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I like SoniChris's version more than SilverstepP's one.

darkcity wrote:

what about a speedometer for sonic?

Oh yeah! Speedometer for Sonic! With Corvette ZO6 gauges!!! lol
We don't need this. tongue


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I'm don't like idea about Dimensional Medallions.
Also, I'm don't like magic...


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Very, VERY good.
I think I'll need your help when I'll do Searchest County zone, or even throughout the Hot Pursuit quest


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Coe 2 Duo = no problems. cool


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Good idea! smile


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I'm don't use skype.

SilverstepP, you also can use music from other games/films/etc.
I'm use music from NFS 3.
Also, you can find music, which is not used anywhere.

PS: I plan to make Paint City zone and Searchest County zone only for version 0.1.4 (or newer)


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Problem fixed: I'm switch resolution to "Normal", then I'm enable full-screen mode.
This was max-resolution glitch.


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SoniChris, +1 big_smile


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Anybody know why?


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Too close...


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What can I change in mods/ folder?


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Some screenshots plz.


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SilverstepP wrote:
SilverstepP wrote:

This could take a while.

...But it didn't! Updated. It has it's own background! It has 4 backgrounds... ah, I'll just show you a picture.


Hope you like it... Please give me your opinions!

(BTW, just as a request, could this be in the next 'extra levels' in the next release? Now that it's 100 percent custom, I think it could be a possible candidate...)

Good background. I like city levels smile


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Alexandre wrote:

"Silver the Rabbit is a classic 2D jump'n'run game inspired on the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series. This game introduces a different style of gameplay called team play, blablabla, blablabla, and it's covered by the GPL. Main features:
* blabla
* bleble
* blibli
* and much more!

Silver the Rabbit is being developed in C and it uses the opensnc engine."

Bililibli bleh, blalala! lol Rayman Raving Rabbids style! lol
As for the name:
I am in favor of the name of Silver the rabbit change to Swift the rabbit.
1. I prefer the name Swift.
2. To call the character Silver the rabbit anyway that call it Sonic the rabbit. wink


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Hmm ... SEGA has decided to return to the production of video game consoles. Well done.
I hope this game console will be sold in Russia, then I can appreciate it. Although it is somewhere in the 2 times more expensive than the SEGA Genesis, but I'm on a console will not say no (although I have somewhere a SEGA Genesis).


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Can I translate this game into Russian?(because i'm from Russia)
But i need Russian letters sad