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STALTZ wrote:

You're not really understanding my point here. I'm talking about those leverage ratios as for decentralized inspiration, not about whether one has money or not to make their indie game. I know plenty of cases of indie developers that struggle to survive just through freelance jobs, and their free time goes to really well done games. It's not money that makes a good game, but good inspirations. Decentralized inspirations. If your inspiration is all in Sonic, then that's what you'll get, Sonic rip-offs. Not remixes and mutations that evolve into original artwork. Watch http://everythingisaremix.info/ a documentary about this

A leveraging ratio is, by its very definition, a ratio used to calculate whether a company can repay its debts.  So I feel my answer still stands on its own.  When one has inspiration for making a game one does not immediately calculate these ratios, so I do not consider them one of the major motivations that starts a person into making independent games.  Also, inspiration can be a funny thing.  It can come from many many sources to make something completely off the wall.  In my earlier posts I was merely stating that sonic should not be immediately discounted as a source of inspiration because, for many, it is.

STALTZ wrote:

But that's not what I want to talk about. You've been ignoring me when I've been talking about cultural paradigms VS vertical hierarchies through leverage ratios. Things that REALLY affect communities like this. Real shit. Forums like this, man, happen every once in a while, and it's because we don't get those leverage ratios.

So, what you really want to talk about are cultural concepts or thought patterns VS the rigid structure of a forum?  I'm not understanding what leveraging ratios have to do with it though, as stated earlier I do not believe that is one of the primary motivating factors when first starting an independent game.  As for the remainder of the argument you are correct that culture does shift in such a way, however if we view this point from the main thought in Plato's Republic you will see why I consider democracy in this particular case to be a shift down.  First we start with a monarchy, and done correctly it is powerful and unbroken.  After that we move down to a timocracy where the strong rule (this is seen in forum terms when the old members attempt to strong-arm the new ones in decision making).  The next step down is an oligarchy, where money rules (as seen if financial contribution buys one power in a forum).  Next we move to democracy, which is seen in the book as a sort of mob rule because people have gotten sick of the above systems and want something new.  The only bad thing about the democracy in this particular sense is it inevitably leads to dictatorship unless kept in check by a very careful system of checks and balances.  Is that more along the lines of what you wanted to hear or is there yet another point of yours I'm missing?

Yuush wrote:

Instead of wasting time reading this, why don't you make a research? Soon you'll find that it's not as easy as it seems. In fact, dealing with spammers everywhere has worn out the credibility of seveveral websites as well as it's vanished the reputation of gaming development of homemade creations. Moreover, the monopoly of the largest companies has struck down all the hopes of those who struggle to earn a piece of the market's pie. So while we argue here, there are lots of conglomerates reinforcing ideologies such as the already shown vertical hierarquies through leverage ratios. The worst part of this is that unimportant people like us can simply keep this system and help it grow by simply ignoring the facts and taking in advance that we're all wrong. What a shame....

Alright, you have my attention with your leveraging ratios, can I get specific examples how how large conglomerates are using these leveraging ratios to maintain their hold on a market where freedom of information is becoming more and more a reality and the power of major publishers in the industry is slipping from them every day because the huge overhead of physical distribution is no longer required to get to every part of the world?


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The Above Site wrote:

All these questions, properly weighted, raising doubts about whether the fair trial of eventualities is an openness to improving relationships between vertical hierarchies.

Interesting, almost word for word with:

STALTZ wrote:

All these questions, properly weighted, raise questions about the growing influence of the media is an opening for the improvement of vertical relationships between the hierarchies. Or do you somehow relate Sonic with the paintings of art? Or perhaps the creation of FORUMS. Dear friends, the fair trial of eventualities may lead us to consider the restructuring of the vertical relationships between the hierarchies.

Now, back to your question:

STALTZ wrote:

I would like to see you answer whether or not the continued expansion of our game development forums require precision and definition of the sense of community and art. That is beyond. Way beyond.

That depends on whether you consider this particular forum from the perspective of the Open Surge team or of a team for a game made from modifying the main game's scripts.  If we were to define only one sense of art and community it would, as far as I can see, progress the central game.  The problem with that is getting every single person on the same motivational track, and attempts to do so may end in splinters or fractures if you will in the very community we are trying to promote the growth and development of.

As for this:

STALTZ wrote:

I don't know why you come here, what brought you, or whether you like to think about art on your free time. But one thing is very interesting to me. The encouragement of technological advancement, as well as the understanding of the goals proposed promotes the desired leverage ratios. These leverage ratios are the ones that act as a requirement for decentralized game inspiration. Or do you think cultural paradigms are just an excuse for defining art and community? This community here, in particular, doesn't look that very eccentric to me. Does it look to you?

Anybody can be inspired to make a game, and you are right in that not everyone has the financial muscle to make a great game, however if an independent team works within their means it can still result in a product worthy of being played.  As such I do not believe discouraging young developers with little financial power is in the best interest of anyone as it stagnates the community when they grow older and do not have the interest but do have the financial power.

STALTZ wrote:

This must be a joke....

What in particular are you referring to with this statement, please clarify if you want me to address it.


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Yuush wrote:

I wouldn't feel idiotic if someone came up with a freaking original and decent project. It's the other way around, dude. I'd really be glad if that happened.
So enough of words, show me what you've got (if you have the balls)

Actually I am cooking something up, perhaps when I have it a bit more ready I'll release a snapshot so you can enjoy it, as it is right now its really just barely getting started and I have a lot of mechanics to perfect before anyone other than me will get to see it.  The reason I continue to say you really shouldn't generalize is because sites like this are where people take their first steps so to speak into the world of game development, discouraging these budding developers doesn't help anyone, and there are honestly some sonic fan-games which might surprise you such as Eggman Hates Furrys.


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Yuush wrote:

Being derivative doesn't mean that it should COPY.
Dude, you guys here are far from being inspired only. Your work here reflects a lack of originality. The Beatles, for example, became famous not because they got inspired by another genre, but because they made ir hard to know where inspiration came from, that's what I meant.
But you guys still """create""" sonic related stuff like 2nd graders. OMG, you're so innovative!!!!11!!!

Well of course it shouldn't copy directly, similar mechanics is not copying.  You are referring to us all in the general again, dangerous business that, someone might just go and surprise you and then you'd be left with your harsh generalizations looking idiotic for assuming that everyone belongs in the same bucket.


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Yuush wrote:
lunarrush wrote:

I compare the creating of games with that of any other art, one must start with the foundations and improve from there.  I do also consider the creation of forums to be a form of art, everyone can have a different take on it but it still tends to follow certain trends.  My earlier comparison of a symphony to a budding musicians songs comes from an interest in how in musical popular culture songs tend to follow the same four chord structure again and again and yet we still consider each its own work rather than a ripoff of an older work such as Pachelbel's Canon.

And guess what, the most successful guys came up with totaly innovative ideias yikes

Enjoy ;-)




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STALTZ wrote:

In this way, the Internet phenomenon plays an essential role in the formulation of the survey of the variables involved. How can you determine to what extent can an immature not be as equal or higher than those that are not administrators? Who chooses? Me? Therefore, the current structure of the organization hinders the appreciation of the importance of alternatives to orthodox solutions.

I agree that it is important to always test further solutions to a problem, this is how new solutions are found which may be just as viable as any other if not better.  My claim is that you came here to fight a monarchy but I'm not yet understanding how your solution would work in a community.  Would it be possible to test this on a large scale, if so how would one go about ensuring that the project was truly unbiased?
You have presented some compelling arguments that forum moderation should occur in a more democratic form, however this leads to the possibility of mob rule and eventual decent into madness, for example one can create many accounts to directly influence the power they have over the community as a whole leading to the very dictatorship you are fighting against.
My question at this point is how we can overcome these problems and lead to a successful solution and potential implementation.

STALTZ wrote:

Do you think it's important to question how the competitiveness of Sonic forums presents trends in order to approve the maintenance of preferred directions towards progress of better indie games? Do you disagree/agree/object?

Yes, of course it is an important part of the question, the other important part is how the cooperation found in the aforementioned forums influences the correlation toward better indie games.  So, would this environment be considered a competitive one or a cooperative one, I would make the argument for the cooperative nature being more influential here than the competitive nature because of the open nature of the source code of every game developed on the engine found here.

STALTZ wrote:

All these questions, properly weighted, raise questions about the growing influence of the media is an opening for the improvement of vertical relationships between the hierarchies. Or do you somehow relate Sonic with the paintings of art? Or perhaps the creation of FORUMS. Dear friends, the fair trial of eventualities may lead us to consider the restructuring of the vertical relationships between the hierarchies.

I compare the creating of games with that of any other art, one must start with the foundations and improve from there.  I do also consider the creation of forums to be a form of art, everyone can have a different take on it but it still tends to follow certain trends.  My earlier comparison of a symphony to a budding musicians songs comes from an interest in how in musical popular culture songs tend to follow the same four chord structure again and again and yet we still consider each its own work rather than a ripoff of an older work such as Pachelbel's Canon.

If I have misunderstood any of your post please rephrase, if any of my answers aren't satisfactory please ask me for more.


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STALTZ wrote:

So if the best you can give me from this amazing community is one sonic ripoff and one guy that happened to be part of team that made an OKISH game, I gotta tell you this is a forum of sonicnoobs. Not even the best 1% is that good, so the 99% rest must be really trashy. Sonic trashy.

Its called inspiration, not ripping someone off.  For example, one can hear a beautiful symphony and then turn around and use that as inspiration to make their own music.  Slippery physics are present in a lot of games, does that mean that every single game that uses them is ripping off sonic?  Even if he was trying to make a Sonic clone he is still learning the art of design, and what that means is that there will be more created in this world and you're painting that as a bad thing.  Those points aren't even starting on the fact that he is, indeed, a one man team and doesn't have the time, money, or resources to pour into polish like the triple A industry does.

You come into this forum claiming to be fighting a monarchy but providing no viable alternative and instead taking the time to bash on another.  You come here claiming that awards mean nothing when to an independent developer they can mean the world.  So, if you're so great I ask you, how does one become great except through trial and error.  Nobody is born perfect, and I am sure that includes you.

STALTZ wrote:

But hey! Sorry, you can't reply to this comment because you promised to leave the discussion.

Wow, taking pot shots to try to get him back, you must really miss him interrupting your very important pot shots at this community ;-).


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STALTZ wrote:

Lets quit the english, it just brings these random strangers.

Well yeah it does, especially when it says things like this:

STALTZ wrote:

E esse foi sempre o problema da GB. Nao tinha nenhum conflito e nenhuma guerra separando usuarios A e usuarios B. Tinha voce, tinha uma boa parcela de usuarios inteligentes, e tinha um mar de sonicnoobs. A parte dos usuarios com cerebro estava de saco cheio dos sonicnoobs, estes sim eram os que sujavam tudo. Os nao noobs comecaram a reclamar da noobice. A gente queria liberdade disso. Insistimos. Insistimos. E de repente, vc fecha tudo. Essa foi a historia da GB.

Seriously, you are calling an entire group of people Sonic noobs?  That's a bit unfair in context, you immediately assume that this entire forum is populated entirely by people of this variety who, according to your own statements, lack real intelligence.

Honestly, I don't see what you're trying to accomplish by posting further about this, you seem like you're just trying to hurt Alex and in all reality you've gotten what you claimed you were after.  You wanted it to be known what happened in the past and you have an entire article written on it with links to evidence.  Someone earlier asked Alex to apologize and he did, what are you after by keeping this a public conversation at this point on a public forum and then expecting a language barrier to keep random people from reading what you say and responding with discussion?  I understand that you're angry about what happened, but its not like continued ranting about the subject and taking aim at random people with your arguments is going to help your cause.


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Yuush wrote:

It seems that you're still a pussy, doesn't it?
I mean, haven't you get man enough to face your problems instead of dodge them as if you weren't responsible for the mess you've made? Those guys are not just trolling you because it's fun to mock or bully you. There's a whole serious reason behind this all. We don't want any revenge, we just want you to admit and apologize for the imature things you've done. But the thing is: have you grown up enough? With this kind of approach, it doesn't seem so. I'd advise you not to ignore them nor pretend you don't know what's going on. Can't you even do it!? For your own sake?!

Hey, isn't that a bit of a low blow?  After all, internet trolls will be internet trolls whether or not someone has made mistakes in the past, and everyone makes mistakes.  All it takes is a little digging and you can find things that someone would rather hide...after all a mistake could even be as simple as bullying someone in a forum one time and all of a sudden it could turn into a big headache when a future employer or lender finds it.


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It is actually several files...here are the important ones to actual system operation:


Those are the important ones for the base if I'm remembering properly...

S32X wrote:

Well as far as that goes I don't think the time or patience/interest to figure that out. Plus even if I did manage to do that, I would have no way of compiling it.

Yes, you would, the nanoparser compiles what I was referring to.  The files above are the base system as it was adapted to SD.  I also have a zip of my original files...but I can't make any promises about how well it will work as it took several weeks of adapting for 0.3 to be able to use it right.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/225 … combat.zip


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S32X wrote:

However for the health thing, hey KZR. Didn't you make a hack of the Engine that allowed players to not lose all of their rings when they got hit?

Well, as far as that hack goes it is because we overrode a few of the behaviors you find in the main engine, you are always free to look into the source code of the combat system in there and see how we ended up doing it.  Basically what happened in version 0.3 of Shinobi Densetsu and later is I wrote a prototype combat system, we completely did away with engine enemy detection, and we used enemy states to figure out how to damage the player.  This actually kills two birds with one stone for you if you want to take the time to adapt my original combat system concept I would suggest downloading that version of the game and figuring out what I did, its in a system called fracture combat system.

Also, there is an override for the engine's 'strong player', simply springify your player every time they jump.


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Ok, I've downloaded your game, and I'm trying it right now, my review is below.

First Impressions/Menu: My first impression of the game was soured a bit by the fact that it decided to full screen on me right away rather than starting in windowed mode and giving me the option to swap it up.  Unfortunately, full screen is a bit obnoxious with my computer as it causes several of my programs to stop responding properly.  So, I got into the game, noting the change to the donation screen.  In whatever language the preferences.dat file was set to there was no text on that screen other than the accept and later buttons, and after a bit of investigation and messing around I finally got my language changed to English.  One thing you may want to note, in windows starting something with ~$ marks it as a protected system file, so not just anyone is going to know how to get rid of that file.  I'm not certain if that is temporary, but I also tried both links, one continued into the game silently, the other took me to Wikipedia in my browser and still continued into the game.  If you're trying to make your users accept those conditions, I would suggest not allowing them to bypass them like that.  So, I got to the main menu, and noted the Sonic and Tails in the airplane in the background and the other airplane thing, you may want to note for future reference that they look very cut out against the rest of the menu background, you may want to consider changing them up a bit.  You may also want to consider going to a newer version of the engine to take advantage of a fully scripted main menu, one which you have greater control over, and the new menu song which I absolutely adore.

Opening Cutscene: You have the very first edit I've seen yet to the opening cut-scene, and I'm impressed with how well you handled it considering the way it was created.  I saw yet another cutout along the bottom of the screen in the last part of the cut-scene, you may want to fix that in the final version.

Lost Paradise 1: Suddenly, I found myself underwater, and very slow.  Your character's max speed is not something I am getting along with at the moment, though I'm not sure it has been edited in the slightest, so I'm going to edit the character template right now and then start up the game again.  Either way, I would not suggest starting the character so far under water and I would not suggest putting such a large water section into the first level because water is a fairly difficult obstacle and doesn't allow for a lot of player exploration in your earliest level, the place they're going to be exploring most.  Anyway, with my modified speed profile I was easily able to get to the top of the cliff, then after looking around for where to go I decided to go down into the section at the start where you could go down to find secrets in Open Surge's sunshine paradise.  I found my way across the lake without too much difficulty, then found your secret ring.  I would suggest you either don't put one in or actually make it do something.  Now, I went down the cliff and found 2 chaos emerald looking things.  I would guess that one was a sign and one was the goal post.  You will likely want to edit your sign to be more of a sign and less of a goal replica.

Lost Paradise 2: Now, on to act 2.  Act 2 we start out with 2 invincibility boxes, a whole bunch of platforms, and a text box.  First of all, I would suggest getting rid of the invincibility boxes and replacing them with 1-2 ten ring boxes, as this is the first boss and rings provide players with more of a 'try again' model that won't have them dying all over the place.  Second, I would suggest making all the platforms in the boss arena cloud platforms, this way the player can jump through them from underneath and they won't be a hassle to get up onto.  Third, I would suggest getting rid of that message box.  It gets in the way a lot of the time, and is really unneeded for the stage.  Also, I would suggest giving credit to SilverstepP, as he did write the code for your boss.  Because it is 7 am and I don't have the moxie to stay up much later I'm going to look up your quest order and skip the boss as the platforms and lack of rings are making it hard for me to beat in my current state of mind.

Tidal Tempest 1: Tidal Tempest seems to start out very generous with the rings, there is a slope just down from the beginning that doesn't work too well when the red springs toss you into it, I'd suggest looking into that.  I'd also suggest changing up the brick-set/music here because that's generally what a new level name signifies.  There is a red spring off the ground inside the maze, springs look odd when they aren't attached to anything.  By jumping into the side of the big spike pit and continuously jumping upward I was able to glitch through the platform above, you may want to reconsider that trap a little, especially considering exploiting this glitch brought me right to the end of the stage.

Tidal Tempest 2: Tidal Tempest 2 starts up and our heroes are all together, I would suggest a cut-scene at the end of Tidal Tempest 1 at the very least to explain how they got together, but I immediately picked sonic.  I ran until I got to the section where you're climbing back and fourth, again I must say that cloud bricks would be much better suited for this area.  The two goalposts at the top of the climbing section are redundant, I would suggest just using one or using a custom graphic one that does more along the lines of what you want it to do.  Sonic turns into surge whenever he touches a zip-line, that is a little strange and will require you to edit the object to call Sonic's animation frames when the character is Sonic.  I got to a section above the opening and near the exit and found a bunch of stacked platforms, may I suggest putting in something other than grass on grass on grass on grass here. 

Dark Night 1: I rather enjoy the change in scenery, be sure to give credit to whoever made your brickset/background in your readme/license as well.  I got to the maze-like section and found my normal instinct failing me, perhaps coloring the sections you can walk through differently or not putting those bricks there would help to guide your player to know where they can go and where they cannot.  Then we get to the red spring right before the blue spring.  Pressing the run arrow on this ends up setting the player back, it is not intuitive, perhaps increase the next gap a bit so this jumping doesn't occur.  The destrucible section, while interesting, means that if your player goofs up they will lose a life, keep that in mind when designing this or you may end up with a very frustrated player.  The blue spring right before the cliff is simply cruel in a game about speed it is not a great idea to put instant death for people who try to use speed.  Also, I just noticed, where did sonic suddenly disappear to?  On my second run of this level I noticed some of the physics traps I failed to fall into the first time around.  Some of these are very glitch ridden, I would suggest thicker platforms and better ways to let your player die once inside than pressing themselves through a floor.

Labyrinth Zone 1: The parallax background on Labyrinth Zone 1 is really cool.  Did someone design that for you, or did you do it yourself?  Either way, give credit in the credits where it is due.  The spikes in this place are very mean, the sides of them hurt you, and they do not have enough room between them for Surge to jump safely as his motion controls are a bit slippery, at least as far as I feel them.  I rather enjoy the background, and I rather enjoy the brick-set, but together they can cause the eye to very strange things, and the hurt after the goal post is a bit of a low blow, I'd suggest getting rid of that.

Labyrinth Zone 2: Labyrinth Zone 2 has some very problematic spikes, their hit-box is very strange, and you can be hurt by them from quite some distance away.  You provided many many water shields in there to compensate, however I'd suggest fixing your spikes and making many of those shields into bubble spawners.

Cutscene 1: Cutscene 1 didn't really make much sense in context, also I'd suggest having a standard art style when looking at both sonic and surge up close.

Final Boss: Was able to finish it without fighting either boss, make defeating the final boss or 'opening the cage' your level clear reason here and put the cage out of reach until the boss is gone if that's the path you go.

You did give credit where it was due, I'd suggest doing so in your license.txt file or in an edited readme.html file.  Very nice touch giving a credit roll :-)

Overall: A very inconsistent experience, yet a fairly fun one.  I can tell you've put a lot of time into this, and with a bit more polishing I'm betting it could shape up into an amazing mod.  If you need more specific information on my comments/suggestions please post and I'll get to them when I wake.


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That's likely to come from an opening bracket without a closing bracket on an include, I'd direct you to these files to correct your issue.  Also, if the below files aren't in a sub-folder I think they can be parsed just like regular objects, which means they don't need an include statement, I would suggest leaving them in a sub-folder for your sanity's sake and the sanity's sake of anyone who tries to debug your code.

#include "hud.inc"
#include "opening_animation.inc"
#include "level_cleared.inc"
#include "switch_character.inc"
#include "pause.inc"
#include "quit.inc"
#include "camera.inc"
#include "water.inc"


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jobromedia wrote:

#include "brick.brk"

Do keep in mind, adding functionality like that would break many levels.  Why?  Simply because brick 0 could be one of two bricks.  Perhaps what would be the best option for you would be to fully define the two brick sets, then simply multiply the brick numbers in one of the files by 10000 or so and put the files together.  In fact, because open surge bricks have a defined file structure it wouldn't be too hard to write a program that could potentially combine two brick sets very easily.

As for an all encompassing brick standard, that is not something that can be implemented by the engine.  If anything, this would have to be implemented by the community willingly rather than forcefully.  After all, a template may encourage creativity but it can also stifle it, especially in level design where there end up being all sorts of weird bricks for each and every level.


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On the topic of dynamic lighting:
In all reality this would probably have to be implemented at an engine level and would require shade-less brick sets that picked up shading information based on proximity to the nearest light source and the intensity of that source and the color of their 'lighting mask', in other words a heap load of math and a cosmetic feature that we don't precisely need but it would be cool if we had.  It could potentially be implemented as objects, but that would potentially turn every single brick into an object that reacted to the presence of light by changing its state of animation, and if I'm not mistaken, objects can already be rotated.  So, it may be in your best interest to study how such a system works and then see which features you would need to design such a thing and then determine how to implement it.  I'm betting you could do it with the object construction system as it is right now, just keep in mind that many reactive objects may slow down your game quite a bit.


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Sonic sprites are copyright Sega of America.  As for Open Surge, they are CC-BY-SA, that means you can use them as long as you give attribution and if you modify Surge or any of the other open surge characters you must release these derivatives under the same open source license.  For more information, see the link below


You might get flack from Sega of America, but it is highly unlikely.  Simply look at Deviant Art for an example of what I am saying, hell I even know artists on there who make money selling commissions for drawings of Sonic characters on there all the time.

Copyright laws are quite ambiguous, just keep in mind that Open Surge is covered in such a way that you should be able to easily avoid problems and that Sonic is covered in such a way that you might run into problems but because of the huge fan art base of those characters you should be fine.


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Delving into the secondary request:
"shhhht!" is not a bad word, and we are aiming for a bit older audience to begin with.  After all, sonic nowadays is more about the latest 3D gimmick, we're going for more of a puzzle/nostalgic 2D sonic-like game as far as I've been able to determine(please let me know if I'm wrong there).   Also, the lovely thing about real bad words is that they convey a universal meaning.  Therefore, used correctly, bad words are a fantastic form of conveying your message.  However, attempting to censor things like "shhhht!" tells me that you may be of the censor police variety, so please tell me what is so bad about him attempting to get the user to be quiet about where he is?  Sorry if I seem very anti-censorship, but I have friends who were sheltered from everything above 't' rating for much of their lives and I'm just now getting them some of the content they've been missing out on, so I really see censorship as overzealous squeamishness of what life really has in it and cannot agree with it on most grounds. 

On original topic:
Also, the type of 2 player you are talking about is relatively hard in this particular engine, if one player leaves the screen they get disabled.  That's not to say that it can't be done, but in all reality you'd almost be better off with the Knuckles Chaotix variety of multi-player in which you don't allow either player to leave the screen.


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The lovely thing about this engine is you can implement whatever kind of co-op you want to implement using the scripting language, if you want help implementing follow the leader style co-op I'd suggest you start by looking through what you want it to do and designing an implementation that does precisely what you want it to do.

Please note, because of the way your browser caches information it may take you several refreshes to get the 'latest' version of the game.  Sorry that it has to be that way, but as of right now I do not know a way to make it work any other way.  I can put in a version string in the top right corner that should change when you get the proper version....I'll have to do that later tonight.

Sorry, I was a bit wrong, things that are powers of 2 tend to process faster inside a computer, so we start at 2 then continue multiplying answer by 2 to get 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512.  I've provided a link below that attempts to explain why game designers started using these numbers.  Also, I was not trying to mislead you when I said that engines tend to bog with bigger images, in fact many engines I know of don't have support for loading an image above a certain size to protect themselves from such slowdown.  What we need to do is preform some optimization testing with various brick sizes and see precisely which ones provide the best performance on multiple platforms.  We will need to write some engine code that can catch how optimum our performance is and print it to a readable file which can then be read by the mod developer to help them determine what size of brick they wish to use for their game.

http://gas13.ru/v3/tutorials/sywtbapa_w … prites.php


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Little tip s32x, that code's going to keep looping again and again until you change states, it's not like a method call in standard programming where you can call a void method and it will run only once, you must change states after it runs or you get a memory leak.

Yes, I am simply stating that your odds of having good working bricks is better if you use multiples of 8 for your larger bricks.  Remember that you can still define a brick set by hand, it's an essential skill to have in defining brick sets and is just what you need if you want to see just how large of a brick you can get away with in a level.  As for changing up the official tool, I can support it being able to choose from several brick sizes, but I know that introduces a world of work for Alex and you must understand that he only has so much time available for open surge development to begin with.

The reason multiples of 8 draw faster has to do with the way computers process information.  Every single thing inside your computer is represented by binary, and binary breaks into sets of 8 to display things.  Therefore, there is less 'empty' information being processed when a tile is 16x16 than if it was 17x17.  So, if you want to make larger bricks I would suggest keeping within these multiples of 8 as much as you can, so 32x32 is a good size, 64x64 is a good size, and 128x128 is probably the largest I would personally go because when you start getting into images larger than that you have the potential to bog the entire engine.  Actually, if anyone is willing to custom define a tileset with sizes larger than 256x256, build a moderately sized level with it, and try it we can determine how much that will bog the engine if at all.  Just remember, we need most of our processing power to go to the game objects, so if this causes bogging it will likely be too much for many hacks because between that and the engine processing their objects there will be lag.


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// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Open Surge Engine
// http://opensnc.sourceforge.net
// File:   objects/default_startup/opening_animation.inc
// Desc:   opening animation
// Author: Alexandre
// Date:   2011-01-01
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
object ".default_startup.opening_animation" {
     requires 0.2.0
     state "main" {
        set_absolute_position 0 0
        let "$_ds_op_zindex = 9999"
        let "$_fade_in = 1"

        create_child ".fade_effect"

Actually according to what I'm seeing he has the right number of opening brackets and closing brackets, I'm betting that the problem is really in the ".fade_effect" or the startup file that is calling this file because if there is a missing bracket in one of those files it could potentially trip the nanoparser to error here.  Also, as a note, I've gone ahead and changed the spacing a bit just so I could better understand the code bracket issues that may have been present in this file. Also, do note that your $fade_in is going to a local variable when I'm pretty sure it's meant to be going to a global that you should be declaring before you call the subobject, so as such I have changed the order of it a bit, changed $fade_in to $_fade_in, and made the variable declaration style a little more consistent.  If you want further help bughunting please take a look at the 2 files I referred to and make sure that every one of them and every file they in turn call has the proper amount of opening and closing brackets, and then if your code still doesn't work post the contents of those files here so I can better understand your bug.

EDIT: The problem may actually be in all those blank lines between your commented lines at the top, I got rid of those spaces so try the above code before you go on your big bughunt.

Bricks draw to the screen faster if they are multiples of 8 and the larger a brick is the slower it loads, the choice of 16 by 16 is a game making tradition and making bricks in these sizes can actually improve your performance by an amount that gets bigger by the brick.