Hello everyone,

Haven't logged in a while to the forums. Some things have changed in my life and i'm far less active here. However in a quick update, I want to let you guys know that I'm part of a recently established video game company named PsyTrack. The company is based on San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA and located at the Microsoft offices. As it stands our vision is to expand to the mainland US with the aid of Microsoft. Our goal besides expanding out, is to produce the best quality and innovative titles the industry has yet to see.

As our first commercial Project we are launching a video game called Piggy Spanker (psytrack.wix.com/piggyspanker). which is set to launch in November 1, 2012 on the Windows Phone. With the release date so near, we are in need to find some beta testers as well as people that can promote and spread the word around to those who own a Windows Phone.

The project should later be released on Xbox, but for now, our main goal is the Windows Phone version.

So once again, if you know people who would be interested in becoming beta testers, have them email me at psytrack@outlook.com or if you are a forum user just reply to this thread. Once you get an email from us, you can write your feedback on the game, using the official site, or writing to psytrack@outlook.com or at rubencsj_2005@msn.com

I also want to say, I'm deeply grateful to the OpenSurge community as it was a great help in my video game career. I hope this community prospers and I'm still at every disposition to help the project in anyway I can.

Thanks Alex, thanks OpenSurge Community.


Ruben Caceres smile


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Been rather busy as of late. I'll check these bricks. And see if I can make any updates. The old brickset the biggest problem with them is that they needed more curved surfaces and more experimenting with foregrounds and backgrounds.


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svgmovement wrote:
wrath1138 wrote:

The art is clashing cause these images are presented more as a proof-of-concept and not as a final brickset. Enemies alongside some other art already in-game clashes with the design too.

Does this mean I should redo the concepts for those other

Well, since the stuff I added is "borrowed" maybe when the bricksets are more polished and the foliage added, it will all fit in properly. Alex had some ideas for this too, we should ask him more in depth to this. I think he mentioned it since I used lady bugsy on my test, and that is kinda 3D-ish and then we have mostly 2D art for everything else.


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The art is clashing cause these images are presented more as a proof-of-concept and not as a final brickset. Enemies alongside some other art already in-game clashes with the design too.

As for the slopes, while some do have errors as they were put in the editor, there are some slopes that do not work as intended due to the current angles used in the brickset.

I'll post a test level map later so you can see what structures might be needed and more input can be put into it.


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Hello everyone,

I discussed with alex earlier some new ideas, mostly going around the fact that we are not utilizing the foreground and background to its full potential, and we hardly portray what the concept art depicted as a goal for Sunshine Paradise.

Here are some examples/ideas:


- Palmtrees in foreground, as well as more foliage in the screens.





Areas like the one below, parts underground, could benefit from darker sprites, and maybe some foreground ones to simulate sun rays going inside the caves of Sunshine Paradise.



Barrels for fishes in act 1, could show to the player that they shoot things upward by shooting the fish that attack you upwards.



Another discussion point was the building of structures/sprites, according to the level design. A slope or incline such as the one pictured below, do not work properly and does not make for a smooth ride to the big slope.



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I can't access the nightly builds hmm


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Alexandre wrote:

@svgmovement: Nice! It's featured on BE 690.




@all: Besides everything that is already documented, do you think there's something else we need to consider for the design of Sunshine Paradise?

wrath and I just need to meet on skype, so we can finally build this thing (level).

Just tell me when. I've experimented with barrels, edited them so they could shoot at different angles.


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Alexandre wrote:


Speaking about the wiki, I have added a few examples on how bad level design can frustrate the user. Both videos are about people playing opensonic levels:

The user is our first priority!

I can't emphasize enough how good level design (i.e., thinking about the player) is important. The videos below are examples of how bad level design can bring frustration to the user:

  • Video 1
    Don't assume that every player is as skilled as you are.

  • Video 2 - start watching at 10:00
    See how the player gets VERY frustrated.
    "This is horrible! Oh my gosh! This is so horrible, who would do this?! I hate this! ... Stupid level!" -- poor guy! We must do better.
    In spite of the bad level design, it's very funny to watch. wink

I suggest that anyone interested in level design watches both of them.

Please visit the wiki page for more about level design: http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ind … e_Paradise

Regarding Level Design...this is a funny yet interesting look at how "hand-holding" has gotten somewhat out of hand. Then again, back then, there were only 4 buttons, as to nowadays, the Playstation 2 controller has 16 buttons.



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awesome concept art, and so far hold any redesign cause that one portrayed exactly what I wanted to see tongue
I see many instances where background and foreground can be quite useful...that springfling facing front, can that attack from background to background? guess it could be an optical illusion to make it work in game.

Everything looks awesome so far.


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svgmovement wrote:

Hello everyone,
I read on the wiki that a water skimmer was needed.

Will this concept work? The circles at the ends of the feet
represent depressions on the surface of the water.

I kinda like it. Maybe a tad more bulky? If it has wings it can be used as a floating platform or for a character to get attached to it.


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Did a test level with the current tileset if anyone wants to try it... I like act 2 better.





Here are the files smile



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KZR wrote:

rabbit holes = pipe system ?

Might be considered one. Depends how is worked. some changes might be more aesthetic than in gameplay terms.
Just saying that we should exploit the features this game has, so we can add our own feel to the sonic formula.


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KZR wrote:

how about a second brickset, grass only ? then you can use both as needed. perhaps add some transition bricks between the 2 types.

Diversification in the tilesets can really help the game. this current brickset looks good. But take the background, it is so green and then we have the mostly checkered part we are traversing. Transition bricks would be nice, and adding some low ground tile, maybe some dirt tracks, more green sloped areas, and some underwater background assets would be nice.

I'll be uploading some tests level I did using the current brickset, where I tried to make some transitions between Act 1 and 2. and it might give more ideas as to what might be needed.

As far as level design itself goes. Should we think our levels a tad less than sonic-like levels and add more personality to hidden areas for instance? Its a matter of fact we have a bunny as a character. Why can't we have carrots or rabbit holes on the scenary or some that hide item monitors?


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I approve the changes. smile

An organized forum helps a project a lot.

Also I'd wish that the assets discussion was a little more organized. hmm Dunno maybe one thread for each level? Are we gonna do this in order of level? cause then we could have just some active threads: "Current Level" "Enemies" "Music" "Objects" "miscellaneous"?

Just suggestions.


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svgmovement wrote:

Sorry for the long delay. I'm still working on the
last part of this concept sheet.

For these and future concepts, I plan to organize
them into sheets like the one above. This "concept
sheet" idea is new to me, but I plan to make the
most of it.

Inkscape has really helped speed up my art
production. The program has helped chop down
weeks of rendering into days. smile

Comments on the concept sheet so far?

Those look awesome, we have to work more in order to bring that from concept to tilesets. For example I see a lot more green in this than the current tileset.

I love the springfling enemy, dunno how a tongue would look...hmm, what if we have different versions of the same monsters for different Acts of the Zone?


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happy birthday Colin!!!! awesome work here. Ill give it a try once I get a laptop. big_smile


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Just saw the task list Alex. I'm ok with designing the levels.

Was gonna suggest for the Water Skimmers for Act 2, I thought maybe you could jump on them and ride one for a last segment of the level. Also the bouncy vines, one of them could break making you fall down some trees breaking branches and stuff adding some spectacle to the level.


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Been added to the Dropbox Folder. smile


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Yes I have Dropbox :3


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Hello Everyone. Just letting you all know that I'm free now and ready to work on this. smile

I did some test level maps in paint. I'll upload them later today.
(BTW what's a good site to upload images without it being cropped to a horrible resolution?)

If I get it right this will be a forest, kinda of mountainous area with water streams.
I found this pic inspiring. Just with more water:



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KZR wrote:

at least this isnt neko mario or whatever that silly white cat game is called :x


Awesome! and did you know you made me watch all the neko mario videos?!

Hello! yes I'm alive. sad

Sorry I haven't been able to connect here as much. SilverstepP kept me informed on this a little bit, sorry I wasn't able to personally reply sooner. My speedpads can be used. You can leave a credit in the .obj file and image.

As for Suns--  Dark Forest, its looking awesome! I'll give a try as soon as possible.
As for Sunshine Paradise I've had a draft for it that I haven't been able to post. I'll post it later tonight.


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Full image:

http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php? … s4qlclj7z2

I modified it a bit, stands as Act 1 now, added a few ornaments.


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Alexandre wrote:

I have some criticism, but it's an excellent design nonetheless.

They didn't know how to charge/release, nor how to fly, nor how to glide, etc. All they knew was how to walk (by holding the directional keys) and how to jump.

I think the rough concept shown above should be broken in two acts.

Well true that. I remember giving a test run of my Quest to a guy at the univ that didn't really play a sonic game before in his life, and it was kinda difficult.

The drawing above, well yeah, I meant to separated it into 2 or 3 acts, it was just to show, how each part should have its own section so they can learn and practice it, but the stage still needs to be interesting so they don't loose interest.

Maybe keeping with the Olympic suggestion, it could be more evenly separated, moving from one "arena/colisseum" to the next one, to learn the new move.


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Here is a rough concept of my suggestion for the tutorial level. Thought about giving it more personality so that it works as a stand alone zone too. I can't seem to upload a big image anywhere without it getting re-sized so for now this will do : ( If you don't understand something please let me know.

The level could have a Roman Architecture Style, with some Olympic themes involved in it.

- Levels (2 Acts) divided in sections, learn about moves, springs, checkpoints, teleporters, big rings, goal signs etc.
- The crossbow spring like object could shoot the player to targets.
- Targets should be destroyed when/if the player hits them, giving them 10 rings.
- Rotating swords that are more for ornament but could hurt the player if he gets curious. Trying to go easy on tutorial level.
- Rotating platforms for tails section.
- Moving pillars.
- The red obstacles are a (bad xD) representation of an obstacle race course, you could spindash to break them or jump over them.

- There's a pipe there, out of place, just a leftover from another idea.