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Which is why

SurgeChris wrote:

I'm not really sure if a natural color is menacing for a magic-controlled creature.


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k so forgive me for being a bit bossy here, but...

1. I think the wolf should be black with purple hints of flowing dark energy.
2. Completely red eyes are not too realistic, hah. I'd make the iris red and the pupils a darker red, but I wouldn't be so sure about the sclera...

So, yeah, I'm not really sure if a natural color is menacing for a magic-controlled creature.


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squirrel wrote:

Okay, here's the source: http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/uploa … al.xcf.zip

Please let me know if you think it's good enough to be included in game; if yes, I will consider it to be rather complete then (except animation, as only propeller is animated yet). Regarding animation - I think I'll leave it for time being and finish with Spiders first. If someone wants to add further improvements, add animation themselves or just play around with it - you're welcome.

As you can see, current result significantly differs from original concept, so I wonder if the creature can be even called "Lizard" now. For me it looks like some mix of a crocodile and a frog.
What I want from you is to propose some ideas of what name we could choose for this creature. Some ideas from me

Croc Floater

Toad Bomber


Please let me know of your ideas.


Ingame (non-animated)

TBH it looks more like a turtle to me. Lizards have longer snouts, flatter backs, and much longer tails. Despite the criticism, great job! The animation is brilliantly smooth, and the color choices are great! Colors blend in pretty well with each other without losing the "retro" style. Keep this up!


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k, so my resolutions:

1. Do my best in an entry test coming up soon and being accepted into my fav senior high,
2. Get involved more in Open Surge; I totally missed my times here,
3. Eh, I don't really know. However,



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S32X wrote:

What really doesn't make sense in my opinion is when you defeat an enemy in turns into a firey explosion. For the robots/badniks in Sonic it made sense (electircal fire) but with living creatures, it's a "wtf?" moment. Maybe new graphics for the explosions would be better, like dust or something.

This I have to agree with. Well, trying to be contributing here, and this used to be a personal issue for me. Since S32X brought it up, however, I think it has become quite important to address this issue and find reasonable and logical, more sense-making solutions. I can't see any possibilities of a biological creature actually exploding. I'd suggest changing it into 'vaporizing dark energy' or something similar to signify that the dark energy is being released, and the animal is back to normal.

I got something else of my own to address. I believe it has been brought up previously, and it's regarding item monitors. I have no idea where monitors make sense in such a world where there's 'magic' and 'darkness,' when magic and science are sort of 'polar opposites.' For this, I don't have that much of a suggestion. Can anyone come up with something?


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Just my two cents:


jobromedia wrote:

What strikes me the most is how HUGE that boss is. A downsize to 60% smaller would be preferable.

QFT. There's the wolf enemy about Surge's size, and there's this boss that appears to be at least 15x larger.

2. The boss doesn't look "scary" enough. Well, not really related to the scripting, but this one, I just want to express.

3. I haven't beaten the boss yet. However, I can tell that, from the way I try avoiding the attacks (I spindash under the boss' fists to avoid its attacks and run back to hit it), I can see that Surge's acceleration is somewhat lacking. IMO it needs to be raised without messing up the gravity.


S32X wrote:

I tried the boss. It's Hard When the wolf's fist drops I barely have enough time to react when it raises, and by that time it's no longer a solid object. So could we have the fist stay a solid object for about a second when it returns back in the air?

Yeah. This. About half of the time I try going up the hands, they (the hands) lose their "solid" property and I fall off. This has to be fixed, IMO.

How many hits does it take? If it's 10 hits with such attacks that make it too hard to be a first level boss, either decrease its life count or make the attacks less extreme, with an example being reducing the pounding move somewhat.

P.S.: And, yeah, I'm back, if any of you know me.


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The SSP brickset, an updated title screen, an end of demo screen, and perhaps a few images for the new website. It's written there on the OP.


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SamplingMasters_Nix wrote:

Sharp the wolf

Sharp's a porcupine...


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sonichris.martinus. Add if you wish.


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Problem is, Gimacian turned out good in the end of the main storyline. You might want to read the story again.


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Not bad! Not bad at all! Is this your first try on pixel art/spriting?


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So-Nick wrote:

surge chris says

That isn't so important. Please refrain from doing this.


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Unfortunately it doesn't. However, the members do hold online meetings, although rarely.

http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … eting_logs


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It's not about posts. Go to Profile on the top of the page, then Ctrl+F "Avatar" (w/out quotes). There's the link on a black bar that you can go to in order to change your avatar. For the signature, simply go to Profile and search "Current signature" (again, w/out quotes).


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There's none here. Contact each other via PM.


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@So-Nick: Y U NO BE CLEAR??????

Seriously, none of us get it.


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S32X wrote:

That's pretty much Dark Surge, Anti Neon, and Nega Charge.

They won't appear till the final battle and won't appear anymore afterwards. I guess implementing them earlier in the storyline might make things more intense and interesting.


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The download link doesn't load at all.


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KZR wrote:

I wonder if we can put together and distribute a "compiler's toolkit" with all the tools and libraries needed to compile. Or at the very least have an updated link list to all we need, plus some instructions to get started.

Hey, now that's quite a good idea.

@lunarrush: The download seems to be down for me. The page loads, the download doesn't.

And yes, word play is intentional (if you get what I mean).


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S32X wrote:
Alexandre wrote:

Hopefully the bleeding edge releases will be back soon.

Wait. They stopped?

You seriously did not notice!!???? The bleeding edge site has stopped at rev. 700 since months ago. In the SVN it's now rev. 709. C'mon man, check things like that more often.


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Can someone tell me how exactly to obtain all the game's dependencies? I have absolutely no idea how. Are the dependencies the .dll files I see in the game's main directory?


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Okay, so I have absolutely no idea on compiling and want to stick to the newest releases of Open Surge. I'm using a WinXP Professional SP2. What other programs/files do I have to get before I start compiling? How exactly do I compile the game properly?

I apologize beforehand if I was too general regarding the way I'm asking these questions. However, if someone can help me, please do. I want to learn more about compiling the game. Thank you.

P.S.: If this is not the correct forum, please tell me where to move it (or, if you, Alex, are reading this, move it to the correct spot).


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Its effects don't. In Sonic 2, the spikes simply hurt Sonic. In here, Open Surge, the spikes cause ring drain on Surge. At first it does seem the same, but players will feel the difference.


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Isn't give_player_invincibility essentially the same as strong_player? Or is there the factor of danger/fire objects I'm not paying attention to?


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There's another level planned and it fits the game more than Soda Pop Zone. It should be either City Chill or Music Stadium, but I'm not completely sure.