. Just consider it for the future.


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There is also this type from that same game, but I was thinking it was way too big, and not enough room for the tail:


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I think it's the general wiki syntax. It's tricky to do simple things in it ... takes getting used to.... although I've never gotten used to it..... too weird stuff...

Hope this helps... there's other references if you Google it, "Wiki Syntax":
Google's Wiki Syntax Reference