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try again in: http://www.linux.ime.usp.br/~alemart/op … ild687.zip


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for me, ok smile


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nick wrote:

sounds cool::)

hey, you created an account with a name very similar to mine hmm


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The thing is, this will give polemic topic, I know! but it is what God wants!


In my analysis without any ism, both are great consoles with each having its salient features, along with the playstation consider the best home console ever.

However many players have given their passion for the island and therefore commit many errors of historical, technical and economic.

Let the truths by category:

The Hardware of the Mega Drive was almost 1988 and the SNES was almost 1990. Therefore a difference of two years technology! So! It is natural that the SNES has better performance on all graphic and sound in many games comparative.

Truth 1: The Super Nintendo is technically superior to the Mega Drive.

Truth 2: The Mega has games that would not make the SNES port.

Truth 3: The SNES has the best graphics in RPG

Myth 1: All games are superior to the SNES Mega;

Myth 2: The SNES has games that Mega would not.

the games of sega genesis is much better than snes!
for me, genesis wins!

Logical that you would ... the Mega Drive has proven over time that was capable of extreme quality games, see Sonic 3D Blast, Vectorman, Virtua Fighter 2, Samurai shadown, Comix Zone, X-Men 2 and Guitar Idol.

The people no longer know the SNES games cited are chips turbine for the SNES was capable of running most modern graphics. If the same chip was used for the Mega, until it could overcome the origianal version, due to the processor, second only to the amount of color on the screen!

Another myth was the effects that the SNES sprites had. And the Mega proved they could run the same effects, are proof games against Hard Coprs, Vectorman and Batman and Robin.

Then there is this to say that the console is superior to the other in practical terms, there is only some peculiarities that make the game better than the other in graphics performance, sound and gameplay.
and see the video: http://www.gamevicio.com/i/noticias/68/ … s-porrada/

is good, but I think the first speech is very common, use a metaphor or contest inversion (sorry for bad english, I live in Bazil)

Né parceiro = não é, parceiro? wink


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awesome! you can add move in water?
http://images.wikia.com/sonic/images/f/ff/Sea_Labryth.png look this!;)


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lc.ssdw.nl/upload/upload/new di.png

we can't sad


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Sugarmaster wrote:


Could you please put up some screenshots and a little explanation of what you upload?

Every time you write something here with just the title i feel much un-interested in downloading whatever you are posting because you can only see a title and the download link

Please be a little more informative about what you upload, it's not that hard to take screenshots and write a little explanation.

it is unnecessary to describe,  is the Surge in intro ''open surge team''
basically: http://powersonic.com.br/downloads/artworks/logos/sonicteam.jpg


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http://apolo.hotshare.net/download/wqeR … /intro.png (direct .link)



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others effects: http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/upload/effects.zip


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this sound is customized, but not by me, I do not know if you need  authorization, I'm not responsible if you enter without it!
http://info.sonicretro.org/images/f/fa/ … _Music.rar
sound by verse


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download not work!
edit: now worked  big_smile

Sorry I can't have this machine


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Alexandre wrote:

i'm not sure, nick, but the scepter could have a blinking/shining animation composed of two frames: the original one and yours. Maybe it could be useful in the future. The scepter is a powerful item, after all.. smile

would you make such an animation, with .spr and .png?

I know how to make animated gif using the 2, the engine reads animated gif?


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Alexandre wrote:

hmm, the resized faces are not so good, specially Charge's ... maybe you could work that out. And don't forget the icons on the right side.

what tool do you use? i poked around with GIMP for a few minutes and came up with this:


that's better, because the monitor with lyrics life is strange, just missing tux


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I have re-colred:


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The second affirmation bug apparently, but the first camera is natural


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CharlyTx wrote:

So-Nick, please verify your download link, because when i download it, the file never begin to save to my computer. Appears a "starting..." on firefox and doesn't work!
Can     you upload it to ssdw?

try again in this link: http://apolo.hotshare.net/download/wqeR … temple.rar
ps: I use google chrome


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download before playing: http://upload.surgeswarehouse.com/upload/blue_door.zip
only for 0.1.4


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firedudeman wrote:

i dont want any music in it, as it is a beta, once it is done, i shall add music.

how about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNPkrW0Vl5I