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Hey G.E.R.,

G.E.R. wrote:

It is worth noting that I love Sonic's games behind a level structure. They levels has a structure, and player can play many times. I building levels on the this principle in my mods, I want that player wanted to go through the game several times.

Yes, indeed!

I played the demo and I see you have level design skills.

TheSeventhEmerald did a nice review. I don't think we're there yet, but we might be onto something smile As you improve your levels, we can make a beta build with them.

I see some of the graphics are ripped; I'm afraid we can't use them. Open Surge is an open source game. All game content, including graphics and level design, must be released under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. Is that okay with you?

In your demo, I don't know what content is owned by you and what content you got from somewhere else. This is a liability. Can you make a credits file where you specify the authors of each thing?

TheSeventhEmerald wrote:

To sum up, good concept structure, still lacks of content. I understand that it is difficult to put provisional content, but I would level up the priority of this (using even the default enemies from Open Sonic). I think they would be more interesting.

If provisional content is the problem, opengameart.org has lots of free art licensed under the Creative Commons that can be used for that purpose. I myself used the site many times. As long as there is non-free content, we can't use them, not even as a beta.

ps: if you need help with scripting, please let me know wink


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Nice work smile

G.E.R. wrote:

but basket leaves the railways. Is it possible to determine the end of the rail in advance?

Absolutely. If your railways have fixed length, you can calculate the trajectory of the basket before it moves. If not, the logic is more complicated, but still possible (you can try using collision detectors).

G.E.R. wrote:

And second question. Can I forbid character to look up and squat while the basket is moving?

Make an auxiliary object that handles this logic. This auxiliary object can be a child of the basket, and will only be active if the player is on the basket.


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First of all, thank you guys for your interest in the game.

SurgeScript is done. What is needed now is the integration and a documentation. I expect this till the half of this year.

Additionally, Open Surge uses Allegro 4 on the backend, which is really outdated technology. Although it works, we need to upgrade it. I have no deadline for this at the moment.

Let me tell you what my side of the story is: I'm concerned about finances right now. If Open Surge could at least finance itself, it would be a huuuuuuuuuuge leap. With a value as little as $300/month (that's 10 dollars a day), we could get something done.

My work with Open Surge has been inconsistent lately: I make huge progress on some days, and then there is a hiatus. Trust me guys, I want to work on Open Surge on a more consistent basis. However, I cannot be more blunt than this: I need financial support. I assure you this is the most important thing.

One way we could get financial support is to port the engine to mobile and run ads on it. If you modders could make really great mods and do the marketing for your own mods, reaching out to people with the ad-supported mobile version of the engine, reaching the minimum of $10/day wouldn't be unfeasible at all.

Regarding the official levels, I ask you to work on your own mods or on beta versions of the levels only. The first reason being: the levels are going to change. Second: the first impression matters. I want the first version of Open Surge to be really polished in terms of code, art and level design (by the way, we have an Art Specification Document). The first version of the game doesn't need to be complete, but it needs to be excellent. I want to take as much time as needed for this.

I understand your thurst guys. Still, I personally feel the best way to go right now is for you to work on MODs. Why? First, you will channel your creativity your own way. Second, you will get good with the engine, unleash its power and get better in terms of art, level design and so on. Third, your mods will help us with marketing and with growing a user-base.

If you want to work on the official level design, please get really good at it first. Make your own set of really polished levels, with slopes, loops, no bugs and addictive gameplay.

The reason why I haven't changed the webpage is because we haven't released the game. That being said, we could have a webpage about the engine only (for now), with mods.

svgmovement wrote:

If Alexandre does allow it, I could help with drafting storylines for the Modders' levels, to tie the levels together. I am also willing to offer assistance to any Modders with respect to object design.

I see no problem on you helping modders with storylines or object design. The more MODs you make, the more proficient you get.


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Neoblast ported an older build of Open Sonic to DC some time ago.

Hey SGWaS, your levels are definitely improving cool

A few suggestions:

  • On the first act, the background image is a bit too low res in my opinion. A higher resolution image would fit the level much better. Congratulations for the loops.

  • Use a consistent graphic style across the levels. Very important.

I watched the Dragon level and enjoyed it very much. You have realized that you can use Open Surge to create non-platformers as well, right? wink


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If you find any bugs in the wiki, please let me know.


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There will be one.

At the moment you can check the height of the water using waterlevel().


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G.E.R. wrote:

It is very good, that you are there. When you restore Wiki, can you write more information about Surge's level?

Many of these things will be changed. I will be releasing SurgeScript and, after that, I will reduce the number of levels. I'd suggest that you work on your MODs for the time being. Your mods are valuable not only to yourself, but to the community as a whole. Why not work on a prototype featuring Surge, where you develop concepts and prototype things?

To work on the official levels, there are two things that are needed at this stage. First, we need a decent brick template that covers many types of loops and a wide range of slopes. This is priority. It should cover everything. Second, we need decent art, as described in the Art Spec. Document (in the wiki). Then, for each level, we skin the brick template accordingly.


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I haven't been able to reach the computer for a few days. The problem will be fixed. I'm on it.


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hey, cool cool


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svgmovement wrote:

By the way, was it just me, or was the forum shut down for a few days?

Websites hosted on sourceforge were offline for a few days.


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G.E.R. wrote:

We can do even easier and creating technical object, which will teleport character on top. It will not be full loops in system, but will completely create a bottomless pit.

Good idea wink


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Check the zipline script; see if you find anything smile


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G.E.R. wrote:

I ripped bricks from levels maps and created levels. For this purpose, I used modify Gens emulator. Then, I ported it on Open Surge entitle. First, I writed characters scripts (thank you for help) and modify images of items and objects. I made it becaus I wanted that this mod was most executed in Sonic-3-style. "Signpost" and "DNA-doors" objects was created in its own script, becaus original objects working only with names Surge, Neon, Charge.
I withdrew Sounds from Sonic-2 and Sonic-3-Knuckles and font from Open Sonic 0.1.4.
Further, I wrote scripts of bosses, menu and other, with with regulars testing my work.
Base principle of work - from simple to complex. First - creating levels, then creating objects.

Also, there are some images from my real photos int this mod. So, background in CGZ-3 is panorama of Novorossiysk from mountain (Dec 2015), and ruins from Shakhan mountain in outkasts of Gelendzyck (Sep 2013).

Very interesting. How long did you take?

- There are uses a looping system on some sonic's games. When character reach very top (or bottom) on the map, he will reapperar on other side of map, where his path resumes. It allows make the effect of an endless fall or just confuse the player.

Yes, you'd need to compare the position of the player to a certain threshold. If it passes the threshold, you reposition the player.

For example, you can write an always_active script that does the repositioning. In your example, you just need to compare the y coordinate.

What you're doing is very interesting. Let us see how it goes smile

Are these levels created?



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Hey G.E.R., this mod is awesome.

I haven't played the full mod yet, but Balloon Park Act 1 is my favorite level so far. I really like these kinds of levels, like Speed Slider from Knuckles Chaotix. I also appreciated how you ported Open Sonic's cooperative play into your mod and made it work well. smile

The angles of some bricks doesn't seem right (for example, in desert palace), mainly in loops, as the character falls out of place when the movement should be smooth.

You imagined and extended Sonic 3 competition in your own unique way. Looking forward to playing the rest of the mod. cool

Let me ask you: while making your mod, can you please describe your experience with the engine? What are your plans now?

How about using the command line? It's very fast smile

http://acamara.es/blog/2012/12/assembli … agemagick/

Let's approach one thing at a time.

The thing to do to get the position of the players is to associate an object to them, and make the sharing of the position its sole purpose. The position is not exported in states; you have an object that does that and only that.

One solution would be: make an object, write observe_player "Character Name", use attach_to_player 0 0, and then export the position of the object. Make an object for each of the characters, changing only the character name.

Then in your other scripts, you use the exported variable.

G.E.R. wrote:

1. I used brick_exists(offset_x, offset_y) on Knukles_climbing script, but it value = 1 always, in any situation.
If "obstacle_exists(50,0) = 1" "Wall"

Rather than obstacle_exists(50,0) = 1, try obstacle_exists(50,0) == 1. '==' is the comparison operator.


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Happy birthday.


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aronthehedgehog wrote:

I'm sorry for butting in on the conversation (this should be in another section but...), Is it possible to set a custom fps for a Sprite via objects?

If it's not, that's ok, but I want to know if it's possible to do so. I want to play around with certain time variables and I want it to include sprite fps.

(I sped read the whole thing because I'm on time constraints right now, so if it's already an asked question I understand.)

Hi aronthehedgehog, welcome back. smile


In the API you're using, you can export data from objects using $_shared_variables (they start with a '_'). Eg: $_boss_x, $_boss_y.

See: http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … ence#Scope

No problems, feel free to ask smile

Hi G.E.R.,

Please see the following commands: smile


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Cool! smile

SGWaS wrote:

Is there a way that I could make the laser "invincible" where it would harm any object that collides with it?

You'll have to write a script, so your objects will be "harmable".

SGWaS wrote:

Can I also make the player vulnerable to any attack as well, even while jumping (I need this to make the dragon get hurt by enemies after flying off)?

I think KZR made something like that in Shinobi Densetsu; you might want to ask him.

Stop relying on the "enemy" decorator and write your own behaviors.
http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … hit_player

G.E.R. wrote:

// ? ? ? on_wall_down "falling" ? ? ?  // Knuckles reached the bottob of the wall and falling

What if you implemented a collision detector instead of relying on on_right_wall_collision? smile You have more control over collisions that way. Then whenever Knuckles gets off the wall, you restore its regular movement.

Make sure you're also using disable_player_movement when wall climbing, otherwise Knuckles will be affected by gravity and regular user input, and it won't work this way.

G.E.R. wrote:

So, I need that Tails can flying and carried Sonic and I don't know how to do it. But this is not so important, if I can't made it, I can add moving platforms on my level.

Use set_player_position & set_absolute_position and it will work smile