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Neoblast wrote:

IMO the add-on should be the cooperative play
Well I guess it's just a matter of only create one player and disable all the cooperative functions and the teleport.

there should be a #define ( and consequent #ifdef's... for this)

f.e: #define co-op 0/1

if it is one enable all the co op stuff and 0 disabling them...

It's best to set this as a quest option. Cooperative-play is the default, but the user could make a custom quest and add an option like "singleplayer". So a character selection screen would pop up. But the quest could also have a fixed character (ie, sonic), so no character selecion screen would be shown at all. And of course there would be the regular quests (cooperative-play)

The current levels of Open Sonic are unsolveable without cooperative play. We can't (won't) disable that on compile-time. Besides, this is one of the main features of the game. But it would be nice to have both gamemodes (single and cooperative) smile

Try to play the tutorial level using only one character. Even if you remove the doors and the teleporter, you won't be able to clear it.


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hmm, I see. So you should wait for a Mac release. It's not just compiling, because one must write a few simple pieces of code as well. Since this game is open source, we hope that a Mac release comes shortly. smile


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Neoblast wrote:

Will there be a no hacky way to disable the 3 characters setting?
And get only one instead like classic sonics.
It might be good for quests but a whole game with that reminds me to knuckles chaotix, one of the sonic games I like the least.

There's no "official" way to disable the cooperative-play at this version. But this would be a nice add-on. big_smile


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Some of our future plans include the insertion of original gfx/sfx, new levels, new quests, new features, bonus stages, a bigger level editor, etc.

There's no storyline yet.

Open Sonic wasn't conceived to become a general-purpouse platform engine. It is a game based on the "Sonic" universe. We provide mechanisms to enable users to make their own levels and quests based on this universe. Even so, the game engine is flexible, so it's possible to make an original platformer by doing some tweaks in the configuration files. But this is *not* our goal.


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Thanks again. I already fixed these issues: please see the SVN Repository. Do a SVN checkout and compile the whole game. Tell me what you people think about the changes. smile

kirbyboy wrote:

Reading the instructions about the editor, it says i can get the item under the cursor with middle button(or right button, not sure now), it doesn't work for me(so i can't delete an item in a screen), at least in linux, tomorrow i can test windows.  I only tried "oficial" stages, not sure about custom.

The mouse buttons work both on Windows and Linux. To pick up (or delete) an item, you must select the item mode. To pick up (or delete) a brick, you must select the brick mode. Same about the enemies. Use Ctrl+N or Ctrl+B to change the edit mode.

kirbyboy wrote:

In the first boss fight, you must choose Knucles or Tails because you can get stuck at the end of the screen while fighting robotnik, and with Sonic you can't scape of the invisible wall.

There's no invisible wall. You were probably getting "stuck" because of the low friction: to move again you should hold the opposite direction key for a few seconds. But I just improved the friction in the SVN repository, so please tell me if the problem persists. smile

kirbyboy wrote:

Is the editor as precise as a pixel?, usually, the game editors(i haven't seen many) are of multiples of a number, like 8x8 or 32x32, "tiles" is the name, but with this editor, a pixel can cause the first problem i wrote before or the last problem with robotnik.  I think that the stage design(the blocks part, i think) at least should be with tiles of defined size, what do you think?, if the screen is divided in squares nobody could destroy a perfect slope by only a pixel.

Open Sonic is *not* tile-based. In the first days of development, the level editor had a grid like you're saying, but back then it was really difficult (impossible ^_^") to build the levels because the blocks didn't fit. So I removed the grid and it became precise as a pixel.


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Neoblast wrote:

Could you post the level desgin especfications so that I could try and make a level editor using some RAD editor?

I will write all the theory in the level editor tutorials, but this should take a few days.


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kirbyboy wrote:

If you want it, just tell me, they are easy changes, so i can tell you the changes instead.

I do. Can you send me your version by e-mail? alemartf __at__ gmail __dot__ com


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Hello and welcome to the forums smile

I don't have a Mac, so I can't build/test a Mac version. This game is open source and uses cross-platforms libraries, so it shouldn't be very hard to port it to Mac. Can you do it?


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Hello and welcome to the forums smile

You should compile Open Sonic using Allegro 4.2.2 (please see the readme.html that comes with the game for detailed instructions)

lexgui is a bit outdated, and there's no newer version at this time (see here). If you're using gcc, you can use -Wno-deprecated-declarations to avoid those warnings.


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That's cool. You can use parts of Open Sonic on your code under these terms. If you want to use parts of this work on yours, it means that, among other things, your game must be released under the GPL and must be open source as well. Please read the full terms.

Currently Open Sonic needs artists and musicians. At least for now, I can handle the game engine. However, there is one thing Open Sonic will need in a close future: an improved Level Editor as a separate application (could be written in Java+swing, C, C++, etc). The embedded level editor can make levels very well, but the screen size is small and the controls could be more intuitive (instead of using hotkeys, one could click on buttons around the screen). Once this game gets a larger base of users ( as I hope so smile ), we'll have to have an even easier and more intuitive level editor.


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You're right, it's in player.c

I'm also changing some other stuff like the gravity and the teleporters, see here


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Thank you.

I'm already fixing these issues, and I plan to update the SVN repository today or tomorrow (I will drop a notice when this happens), so one will be able to see the results before the next release. I also modified the level gravity a little bit and the teleporters: now they work only once.


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that's cool man. big_smile This is my third year. Where are you from?

Most of sonic fangames around are made using softwares like mmf and gm. Only a few are created with languages like C and C++, and very few are open source. Besides, I don't know any game for linux based on the sonic series. There are some mario-based games/engines around for linux, like supertux and smc, but nothing based on sonic. So I created Open Sonic smile


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Thank you. smile Some people already complained about the friction because the characters take too long to brake (on version 0.1.0). This will be fixed for the next version. The modification is simple: all one must do is to change a number in the source code.


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Hello Neoblast and welcome to the forums! big_smile

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am the only one in the staff at this time.

You can show some parts of your engine if you want: it's always nice to see some progress smile

We're looking for artists/musicians. What Open Sonic mostly needs at this time is to have original graphics and sounds. We hope to replace the gfx/sfx progressively, step-by-step, so after a few releases we'll be able to play a game with totally free data. smile

I use the Vim text editor to develop Open Sonic, so there are no project files. All you must have to compile the game is some free libraries (Allegro, DUMB and AllegroPNG) and CMake, a cross-platform build system. You can find detailed instructions on how to compile the game on the readme.html file that comes with the game. Please tell me if you need some help.


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Neoblast wrote:

Okay, nice tutorial.
Maybe it would be a good idea to have a boolean var in order to enable or not stage editing.

bool      enable_level_edit;

If the stage is "official" then enable_level_edit = false;

Or something like that

This feature is already available. smile You can't edit the Master Quest levels.

All you have to do is to add a line with the word "readonly" (no quotes) in the .lev file. If you press the F12 key when playing on a "readonly" level, the game won't let you access the level editor. Try that on the Master Quest (main menu -> custom quests).

Of course someone could edit a .lev file manually and remove the "readonly" flag. But then the user would be trying to deliberately modify the level, so I won't forbid that.


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Moved to the wiki


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